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Virgin Steele - Age of Consent cover art

Age of Consent

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  82 / 100
Votes :  1
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Age of Consent Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2011-02-13)
1. The Burning Of Rome (Cry For Pompeii) (6:39)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Far from paradise
Where the winds of war
Are blowing freely
In my tired eyes
Run the bloody hosts
Of Ares' slaughter
Face to face- with fear and death and hate
Time to say goodbye- draw your last breath
For I conquer

When I die
In your arms
One child born
To carry on

Darling don't delay
For they're rushing
From a thousand thrones now
Cry another day
When the memory
Brings you back the vision
Tonight I die- but my life is in you
On my way- but I want to touch you, want to love you...

When I die
In your arms
One child born
To carry on

One nation, one kingdom, one child survives
One nation, one kingdom, one child survives
I'll meet you again through the eyes of our son
Remember to tell him the price we had to pay
And cry for Pompeii- cry for pompeii!

[Repeat first strophe]
When I die
In your arms
One child born
To carry on


I'll meet you again through the eyes of our son
I'll return
Open the gates, I'm coming home tonight
Black tears will fall and the flames will crack the sky
Oh I see you cry...
I'm calling you... open... I'm coming home...
2. Let It Roar (3:49)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Maching to distant shores
Killing for freedom's gain
My sword, hands held high
Together we stem the tide

Let it roar- let the lion in you raise its head and roar
Let it roar- let the lion in you come right out and roar

Burning the street's on fire
Pounding, the blood runs red
In power we call to arms
Rising a million strong


Cry out, life's a struggle but it's worth the price
With fists of fire we can melt the ice
Behold the king who wears the crown of hate
I think we're gonna break him!

Listen, the devil won't be coming here today
Even death can take an holiday
Shout it loud 'cross the land
Freedom is alive now!


Roar, roar, roar- together
Roar, roar, roar- I can't hear ya
Roar, roar, roar- let it...
3. Prelude To Evening (1:11)
4. Lion In Winter (5:32)
[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

Roaring against the dying light
The lion stands alone
Caught in the spell of winter dreams
He'll not give up his throne
Chain the earth and chain the sun
Break the hourglass
Make the stars fall into line
Suspend the end of time

No, not tonight
I'll not give in without a fight
And I'll rage against this wind
For even a moment more of the day
I will...

Run proud, run free
Never set the sun on me
Race hard play mean
Anger's the symphony of screams

A thousand roses on the hill
A thousand lips to taste
The darkness breathes a hateful sigh
Goes forth to murder dreams
Voices crying cold and dark
My name is in the sky
Shadows lenghten, sun sinks low
The trees are frozen gold

I won't give in!!!
5. Stranger At The Gate (1:31)
6. Perfect Mansions (Mountains Of The Sun) (8:34)
[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

The day is over, the setting of the sun
My wounds are many, evening has begun
A mist is falling before my eyes
My soul is free now to shadow forth and rise

To tread the paths that none has seen
The Mystic Rose, the Empyrean
Gone forever my days of valor
I will meet you in the sun

I will stay tonight in your perfect mansions
Where the silver horses run
I will rest my head in fields of glory once more
In the palace of the sky

The gods are mighty, children of the brave
Lord Poseidon, a message on the waves
The age is passing, the white ship rides
A voice is calling way beyond the skies

Tell her that you saw me stand (proud)
And you look into my eyes, (no fear was waiting)
Tell her that her name was on my lips when I died
I will meet her in the sun


Death makes us innocent, all truths remain
The white ship is summoning, ride the winds of the sky!!!


We rise above the world and we soar above the waves
With the last of all my breath I slew the best of seven wraiths
Fortune is now waiting like a vulture in the sky
Tears of blood are falling as the god of winter dies
And now we ride... silver horses of night
(Remember)... I'll meet you again in the sun
On holy, holy ground... We ride..
7. Coils Of The Serpent (1:24)
[Music, lyrics and effects: De Feis]

[The Serpent to Himself:]
"Anger, fury and hatred boil within me.
Woe to see them enjoy this Paradise, while I'm resigned to hell!!
My cunning will prevail and doubt shall be their undoing!"

