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Winter's Verge - Tales of Tragedy cover art

Tales of Tragedy

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  -
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Tales of Tragedy Lyrics

Submitted by level scared (2011-08-10)
1. World of Lies (4:19)
I think back to my darker past, where hope would almost fade
Figures, shadows seemed to pass me, faces,
Voices felt the same
I heard the laughter all around me,
But only rain dripped from my eyes
I had to change the tide that drowned me,
This was the time for me to rise

I reach out to humanity, but beasts are what remain
We live inside a world of lies and devastating hate
I fear I cannot cope with this, the days of truth have died
They only dwell in fantasies behind corrupted minds

I raise my head and gaze beyond to a world that seems unknown
A place that once was fond of me, a place I once called home
Soon reality had caught up with me and time was racing by
I knew that one day it would desolate,
The good things in my life

They call you a fool if you're a dreamer
Their ironic smiles make you sick within
But remember when I tell you
The fools are those who don't have dreams

World of lies
World of lies
2. Old Man’s Wish (4:53)
Back then when I was still young, many a fullmoon ago,
I was the greatest in the land, a soother of the soul
My fingers touched a violin and magic filled the air
Your spirit was then purified, and leave you would not dare.
All was well until one day, a new face came to hear me play,
He stood and watched "the fool" he said,
He laughed at me then turned and left

Tear my heart, I have lost my passion
Emptiness is was roams inside
Fear and pain, are all that guide me
My past, a thought, it's all that's left.

I stopped to play and watched him go,
The end had come, my gift was gone
I walked alone the fateful night,
What will I do now with my life?
Thirty years before this day, I still remember how I played,
Now an old man near his death I pray to play just once again
Before this night will come to pass,
I have the need to relive my past
I found a case beneath the dust, within lay my one true love
I held it up and closed my eyes,
That's when I felt the endless lust
Heart and soul played through the night
Strings and man, become one
If only once this wish could happen
In the old man's lifetime
He'd close his eyes before the dawn would come
3. I Swear Revenge (4:13)
I stood there unblessed, for I wish I could taste death
My glory... I'm sorry
She rose from her bed, now a child of the dead
She'd become
The man cried his dear, more rushed in froze in fear
A coward I was once again
I ran to the shadows, fled back to my barrows
Of mourning
Tonight they would burn her alive
In the centre of town
I watched from afar, her screams filled the dark
They've woken the beast in my mind

I swear revenge
I accept what I am, eternally damned
I swear revenge
With the dark as my strength, a child of the dead

This was unfair, more than I could just bear
I'm forsaken
I'm punished from guilt, from the fear I would wilt
I repent
I should have fought back
A craven I am
I watched as the flames took her life
This will not go on
I swear I won't fall
I'll kill them before the sunrise
Before the sun wakens
Your souls will be taken
You gave me this sinister right
Beware of my evil
'Fore I am deceitful
Your blood will fill rivers tonight
4. For Those Who Are Gone (5:21)
So, "life will end and once we'll live"
That is what some believe
Live your dreams until they fade
Every second, every day
And then when someone close will die
We cherish all their memories inside
Forever will our hearts be carved
With pain for those that we have loved

Raise your hands
For the ones who are gone
Tonight they will hear us
From the great beyond
Close your eyes, free your souls, do not cry, do not mourn...

So, "life goes on and we'll return"
That is what some people yearn
A better life from that they lived
Away from all of mankind's filth
And then when all is said and done
And someone loved is dead and gone
They will be back, they'll live again
A better life a different end
Remember them and honor them
Respect them for their lives,
Believe in them and cherish them
Forever Deep in side
5. The Captain’s Log (5:30)
Tired and sleepless, my crewmen and I
Have sailed for a year, the new land to find
We fought with the sea, we came close to die
We prayed just to breathe, for that longing night
Today Mother Nature has answered our call
The thunder and lightning has died down and gone
And just when the mist was clearing away
We saw the black sails, now just coming our way

And so this is my final log, I stand with her alone, our very darkest hour
My endless passion for the sea,
Has brought this end for me, and now I die a captain proud

The black sails are gaining on us, they have speed
"All hands on deck, cut and run, sail east"
But fate didn't smile to us on that day
The wind was against us, we had hell to pay
The first cannon fire had shattered our bow
The second then smashed the deck of the boat
The shot that destroyed us cracked the starboard
My hope then was flying with the men overboard
Raiders, carnage, face me from all sides
I plead for mercy, let me die in pride
I beg you please, just let me die in pride

Now, as death ascends, here I stand,
I do not fear this end, and now as time, just fades away
I bid farewell, these are my final words
My spirit will not die, I sail beyond this earth
To new seas, horizons, a captain once again
6. Envy (5:04)
High in the mountains deep in the woods,
A legend grew stronger with time.
A hotel that once was the jewel of the forest
Now stands deserted to find.
A story so tragic,
It's "father" that brought it to life,
One day, a dark day
He jumped of a bridge, suicide

Once a love, from the heart it grew,
But what would come, they never ever knew.
Now it stands in vain, just a crying shame,
In the ash of jealousy it stays.

