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Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night cover art

Soldiers of the Night

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsShrapnel Records
Album rating :  78.7 / 100
Votes :  7
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Soldiers of the Night Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-06-22)
1. Premonition (1:04)
2. Ride (Into the Sun) (3:44)
Killing the pressure
You've got 'em inside
Burning in fire
You know you just can't hide
Nothing can stop you
You're on your way
For there's no denying
Your ticket to a free day
Ride into the sun
Ride until the battle is won
Ride ahead of the pack
Ride never turning back
The time is now
To take a stand
Prove to them that
You might still invade them
Nothing can stop you
Tough they say they will
Burning your way
To take to the sky



You carry the flame
We're goin' insane
Out of control
Run, Run for your life
Don't look back
This is the time
Fighting we're lucky to get the flame
Fighting for nothing
He stood watching
The rain
Nothing can stop you
You riding away
Fighting the challenge
To breakfor the
*Repeat 2 times
3. Medusa (3:57)
Beneath the caves she lives alone
With noone to guide her
But men of stone
She's building authentic
To fire and steel
Searching for someone
To drum up appeal

The tall handed lady of the reptile coat
The queen of the snakes
A ruler of darkness
And the power of melt
I'm gonna faint

Don't stop and stare
She'll turn you info stone
In Medusa's hair
The serpent meets his own

The woman of darkness is waiting to strike
Casting her spell
In the middle of the night
Takes what she wants
Giving nothing for free
Making a meal out of you and me

All the night she'll drive you wild
A suck of her breath
She'll blow you away
A loose look coat


You know when I see her
The dinner is cold
I think she'll leave
Sit down when you're told

Better the blood
That run in your veins
I'll have to be your
4. Soldiers of the Night (4:22)
Soldiers of the night

Late at night
When the watchtower light burned bright
Out of the mist is the air
I'm a soldier
Waiting for the final strike
Who will take the fatal blow

Fight, stay alive
In the desert for a day
(Soldiers of the night)
We are soldiers of the night
(We are soldiers of the night)
You're marching and free
(Solders of the night)
We'll find victory
(We and soldiers of the night)
We get nothing for free

We pass the way
Of... dead men
Get of
You're too too too slow
Here it is,
Now take another deep deep breath
Take a bite
Still we're in the wrong


We are thunder
Burning in the acid rain
You are a coward
I'll feel the pain

When all the ones you loved
All turned out to be insane
God, Mr. Bruno it's more than a game
5. Murder (4:01)
Let us learn to shout
Just looking in the night
Searching for his mother sometime
He sure didn't like a fight

Now they're trying to find you
Nothing is there, it's just me
Search until we find you
The advantage of love

Plotting and killing the king
When we arrive we'll be dirty

So we are searching this town
Somebody heard a scream
Hiding under the bridges
Trying not to be seen
And in time we'll find you
Nothing is fair in this game
Search until they find him
To advantage of love
Is it all in vain
Oh oh

In the final hour our time will come
See the judgement so
Of a broken broken man
In a world gone mad, mad
Will I understand
Will my sentence pass
Or will I die

I can see the light getting brighter now
It killed him now
Shooting forward now
You are patient now

I just can't wait to tell
Yah ha ha ha
Is he guilty
Noone ever suspects
Communications were shut up
Hell did you see that
Please stay back
Keep away there
6. March or Die (4:37)
March or die
If you defy it
We'll come smashing through
Marching into glory ride
The victory is due
We wear the cross of evil
And you take on the fight
March or die it's a battle cry
Prepare to ride tonight

You either march or die (march or die)
It's a battle cry
At the sounds of war March or die
You either march or die (march or die)
Not to wonder why
It goes on and on - on and on in war

[Vinnie Moore solo!]

March or die
The bodies fly
And the battle has begun
And who will last you or I?
To see the final sun
Onward raced the soldier
lay or run before
forward into battle
marching into war


[Vinnie Moore solo!]

March or die
If you defy it
We'll come smashing through
Forging armor 'til the end
The rest will come to you
Forces of the wicked are pearing down on you
March or die it's a battle cry
The victory is due


[Vinnie Moore solo!]
7. Blitz the World (3:38)
Murderers are on the rampage
As lasers hit the sky
There's no mistake about the
Fire in your eye
More and more power
We conquer the land... mental
We make our final stand

(Blitz) Blitz the world
Now that you're on our side

(Blitz) Blitz the world
We'll rock 'til the end of time

(Blitz) lt's getting closer
The deadline is set
We'll start a fire
That you'll not forget

The boys are coming back
Don't wait too long
Prepare for the attack


(Blitz) You think we're crazy
Well I don't think so, no
Living, I've no time
We're always on the go
If you don't believe me
Well lots of kids will know
They'll turn and tell you
Let's go see the show
8. Invader (2:51)
9. In Fire (3:22)
Walking down the runway
You left behind your heart
Find it with your eyes
The play's about to start

Listening for war
You'd better not lose your f
The sky is full of fire
The time has come tonight

We'll be there
In fire
They will be
In fire

(Emotion) In fire
(Emotion) In fire
In fire (In fire)

Trouble fills the air
And nothing into sight
Cocktail are here
They're often in the fight

You may think you'll see it
Well we will see it too
Knowing that our dreams
Will never come true

In fire (In fire)
In fire

10. Domestic Bliss (3:40)
Lord, will it be
In the future
The only thing to remake
And time is a natural healer
We save our sane

And dream
Have you forgotten
It's just yesterday
But you hang me up
And you bring me down
What you gonna do
To pull me around
With a love
Only time will tell
And all you wanna to do
Is love

The eyes with all of the answers
Although the question's
Not quite clear
And live your life to the fullest
0r chose that you love dear
You leave your heart to the lions
You take it all and disappear

You wanna love


My love
Your love
11. Blistering Winds (3:27)
Lighting terror
Oh it's very strange
Hold on tight now
Put a hold on yourself

In the field of pressure-nautics
Throw me through were going down
Throw me through the sky in anger
Wondering if we'll hit the ground

The wind of anger
Calling to me
Shedding the dials
The price of his vanity is

Man against nature
Will the hurricane pass
No radio contact
White lightning is fast

Doesn't seem to mind the burning
The ruins in my head
And the lightning lies before me
A frightening angel of dark


And now I'm lost in the power
Of the angel who points us around
I knew it was faster than fire
Still now the backing can burn

Now the pressure is asserting
I feel the tension breaking clear
Got has chosen to save the...
Fighting off the fear with fear
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