[The Serpent to Eve:]
"What reason, what fear provokes this ban?
Knowledge forbidden?
Why envy you this?
Is it a sin to know, can it be death to taste?
Is ignorance your creator's wish for you,
or is blind obedience a proof of your faith?!...
Take from the tree this golden fruit, be one with the gods!
I tell you this freely with love in my heart.
Come your beauty has earned this..."
8. Serpent's Kiss (8:16)
[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

[The Serpent to Adam and Eve:]
"If Heaven is higher and death is a dream
Cast away virtue it's not what it seems
In whiteness descending the souls steals a star
Creates a new Heaven in sin where you are"

[The Serpent to Cain:]
"Sons of Cain, agonize, bring forth then die
Your children will multiply- tear Heaven down...
With a Serpent's kiss, with a Serpent's kiss..."

[The Serpent to Eve (in turn, Eve to Adam):]
"Black superstition, denied by your sire
The golden elixir- promethean fire
Quick is unguarded delight in its taste
Indulge in your passion, be quick, make haste."

[The Serpent to Mankind:]
"Sons of pain, agonize, bring forth then die
Your sorrows will multiply and you shall share my fall..."

[Voice of Adam:]
"Eve we were mistaken to listen to his words
Black heart and false fatal guile
Now judgement is swift, his wrath is profound
Eden is lost to us now
Driven to wander in sorrow and shame
Immortal no longer we blame you!!!"

[The Serpent's reply:]
"Bastards, forsaken cast from his grace
Bask in the light of my fall
Now suffer and weep, my hatred runs deep
The jaws of regret smite you all
From out of the mire, the filth and the fire
My legions, my furies unbound!!!
I'm no longer waiting, my eyes are not blind
My arrows streaming, carve a path through the light"

[Voice of God:]
"Now you listen, now you learn of fathomless night
Cast down in wrath, cast down in flame, olympian might
Chained to Earth, my kongdom comes first
Down with you, into the fire!!"

[The Serpent's reply:]
"Wailing, screaming, roaring loud, my reign begins
'Tis better to rule than merely to serve
My hate will bring down Elysian stones... Taste the Serpent's Kiss....
The Serpent's Kiss...."

[The Serpent's to himself:]
"If Heaven is higher and death is a dream
Cast away virtue it's not what it seems
In whiteness descending the soul steals a star
Creates a new Heaven in sin where you are"

[The Serpent to Cain:]
"Sons of Cain, agonize, bring forth then die
Scale the walls of heaven now, and bring God to his knees
With a Serpent's kiss, Serpent's kiss... Serpent's kiss..
God shall share my fall!!!"
9. On The Wings Of The Night (4:41)
[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

When the dark is complete
And the day goes to sleep
That's when I come alive
Faster than shadows
On the wings of the night I'll be by your side

And my soul spreads wide its raven wings
And I cover you tonight
Ooh you won't need no other
I'm your dangerous lover, oh babe you know it's true

I wanna feel you in the dark
I wanna kiss your body
I wanna make you mine!

Ride on the wings of the night
(You know you want to)
Ride on the wings of the night
(You're old enough to)
Ride on the wings of the night
(I'm coming for you)

And they tell you I'm wild
That I'm the devil's child
I'll only make you cry
They say you're too young to feel
They say my love's a lie

But they don't know what it does to me
Just to have you in my arms
I'll introduce you to life's forbidden delights
I'll make you a woman of you

We Ride!
Midnight, hearts collide
Naked alone, your body's mine
Ooh babe, don't say no..

Tonight... my virgin child come..
I wanna feel you in the dark...
10. Seventeen (4:21)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Little Janey's got a crazy walk
Rock and roller, leather vixen talk
She moves so fine
Belladonna with an angel heart
Topless dancer, Paris pearls
She's hot!
Underneath the lights

I wanna feel your body burnin' all night long
I want to taste the magic hidden in your charms


Sweet seventeen- age of consent
Seventeen- age of consent
She's seventeen and tight, ah yeah (look out)

Makin' love under the summer night
Bodies sweating into liquid life
Little girl sighs
Slidin' sweeter down her velvet thighs
Leopard movement, animal surprise
Sweet, sweet cries

Slide on, champagne siren, ah it's only sweeter babe..
11. Tragedy (4:22)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

Who's to say, who is to blame
Who killed our love
I can see the lines are drawn
Broken hearts and broken dreams
Drifting worlds apart
The lies are old, the scars are warm

I don't wanna lose your love now babe
'Cause I feel that's when I'm with you it's alright
Then I fall for your touch

Tragedy- a broken love
Fallen dreams are on the ground
Tragedy- our love is pain, oh babe our love is pain

When you make love do you think of
Does he looks like me, does he do the things I do
A shattered glass, a broken rose
Blood runs from my soul
Still you wound but never slay

It's so lonely, so lonely
It's killing me babe...
Nothing left...
Nothing left at all to say..
12. Stay On Top (3:37)
[Music and lyrics: T. Jackson]

Get outta my way!

