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W.A.S.P. - The Neon God: Part One - the Rise cover art

The Neon God: Part One - the Rise

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Hard Rock
LabelsSanctuary Records, Noise Records
Album rating :  76.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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The Neon God: Part One - the Rise Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-29)       Last modified by level Eagles (2013-01-13)
1. Overture (3:32)
2. Why Am I Here (0:35)
[Jesse to God]

Oh tell me Lord, why am I here?
Lost in all our pain and sorrow
Are we to live in pain and fear?
Oh tell me Lord, why am I here?
3. Wishing Well (3:33)
[Jesse to Self]

There's place where I'm
Oh - with sorrowed lives
And all the souls
Oh - they're wishing they could die

Take me down
And drown this the orphan forever
Ya know I do
Wish away the pain
And wash away my life
Find me down inside a shallow pool
Down a wishing well
No more bleeding
No more screaming tonight

Wash away my pain
Oh - in the well of sighs
For I have no face - oh
Abandoned for all, for all time

[Jesse thinking of his mother]

Why, why am I nothing?
Oh mamma why, why'd you leave me
A throw away for life
Oh - oh why, why am I nothing
Oh and mamma why
Can you feel me there
Oh God I wanna die
4. Sister Sadie (And The Black Habits) (7:43)
[Sister Sadie to Jesse]

Strip off your things
And bow to your queen
And cleanse the sins of your life
Get on your knees
Gonna beg and bleed
No one hears you - you belong to me
Reaper of your sorrow's seed
Black habits tonight
Your only sin
Was coming into Sadie's life

[Jesse to Sister Sadie]

Sister of No Mercy please
I'm praying to die
Can I cleanse my orphan sins
And save my soul tonight - when

I don't believe
I don't believe
In a God of love
I won't deceive
I don't conceive at all

I don't believe
I don't believe
In a God above
I don't believe
I won't receive no more

[Sister Sadie to Jesse]

What I do to thee
Is what was done to me
Sins of the fathers lives
And do you feel
There's a God for real
Ooh your only God is me

[Jesse to Sister Sadie]

Reaper of my sorrow's seed
And my screams in the night
My only sin was coming into Sadie's life
Sister of No Mercy please
I'm praying to die
Can I cleanse my orphan sins
And save my soul tonight - when

I'm fucked for life
Blind and tied nobody sees
I'm fucked for life
I'm the child no mother needs
I'm fucked for life
The cries of night for all Sadie's needs
I'm fucked for life
I'm the child nobody sees

[Sister Sadie to Jesse]

Oh you, I'll make you think you're dying
This room cleansing time again
I'll take you to this House of Sorrows
I'll break your Neon Heart of sin

[Jesse to Sister Sadie]

Oh are you mad
I'm going fast
Habits in black
No coming back
No Mercy me
This Hell is real
Why me ya see
She's here killing me
5. The Rise (2:29)
[Jesse to the Invisible Circus]

Welcome to my world
To my kingdom of make believe
I'm your new Messiah
You'll worship at my feet

Welcome Kingdom Come
To disciples that I preach
Will ya, bow down before me and
Will you remember me?

[Invisible Circus] Dying for you
[Jesse] Will I lie to thousands
[Invisible Circus] Our God is you
[Jesse] Am I deceit?
[Invisible Circus] Falling for you
[Jesse] I am the God man
[Invisible Circus] Our God is you
[Jesse] You're all at my feet

[Jesse to the Invisible Circus]

Take me
Change me
Love me
A crown of thorns on my heart

Change me
Save me
Will you love me?
Forever nailed to your cross
6. Why Am I Nothing (0:58)
[Jesse to God]

Why, why am I nothing, no more
Oh, why was I never
One worthy of Love
Oh why, why amd i nothing to you
Tell me why, was I ever
Born in this World, here at all
Tell me why
7. Asylum #9 (6:18)
[Doctor "D" to Jesse]

Are you insane?
Welcome to the Asylum
House of true enchanted minds
It's the happiest place on earth
For the violent
We almost lost ya
But we caught ya in time

[The Nurses] You're here for life - life
[Doctor "D"] I'll fix ya right - right
[The Nurses] Gimme your life - life
[Doctor "D"] It's all you gotta do

[The Nurses] I'll give you life - life
[Doctor "D"] I'll make it right - right
[The Nurses] You're here for life - life
[Doctor "D"] I wanna welcome you

[Doctor "D" to Jesse]

Are you in pain
Or just merely misguided?
Tell me of the demons you've inside
I'll shrink where you think
Till you're fears are subsiding
I'm your physician slash
Magician of minds