His children would take it, divide it in two,
And manage to keep it alive.
But soon one would want, what the other could have,
And envy would alter their minds.
Thoughts of deception,
Their greed corrupted their souls.
The money, the madness
Each brother wanted it all, common goal.
Now just another story
In the tales of the old and sorry
They will tell you that ghosts haunt the hotel,
The dark is now the owner
With the dust in every corner
We await for the glory days to return.
7. Dark Entries (4:53)
In the old part of town, there's a house from the past,
That lies like a dark rested soul,
And up in the attic, where the spiders are kings,
Sits a bookshelf of silver and gold.
A book stands within it, as black as the night,
And it's pages are not filled with lies,
The stories it holds were written in pain,
From lost and unfortunate lives.

Entry by entry, page by page
A soul is taken away,
Into the blackness, cursed to the darkness
A diary of hero's betrayed.

This book is a diary given to few
Who their country they served and obeyed,
The ones who their statues stand high and remind,
Of an act that forever will stay.
They'd seal their own page and smile with a grin,
Thinking that they will be great,
But they did not know that by signing in blood,
It meant that they signed off their fate.
Only a few have seen this book,
In silence the scramble through life
They dare not to speak of the nightmares they've seen
And the horror that creeps in their minds.
8. Madness Once Called Love (4:51)
Whispers of a name, make me open my eyes,
I try to shut them out, but then your face
Just comes to mind.
I've seen you in my past, maybe I knew you long ago?
A beauty from my dreams? No, the truth I think I know.
I remember,
An angel now you are,
I wish well wherever, wherever you are my love.

Spirits shall whisper stories about you, again tonight
The stars will yield, your soul will shine so bright
Spirits shall whisper stories about you, again tonight
Your name will carve the essence of the night

As time will pass I feel, the pain will die away,
I might even forget, a memory will stay.
I wish that I was free, and part this tyranny,
We never should have met, this love I must regret
An illusion,
I never will forget,
I'll keep you, hold you, worship,
Your love once more I'll have.
Call it a sickness, call it what you will,
My love will never die, a way to bring you back I'll find
You are my obsession, your spirit I will confiscate
You'll my bidding; we'll never be apart again.
9. Tomorrow’s Dawn (3:49)
Down by the river where the sand meets the shore,
Lies a stone that they say, it was brought long ago,
They know not where it comes from,
And a myth is born from it, and the power it holds.
'Once every time when the moon hides the sun,
It glows with a fire, that the eye cannot stand,
A man then is born from the ash of the flames,
Like a phoenix he rises, but cursed for a day.'

Aged as the oldest element on earth,
He'll walk for a day, to break his curse,
A life he must take, and add to his own
And then only then, will his tomorrow dawn.

For so many years has he tried to survive,
He walked through the town like a beggar disguised,
He knows not how to break free,
No memories reside him, of his earlier deeds
This man with one purpose
For freedom he dreams,
To live for one lifetime
Or die, Left in piece.
"What would take for me to see,
The sunrise tomorrow and not through a dream?
I wish to be mortal, to live through my will
To thrive from my memories and do as I feel"
10. Reflections of the Past (6:30)
There she stood alone
Bathed by the moonlight
Inside her dwelling she has stayed
For all she can recall
The mirrors that surround her
To which her image now is bound
Tell her lies about her beauty
And reality is unfound
The house that which she stays in
Was old and made of stone
The walls commence to crumble
And the mirrors start to fall

Then the Glass begins to shatter
And the truth will now unveil
"Why has my beauty vanished?"
"Why has the room all changed?"
"The walls are full of cobwebs
And the air is choked by dust"
Now all that she remembers
Are reflections of the past...

Now a broken room,
All is ruined,
But one, a mirror stands alone
And this one does not lie
Reflections of her past life
Had been enslaved between the light
And the image that she witnessed
Was a tragic shameless lie
Her awareness at this moment
That the world had crumbled down
Made her glance upon the mirror
But it quickly cracks and hits the ground

Why? Was the truth concealed from me?
This is just a nightmare, this it cannot be!
Life has played it's tricks and now it mocks me
Now I'm just a monster, a sick and dreadful being
Fare only in my heart, but I feel that's now diseased
Death is all that wakes me, from my only mirror dreams
11. Curse of Time (3:58)
I open the chest of time and look deep inside
A world of hate and suffering emerges to my eyes
Wars and blood spilling a planet of death
They crawl and claw to reach the top whoever reaches first

Time curses everything for all of mankind
A better future nonsense exists in our minds
Years will pass and suffering evolves through our lives
None can stand the endless curse of time

The vision changes suddenly pitch black is all I see
A darkness creeps inside of me my dream is now reality
The desert of time has reached the chest
And now it's caught up with me, Am I the soul that's next?
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