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Wold - L.O.T.M.P. cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Noise
LabelsProfound Lore Records
Album rating :  -
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L.O.T.M.P. Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-17)
1. Invocation of Fire (3:45)
Grand purifier,
Soulfernly king.
I beckon thee.

Mysterious arsenal,
Aeturnus sentinel,
En garde with fury
Ready to strike

Hail Fire King Ruler,
Bright overlord
Inside of me.
2. Invocation of Water (2:45)
Emmanator of essence,
Be all of all existence.
Ancient spring deep within.

Free flowing creator,
Giver and taker,
Elixer of self and soul.

Master from the west
I place the request
For but a drop.
3. Invocation of Earth (3:41)
King of the North Hall.

Great elder,
Great friend,
You are the Great Foundation.
Oh good and patient one.

Giant allseer,
Lodged deep.
He let dwell:
Crawling creatures of ancient ages.
They rose up through his grace.

He carved vision on scraps of wood,
He scribed runes down his arms.
Symbols assembled in totem.
Illustrating the mysteries of his dreams.

Great king of the North Hall.
4. Invocation of Air (5:04)
I call the East:

I search with vigor,
For your virgin daughter
Through your vast mansions.

Your daughter is but elusive
She wanders in the outer regions:
Lost and lonely fair maiden,
'Fairest daughter of creation'.

I search with vigor,
For your virgin daughter
Through your vast mansions.
5. Tending Thy Grounds (3:15)
Mystery school of deep slumber,
Across over caverns dim,
Through divine forests of ancestry,
To the fortress of immortality.

Aspirant 'roll away the stone'.
Vital principle within,
Whose presence the darkness and light
Are but one in the vast shineth.

Self-reflection and exaltation.
Hail thy mighty conqueror.
It is I, none but I.
I am thy mighty conqueror.
6. L.O.T.M.P. (6:52)
7. Be It On Be It Within (4:15)
Be it on the streets
Or in the beer halls.
Within cold bunker
Within stone walls.

Be it in the lecture theatres
Or on the playgrounds.
Be it through radio waves
Spreading para-sound.

Be it within the circle
Or within the lodge,
Within Great Society.
Within pure cause.

Be it from a mountain top
Or across vast prairie.
Be it by the wind
Her voice shall carry.

At war with novelty culture.
At war with thieving vulture:
Traitor, liar, plague-bearer,
Merger, mixer: poison fucking menace.
8. The Lost Speech (4:30)
We are that which lurks
Just beyond the horizon:
The silent uproar,
The impending downpour.

Great Society speaks
With a silent tongue:
It's the lost speech
The voice of relief.

Honor above rank and fortune
On high hills or deep valleys.
Ancient assembly in quiet conventicles
For freeborn discussion, decrees, and articles.

The time of raising has come
Upon the virgin prairie.
In due form and properly tyled
To arise as the light child.
9. Lug-Dunum (5:05)
Deep within the most flattest of lands
Falls the valley at the brook's bend.
Coulee of essence we feed you our dead.
We absorb great powers through the circles
you've shed.

Follow the stones around and around.
We circle deiseal. It makes us proud.
The formations cover the grassy hills.
The formations conduit our eternal goals.

In focused awareness our wills grow strong.
The coulee reminds us to what we so long.
Our pagan fires burn on and on.
We burn a great bonfire under the sun.

Lugh. god of brightest fire and light,
Ever-burning Frogorach of solar might.
Our fire-worship is pure and solemn,
Opens the gates to Lug-dunum.

Lugh will your glory-stare
The bonfire cast it's burning glare.
Your light is inspired radiant darkness:
The Answer, spirit of our conquest.

We gather up stones and burn up the sky.
We await the unveiling of the eye.
Our fire-worship is pure and solemn,
Opens the gates to Lug-dunum.
10. Invocation of the Eye (3:14)
I stare into the Eye
Losing track of time
I stare into the Eye.

Firery rock pit
I beg for infernal gifts.
Far-reaching is its core,
I'm ever searching for its core.

I pace up and down its sides
Losing track of time
I stare the Eye.

I stare the Eye
Losing track of time
I stare into the Eye.
11. Children of the Proud Fields (9:56)
12. Irminons (11:11)
Glory in raidiance,
Blazing fylfot,
We, the sons of Irmin shall ever shine.

Are father is raidiance.
Solar spear lover of earth mother
Originated us, the sons of the sun.
I am fire. UrKaAr.
I am all in I.

The snow brings forth our malice.
Our folk seek retribution.
We must chop the rest of a strange tree.

All the injustice done to us
We take it out on your flock.
We rape and plunder in mokery of your name.

The cold is overwhelming.
We feel His dry hands.
He guides us with bling truth.

The soil of Ingaevons is in us, Irminons.
The wrath of Islaevons is in us, Irminons.
The blood of Irmin shall ever shine.

So let us go forthwith pride and with fire.
Reciting sonorous invocations
We pray by the moon.

"Grant us bounty and ale."
And she provides, as we spot the hearth lights through the blizard winds.

We're met with no reistance,
Most of their men even flee.
They're all submissive and deserving.

They're young girls lay crying in fetters.
They're yound boys are burning in the barn.
We hang their old women from trees.

We plunder their tavern
And their food supplies.
We find a victim trying to hide.

"Shut the fuck up"
Down on your knees.
We chop off his frostbitten limbs.

Limbless needy one,
Stumbling invalid,
You amuse us around our new village.

Beg to your feeble god,
Beg to your bleeding god of guilt,
Beg and apologize needy one.

We sleep in their houses.
When we awake we burn them down.
And we leave to find the next village.
13. Weeping Goddess (3:12)
Weeping goddess,
Mighty falcon of my heart.
The necklace bonds us,
At its end begins its start.

Weeping goddess,
Under the sign of the boar.
Grant the entrance I seek
Beyond the gylden door.

Weeping goddess,
She of the fire-race.
The moon is your essence
And the snow is your face.
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