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Welten Brand - The end of the wizard cover art

The end of the wizard

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresIndustrial Gothic Metal
LabelsNapalm Records
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The end of the wizard Lyrics

Submitted by level scared (2011-08-13)
1. Bewitched Herds Boys
Two boys tended cattle in the Triesner upper village
An old woman passed and greeted them
But the boys just shouted
You old witch you and threw rocks after her
The woman turned around and yelled down to them
I will get you on your heels
And as if on command all the cows lifted
Their tails and raced towards the Rhein
The boys were forced to follow
As if pulled by invisible ropes
And everything happend so fast
That they tumbled many times
Dead tired and with lots of bruises
They reached their Cattle at the Rhein and wanted to
Drive them back but of no avail
All the hitting was useless
The two fell asleep in the grass
When the bells in the morning played Ave Maria
The cows walked back home
The farmer saw them coming and discovered the welts
He searched for the boys finally found them full of cuts
And bruises and they told him what happened here...
2. The Ghost of New Year's Eve
In the old days one believed in Triesenberg
When one went to church at midnight
On new year's eve one could see all
The deceased from the previous year
And then someone read their names and
That person then was The next one to die
A curious man went at midnight of new year's eve
Into the church and hid up in the choir loft
Fifteen ghosts entered the church in succession and Gathered around the pulpit
A living read their names but at the end
Hhe said you come too you who has hidden up in the organ
Pale as death the man snuck to the ghosts
And suddenly everything disappeared
When his wife wanted to wake him on
New year's morning he laid dead in bed
3. Question by the Night Ghost
In the old days every person knew
That the night ghost could be encountered frequently
This ghost asked a question
If you can solve it you are rescued
If not I'll put you under a spell
And you have to die very soon
One night a man was on his ways
When the night ghost asked Him the question
To whom does the night belong
It does not belong to you nor me
It belongs to him to whom it is vital
And that was answered correctly and the man was free
4. The French and the Wine
When the French were in the country
They camped in Triesen by the Rhein
And from there they came up to the upper Village
And stole the cattle
But in particular they were interested in the wine they Retrieved from the cellars and poured
Into wash buckets so full that is splashed out
From both sides
When they carried the load back to their camp
In one house an old woman had hidden her belongings
In the cellar and erected a wood pile
In front of the door
The soldiers however discovered the secret invaded the Cellar ravished it and drank themselves into delirium
The farmer woman came upon them and begged that they at Least would leave for her a small barrel with old wine
One infantryman knocked the plug out of the barrel
So that the wine gushed onto the floor
And he howled in broken German:

Yes good lady - after all it is war...
5. The End of the Wizard
In Mauren lived a lumberjack
Who on a daily basis covered
The long journey to the Maurer Berg
To perform his hard Work there
He entered into an allegiance with the devil
Who gave him a hazel twig
With this magic stick he could
Without any effort slide
The heaviest timber down into the valley
One day the lumberjack was together
With boys and girls preparing some corn
There was a knock at the window
One boy went outside and in front of the house
Stood a stranger who asked to speak
With the woodcutter
He became very agitated and
Was afraid to leave the room
It knocked a second and third time
And then he was gone
Inside one heard only a frightful scream
Nobody has since seen the ill-fated
A boot and a clump of hair was all
That was found of him
6. Among Them
In former times many women from
Triesenberg worked at the Factory down in Triesen
One lady from Steinort had one day
Looked at the clock and Thought
That it was high time to go work
On her way she heard some muttering
She continued to walk then heard people pray and she Suddenly was among the people of the night
It was impossible to emerge from
The procession and she Simply had
To cross the street with them
When the people Of the night passed the church the daybreak bells rang
And suddenly she was once again alone
On the road and it Seemed to her
As if the people of the night had
Disappeared at a slant through the ground
The next day a young girl from Steinort was dead
7. Foal in an Egg
Once a plankner climbed down from the height of his Village into the valley
There he saw big pumpkins
Strange things for him which he had never seen before
Bewildered he asked the owner of this field
What this was
These are horse eggs answered the farmer
The plankner requested to donate him one of them
Gladly the farmer gave him one of his horse eggs
Full of delight about his present
The plankner climbed up Again
Already half the way up he started to
Hatch the supposed egg but he wasn't careful enough
It slipped away and rolled down the hill
Frightened because of this a little rabbit
Jumped out of Ab bush
The surprised breeder thought it was a young foal and Shouted - now I'm father
8. Overheard
A farmer late at night left the tavern to go home
Then he saw the people of the night
And heard them praying Out loud curiously
From behind a corner in order to see The ritual
Soon the procession moved ahead and as
They passed where He was before
But because he knew that it's not good
To come upon the Group of ghosts
He fled behind a house and stretched his Head
They prayed only quietly and
Disappeared behind the next Road curve
Only when in bed he recalled
Who had walked last in the Line
The old woman who lived in the house
In front of which he Had seen the worshippers
When the farmer awoke in the morning his head was so Swollen that he could not show himself among the people
The old lady however died four days later of a stroke
9. Gipsy Magic
A farmer had misfortunes in his barn
And he also could not Produce any butter
Not for years
So then one day some gipsy's came
And stayed at his farm Overnight
Among them a woman who explained
To the farmer you will
Not have any luck as long as your barn
Stands but there's A remedy
Dig where I will show you
The farmer dug under the barn door
And found a tuft of Different hair
As big as an egg with a small bone from an Innocent child hidden inside
The gipsy woman said she had to
Carry it to wherever it Came from
Then she left and the farmer followed her
He saw that she went to the home of
The woman whom he'd Already suspected that she was inflicting his damage
10. Cursed by the Zyprio
n the old days the mountain meadow
Lida was a farmer's Settlement belonging to
The village of Balzers
Although the farmers could not use
The land up there for Much agriculture,
They still enjoyed good times
On the lush alpine pastures grew a weed
The best feed for the cows that produced unearthly Quantities of milk
Whenever they grazed on the zyprio
The youngsters from Lida often enjoyed
Themselves down in the village at a
Dance and just as it is today
The time for them passed much too fast
They had to return to milk the cattle because the Overabundance of milk made this necessary
Then one day a young lad let escape the curse
Cursed and damned be the zyprio one has to leave a dance To go and milk as from the moment on the prosperity Vanished
11. A Witch Reveals Herself
Two neighbours got entangles in a fight
Because the one Had expelled the other's child
From her house
Soon thereafter the little one
Developed a spot over his Nose and in fourteen days the whole skin and all hair were
Inflamed and the child suffered great pain
The doctor in Hirschensprung
Who always knew remedies in Such cases
Gave powder and ointment ordered
However that No one be allowed
To visit the child during the next week
As it will be that someone will come to
Inquire how he is Going and so it
Happened three times the neighbour came
And three times she was turned away
The remedies helped and the child fully recovered
The father however went to Vaduz
And reported the witch to The judges
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