Everybody got somebody
Try to make ya feel real bad
Ain't noone of their business
Talkin' behind your back
Be strong in your self
Stand up, walk away
Nobody gives a damn
For a single thing you say

You got to
Stay on top- never go under
Lightning strikes- before you hear the thunder
Stay on top- never go under
Hold on tight- here comes that thunder

Hide money in your pockets
Be nobody's fool
Always thinking I'm number one
That's my golden rule
Take care of business
Go for it with the best
Be strong enough to take it
Ain't no need to rest

Bad times make you cry
But the good times make you cry
I can't stand it, I can't stand it, no, no
I can't stand it, I can't stand it no more
I can't stand it, I can't stand it- NO
I can't stand it, no more!

Somebody, everybody,
Try to make ya feel real bad
Ain't nobody's business
Talkin' behind your back
Be strong in yourself
Stand up, walk away
Nobody's gonna listen to single word you say

Stay on top!
13. Chains Of Fire (3:35)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Deis]

Eyes of fire, lips of scarlet flame
Woman of darkness and heat you can't be tamed
Everything you do just turns me on
Fatal beauty- innocence
Locked in Ecstasy..

Chains of fire
Chains of fire

I can't get enough of your sweet charms
Drunk on love you tremble in my arms
A heated look of sensuality
Taste of heaven on your skin
Burn in love with me...

Chains of fire- I'm a prisoner of desire woman
Chains of fire- the night's alive, the dark is burning
Chains of fire- we're bound by love my wanton child
Chains of fire- burn in love with me
Chains of fire, chains of fire

Let me feel, all your warmth child
Let me in babe, oh...
Chains of fire!!
14. Desert Plains (4:52)
[Music and lyrics: Tipton/Halford/Downing]

Fool moon is rising, the sky is black
I heed your call, I'm coming back
The road is straight cast, wind's in my eyes
The engine roars between my thighs

From desrt plains I'll bring you love
From desert plains I'll bring you love

Wild mountain thunder echoes my quest
My body aches but I'll not rest
Quartz light to guide me 'till sunset leaves
My passion screams my heart it bleeds (black blood)

(Oh feel the hunger)

Then in the distance I see you stand
On the horizon- raise your hand
In burning rubber I end my quest
You fall into my arms at last


(On the wings of The Raven, On The Wings Of The Night)
(I Will Come For You.. you, you and only you!!)
15. Cry Forever (4:33)
[Music and lyrics: De Feis]

I should've known better than to look in your eyes
'Cause that's what got me thinking of the love we had shared
Your spell lives on forever- Oh, you captured my heart
How could I forget you, or the love we had made

Seems like only yesterday, when I held you in my arms
And you would softly whisper: "I'll never leave"

Cry forever- cry for the dreams we had
Where did our love go, do you ever think of me?
Cry forever- cry for the dreams we'll never share
You made me love you, hen you turned your back upon me now

Oh, I remember lying side by side
Your heart gently beating, softly with mine
Your face just like an angel, smiling up at me
The hunger and the passion, when we'd set our love free

Now the clock is slowly ticking in this empty room
The images are haunting like a candle through the gloom

Cry forever...

I dreamed about you last night and the vision was so clear
Of you and I together with no pain, lies or tears
I woke up late this morning, with you still on my mind
I could swear that you were with me, I was back there in time

Pictures in the night, can't sustain the light of day
I need someone to hold me, who'll never fade away

Cry forever...

Do you ever think of me.. at all?
16. We Are Eternal (4:11)
[Music: De Feis/Pursino, lyrics: De Feis]

The sun will rise
Our golden prize
No shadow fall
Upon our lives
The sands of time
Won't fall for us
No ash to ash, no dust to dust
Eternal summer waits for us
Our bodies bronze, we thirst, we lust
The changes of the years, won't touch us- no!

We are eternal
We are young, we are strong
We are immortal, the life force is in our hands

On we go through seas of time
We hear the voive, we drink the wine
I build, you burn, then one forgets
The evils of the innocent
A face of wonder, a heart will cry
The stain of death upon her eyes
A moment caught in time
I'm alive!


We are eternal
We are immortal
We are the flame that never dies!

We are eternal
We are immortal
We'll never die!
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