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Vultyr - Philosophy of the beast cover art



Philosophy of the beast

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsSolistitium Records
Album rating :  82 / 100
Votes :  1
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Philosophy of the beast Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-09-14)
1. Death of the self (4:40)
Sick in flesh, sick in spirit. The father of all diseases.
Devouring, malignant ghost, bleeding itself into your heart.
It is carving you, it is driving you. Isn't it just the way you want it to?
It is all you feel, all your thoughts are its.
You have become one with the Nameless.
All that is, is nothing. And that nothing is always near.
All that will be, is suffering. And that suffering is forever here.
Empty you are but far more greater. Your world is not but it was mere prison.
Oh, no regrets, no turning back.
If you seek for cure, nothing quite purifies like a flame.
2. 174 (3:01)
Bloodthirsty horror fiends, grinding against your scene.
Pissing on your ideals, fucking with your beliefs.
Your rules are nothing to us. Your opinions mean shit to us.
We are beyond your comprehension. Beyond your hate and preferation.
Scornful, vultures of your dreams. Arrogant with a right to be.
Black blood in our veins. Token of our satanic supremacy.
Weakling, tremble before us: we are the wolves among the sheep.
We are 174 - Evil in its purest form.
This is 174 - Come swallow it all.
3. Pit of lechery (3:33)
Spiders web. Cold stone wall. Thoughts of gray smoke and odor of tar.
Torn and staind. The pit of lechery. Swarming with insects. Covered with moss.
Dead leaves. Rotting. Under anguished sky.
The old howling at the top of the stairs.
Screams from no direction. Echoing all around.
Plagued souls that never existed, become ever present in this pit of lechery.
From the gutter the slime crawls to earth.
Poisoning the soil of life itself.
Condeming the earth to an ange of ruin and decay.
Nothing will ever be anything again. Swallowed by the pit of lechery.
4. Murdered and undone (5:39)
So, so heavy the burden on mankind's shoulders.
Forcing it on its knees, making it crawl.
Kicking it when its down, making it beg.
And all I do is mock and tease:
For what can you do but laugh in front of its weak impossibilities?
They do hear you and we all can see.
But in front of our weapons your virtue is vanity.
All you created is murdered and undone. Beaten and bleeding and so fucking gone.
Oh, just throw the rock already. Cry! May your tears cut deep the hollow souls.
Why!? Paradoxes, lands of dreams. Preach yourselves an eternal torment.
5. Red light dungeon (3:36)
Under ground, under earth, under life. A low light is your hollow guide.
You're locked in, unknown, no one cares. You tear yourself until you become bare.
Find yourself in a red light dungeon, you know it's not going to end well.
Find yourself in a red light dungeon, you know you might as well be in hell.
All you've done is ever forgotten. There is no one there for you.
It makes no sense when hope is gone. It won't change but keeps going on and on.
6. Philosophy of the beast (2:14)
It's all about the humiliation. It's all about the pain.
It's all about the destruction. It's all about ruin and decay.
Bow down - Before the gods of infedelity.
Dedication and hate - A new life philosophy.
First I'll fuck you, then I'll fuck you up. The torture will never stop.
Overture of the end. Evil on overdrive.
Bow down - Before the gods of infedelity. Whisky and decay - A new life philosophy.
I'm addicted to pain, I'm addicted to death. Necrosadistic hell junkie.
One bullet and boom! You're dead. The philosophy of the beast.
Supreme Vultyrian evil released. The dead dogs will hunt you down.
We know where you live.
7. Dedication (5:42)
What you want you can take it. What you hate you can brake it.
What you desire is practically yours. As long as you dedicate it.
The spirits claim for their own. The devil takes his toll.
Some are victims, some are martyrs. The only way to go is to dedicate it.
Hurt turn to pain, pain turns to way of life. World mirrored from and edge of a knife.
The more you feed it, the more it feeds you. Only way to be real is to dedicate it.
8. Vultyr culture (3:42)
Cold night for humanity. Bright dawn for a scavanger.
Abuse what you can. Destroy what you can't.
No one left to learn from history, no one here to write a prophecy.
Wasteland of utter blasphemy. Vultyr culture for all eternity.
Dead bitch on a carcass of feelings gone. Empty bottle on a preacher of the end.
This world is a fucking prostitute. Going cheaper while growing old.
What you got, was it worth the effort? How long you think you can keep it up?
When you fall no one's there to catch you. Just our feast on every downfall.
9. Life's oppression (3:25)
I do not wish to know myself. I do not wish to know the world.
I loathe every self searching soul. I have never felt the need to belong.
All I want is to hear the primordial scream in me.
Total life's oppression. Get drunk, get laid, get evil.
10. Dark forest necromancer (2:11)
Submit, kneel before your master. He's got you now, you're gone for sure.
You are a doll, he is the pin. Ask yourself why woods are dim.
Dark forest necromancer. Spreading necrocancer. Evil.
Succumb, to the god of vermin and lust. Your hope has faded, tears of blood and rust.
You are an anvil, he is the hammer. You are a nail, he is still the hammer.
I tell you dear, you never should've come here.
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