[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"]

Oh - no running away
There ain't no place to hide

[The Nurses] Asylum # 9

[Doctor "D"]

Oh- I'm your physician with a mission
in mind
Oh- I'm your healer I'm your stealer
of minds
8. The Red Room Of The Rising Sun (4:41)
[BIlly to Jesse]

We are the lost of timeless
Hazes never found
We walk the new rays of the rising sun
In here's a heaven where no pain is found

[Jesse to Billy]

Take away the pain of life for me
Take me where I'm numb
Take me tripping to the light I see
With magic colors of the rising sun

[BIlly to Jesse]

In here are the doors of blindness
Trails of rainbows round
Lost asylums of forgotten sons
Will you rise up will you touch your God.
The sky's slip into the rising seas
And drown your Neon One
Come touch the faces of the Gods you seek
In the Red Room of the Rising Sun

[Jesse to Billy]

Is there love to save me
Or just illusion
Is there none to claim me
Just delusion

[BIlly to Jesse]

Open the doors to your mind
And hide in your dreams
The Red Room is laughing
The Red Sun is happy
Close the holes here inside
Don't believe all you think
The Red Room is crying
The Red Sun is rising
Hold on, hold on
Touch the faces of God and roll on
Into the Red Room
And free your Neon One

Hold on, can you roll on
Fly the haze's along
Into the Rising Sun
And feel your Neon love
Hold on, can you hold on
Oh - can you feel it shining
See it rising with the sun

Hold on, can you hold on
Oh - can you feel shining
See it rising
With this love
9. What I'll Never Find (6:02)
[BIlly to Jesse]

Time to go away
Down a road I cannot hide
Will I have no name
For destiny's I cannot find
Will I wander alone
Forever's lonely road of time
Am I looking for what
I'll never find

Did you call my name
I will be leaving from this dream
Can you feel the pain
Slowly leaving me
Will you hold my hand
And ease me to the other side
Am I looking for what
I'll never find

Can you hear me
Can you hear me in the night
Will you feel me
If you leave me will I cry?
Can you hear me
Can you feel me say goodbye
10. Someone To Love Me (0:51)
Oh All I need was someone to love me
Oh, all I needed was one
There's no one who cares
Oh All I need was someone to love me
Oh, all I needed was one
There's no one who cares
11. X.T.C. Riders (4:33)
[Judah to Jesse]

You'll be so far out of control
You'll be out of your mind
You'll feel nothing, it's taking a hold of you
Won't ya leave all your pain behind

XTC Riders , Riders out of control
Get you higher, higher
Oh yeah
XTC Riders , Riders
Ain't never going home
Oh, just let it ride

You'll feel my X is taking control
You'll be numb and blind
Come kneel and pray for me, for a little while
To the Neon God that's in your mind

I'm your Messiah
Dresses all in black
Are you the chosen one
I'll get you higher, no turning back
My Neon Son
Riding the XTC
Riding the XTC
12. Me & The Devil (0:53)
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
Me and the Devil
13. The Running Man (4:19)
[Judah to Jesse]

You'll be so far out of control
You know, the ones you saved

[Jesse to Judah]

Look in my eye cause somehow you
You don't realize what I made

[Judah to Jesse]

You can't run away from me
Don't deny your blind believers
And hide your Devil's keeper

[Jesse to Judah]

Take your love away from me
Cause I will blind your heathen reason
And ride us on your broken wings for love

[Judah to Jesse]

True we are disciples lost
You know the promise you made
Look in my eyes and tell me why
You realize the price that you'll pay?


# 9, # 9, # 9
I'm still inside of
The 9 asylums
Am I Messiah?

[Judah to Jesse]

You're the only God they know

What are you running from
Wasn't this enough
Aren't you satisfied?
They're all at your feet
The Lord to sheep
Oh, are you sanctified?
14. Raging Storm (5:46)
[Jesse to God]

A storm is come
One war of sun and rain - within me
A raging storm
Lost crossroads thundering - in the wind
Dark and son
Who's the only one
To lay claim of me
Altars of store
Righteous temptations
Here at my feet

Give me love
To rage in me can you see?
Only love
Is saving me
Give me love, oh love
That rage in me

It rages on
Of mourn and memories
In the wind
A warring storm
My soul is bargaining - in the end
Is there no sun?
With only love in vain - and it's pain
Hear me oh Lord
Cleanse me evermore with
Your blood of rain

Holy war for my soul
Scares of memories remain
Oh, tell me why am I here
Storms of crossroads are rage
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