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Warfare - A Conflict of Hatred cover art

A Conflict of Hatred

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSpeed Metal, NWOBHM
LabelsNeat Records
Album rating :  -
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A Conflict of Hatred Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-30)
1. Wax Works (2:24)
It all returns in a sense of behaviour,
Patterns productions,
Grasping hold in a concept,
A mission a fire, taking control
Building in momentum,
From a spark to a flame
Controlling success or disaster
Energy burning performing
So grasp and take control
For you alone are the Master
Of your own success or your own disaster,
Escape with me take my hand.
And come and dance
Take my hand and come and dance,
Dance into a trance
Dance into a trance
Dance into a trance.
2. Hate to Create (3:59)
Twenty two catches, the fire still burns,
When you lit those matches, in seven it yearns .
At the end of the day, dead centre of town .
You�re still going away to swim and then to drown .

Just a dream
It�s so vain
to be real .
endless shame .
this is life .

The cemeteries full
But not full enough
You won�t compromise
Endless biting dust
To demoralize
Treat us with your lies
But try to create
And you�ll see your fate .

Sitting so coy engulfing mist it swirls,
Wound up clockwork toy, little girls with curls
Disgust within art, I�ll drink to your life
Organs torn apart, entang led rot and strife .

A happy new year we will paralyse
New age is just a blur, then immortalize
Suburban rotting town, depression its reknown,
People and a place not a single trace .

Moral in the text, the fire burning bright
Because we are next, lighting up the night .
3. Revolution (1:21)
In this a suburban sewer,
When the stench affects your brain.
The high rise and the media
The underground is a drain
A drain from the truth,
Like rodents scraping so uncouth
A vision of a young man
Just losing his youth
No move on a chess board.
Aimed to change their ways,
So just read it in the press
Man�s evolution to depress,
Man�s evolution
With no solution
To this revolution
Rejoice the revolution.
4. Dancing in the Flames Of Insanity (6:21)
Six, twenty three when the time just lingers to a place unknown .
It�s all quiet on a night like this, at last a place to call my own,
Police car breaks the silence as the echo treads beneath my feet,
The park where once a hero stood, is covered lamp light in the street .

Change this now,
Now some how,
Change this now,

You�ve got to have the fire and prepare to let it burn,

The flames and phantom screams within the text
You�ve gotta learn

A loners life is mine but it�s the way I�ve gotta be,

The dark side of a mind, with no epitaph to see .

Insane blood shot gleeming
Insane the fire burning
Insane a devious screaming

Insane Dancing Insane .

First edition has arrived the snow falls gently on this town,
A church stands dark in a twilight haze, the graves they seem to where a frown .
A gate it creaks an epitaph in memory of our wartime dead .
But if you think you know, it�s chapter one of a story left to be read .

Wastelands or the pleasure dome just hides behind the nights we roam
A thousand victims of circumstance, lie safely in their sheltered home,
So when you see me turn away cause I just want to be alone,
The worry is the hell we�ve made a non existing monatone,
The isolation is the key determination to set us free .
5. Evolution (1:16)
As her mascara melts away
She�s past living for today
And he works like a robot toy
So then stabs you and he tries to destroy
But the task is a lust for hate
Attacking the ones who can really relate,
Pumping in energy and making a stand,
But you�re dead to the publics demand
Can you turn around
And say that you understand
Say that you
Can understand
Well can you ?
We�re dancing together
In the flames of insanity

Let�s burn.
6. Fatal Vision (5:03)
The smog turns visual
A silver disc the rain so cold
The ice age inside my head
Glowing fire the silk that�s read
A warning the epic sign
The graves are of the ones we love,
So dark inside the twilight haze
Echo circumstance, and dancing days.

It turns into a trance
The singing and the dance
For the ones who bang their heads on walls,

Eccentric is the host
The one that plays the ghost
And foolish rumours when they fall.

The conflict just seals the fate
Wax burning down the wick
So quill the bird in flight
Stained in ink do we say who�s right
Oh the barbs and graffiti walls.
Electric the walk the dance,
First edition brothers let�s all sing
To the pleasure of the wastelands ring.

Dance into a trance
Blaze the fire burning bright.
7. Deathcharge/Doomsday (5:58)
Death � turn on tune in drop out.
Charge blackout cardiac
Death famine, rich man poor man.
Charge country town and city.
Death hear, see, do nothing
Charge rest us in our peace

You�re so frightened and ya keep on running.
Locked in doors with your TV and your news,
Got ya wound up and there�s no chance sinning
Don�t pull the wool with their don�ts and do�s.

Keep on running and paying but we�ll never know why.

Death suburban rancid hatred
Charge barbed wire destroy
Death dirt grime marching onward
Charge bomb lodged in our earth
Death doomsday project fire.
Charge age demise now cry.

Death tax lawless you counteth.
Charge you were born to pay.
Death gothic system despise.
Charge rating cash then die.
Death just to follow leaders
Charge the isolation mine.

Death ?
8. Order of the Dragons (3:39)
Vlad the impaler we ain�t talking 1588 .
No use startin crying, we�re at war we judged it just too late
Lord Byron, turn round underground, in battles of the underworld .
The order of the dragons, and the flesh like butter being knurled .

Graf Orlok, played by max, indeed just what you don�t expect .
F.W. the creator should be proud, the fiction in correct .
The artist gently paints in oil composers make the mighty bang .
Alas they love you when you�re dead, an epitaph left to be sang .
Just like modern times Vlad is back, he�s looking for your blood,
A conflict made of hatred, drink it down it�s gonna do ya good .

Pure filth
Pure filth
Pure filth
Pure filth
Human life .

Human life .

Horrific myths turn visual, escaping maybe just a dream
As cursing them is the conflict clear it is our scheme .
Glenarvon mystery, it unveils, centuries a long time ago .
Real life legend, literature imagination that can grow .
John George felt the rope cut it, it�s August 1949 .
A decade on from world war 2 yet still they want our flesh to dine blood wine .
9. Elite Forces (5:18)
I'm watching you just walk on by
You're looking so cold, a tear in your eye
This shouldn't be, you tear out your hair
Scream stricken with fear and they would not dare

What will you do if you've all got it wrong
Don't be a fool and try and suss out this song
Let time reflect on you a closet ghost
If we are eliteja forcejwhy call the last post?

We don't speak the same but still we all know
This movement won't die a cult horror show
When we step aside to pump in new blood
To erupt again it will not do no good

What will they say when we are long gone
A mark that we've made no power as strong
They tear down our history of father's that fought
To start just again the lessons that were taught
10. Rejoice the Feast of Quarantine (3:32)
Direct our own true way, although they�ll always knock us.
And see the time run out, like sand no guarantees.

A world the face on their clock, we fight them ten to one,
Machines the dial turning, wiped to change TV.
Sell out become so famous, receipt and plug the flame
Oh my and how they tamed us your life in quarantine.

You�re future so unreal, but now it�s passed you by.
The wounds of war lie still, untouched but they still die.

And so we all rejoice and dancing side by side
We make our mothers life, but never sacrifice
Punching out the clock, time rears its ugly voice
So to the darkness we are pushed, not given second choice.

Half way round the world, my job has just begun
And you turn around and say to me I hope you�re having fun.

It�s all a farce a real good game,
So mature to listen but far too young to tame,
It�s all a farce a real good game
Sorry son, tell me what�s your name.
11. Noise, Filth and Fury Requiem (1:13)
Warfare�How those days come drifting back to me.
When we cowered in the security of the ghostly flash bomb smoke.
Safe in our velour clad aisles.
Trenches of dependable symmetry, nestled in a strange
Amphitheatre of noise and war.
And above us, strangely clad demi gods immersed in bombarding
Hues of ever changing lights, every bead of sweat highlighted
Upon their tortured brows.
Whilst their fingers did magic with strange weapons of mystery
Long sleek guns which hung from the neck and sang at the hip.
A multitude of different voices,
Shrieking and whining at the command of the demi gods.
But now my friends the demi gods are no more.
Warfare are here � we will not be told what to do
Alternative metal for metal alternatives.
We will meet again � keep the faith and keep on writing..
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