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Vassline - Blood of Immortality cover art

Blood of Immortality

TypeStudio Full-length
Album rating :  81.9 / 100
Votes :  13
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Blood of Immortality Lyrics

Submitted by level LaClayne (2011-05-04)       Last modified by level LaClayne (2011-05-04)
1. Letalis Silentium
2. An Ode to My Friend
Sitting there, just thinking things
It's everything that you do.
In your head, so full of shit,
doesn't work like normal brain.

Get up and look around,
and find something that you can do.
If you want to make some change in your life,
then you've got to CHANGE YOURSELF!

Do something, IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!!
Want something? then PAY YOUR DUES!!

Nothing's done till you begin.
Sitting there won't get you anywhere.

When you are let down,
have a will to get up.
Chances never comes to
bystanders and surrenderes.

Try to get yourself out of your own well.
Try to get yourself out of your own well.

Do something, IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!!
Want something? then PAY YOUR DUES!!

Nothing's done till you begin.
Sitting there won't get you anywhere.

It doesn't fucking matter,
you've got to try.
Resist when you've got to,
It's the only way.

Fuck it, don't give yourself up,
you're on your way to victory
Your fucking god is not needed anymore.

Burn them fuckers all.
Till they are nothing but ashes.
3. Affirmation for the Desperated
Who am I?
You tell me.
What's my name?
I don't care.

Think nothing,
death is another beginning.

But your name never ends,
even afterwords the world has gone to ashes.

Death comes in your way? KILL DEATH.
In the name of honor, SLASH DEATH.
And let everyone REMEMBER YOUR NAME.
With conviction and the HILT OF A SWORD.

Let the flower bloom...

Hell? I've seen it. HOWEVER, I'M NOT AFRAID.

No regrets in my life.
And I fought till death to win it back.

I ended up having nothing.

To keep your honor:
1. cut off the hands of weak.
2. cut off the legs of fear.
3. pull out the eyes of death.

(March forward even if the road is covered with death souls
I die here for sure, but I'm not going alone)

I die here for sure.
And I'm not going alone.

Be bound to nothing.
Just live yourself.
4. Assassin of Death
A savor of moment which cut through the path of chaos.
The time will last, while the devils are on your back.
Discard honors and leaves on your grave.
(The grave) with no flowers and with no name.

I lost my hand.
I lost my eyes.
I lost my faith.
I lost my soul.

Passionate battlefield.

The cycle of life and death.

Tough soul without a breakdown.

Prepare with silence before you fight.
I stand behind you.

Prepare for your death.


Within the darkness of life...
Buried alive and ungranted
with no salvation and no dignity.

Life and death...
Life and death is just worthless.
5. Saddest End of One Fine Morning
Shaking me,

Waking me up.

Talking to me?
Or to someone else?
I'm the only one here.
Who the fuck are you talking to?

"The end or not", they said.
"Myself or not", I said.

Hundreds of myself
calling out my name.

I pray, "Disappear, make the world disappear."

I closed my eyes for a while and they're gone.
The light illuminates before my eyes is that of sun.
Am I still alive? God, no. It can't be!
This must be a dream.

"A dream of not?!", I cried.
"Myself or not?!", I cried.

Well, I am still here like a last blessing.
Sun showers pour and it's morning, again... it's morning, again.......
6. Fear Coming
(The world has shown me.
Dark, fearful and driving us crazy.
Already, the world is full of rejected spirits from hell.
And the pain spreads inside me, like trees in dismal forests)

Words can't tell pain [and tragedy]
The pain cut from me is the pain you fell. [pain you fell]
A man lives and dies only for themselves. [no remorse]
No such a thing as sacrifises. [you are on your own]

Men are the same when they're left alone.
They don't live for you always.
Stop using your eyes and use your ears.
You will feel the fear coming.

Your death changes nothing.
Just a number of the rooms in hell adds up.
No meaning in this life.
The door to heaven never opens.

Carving on the door to heaven;
"This is the hell, indeed. The inferno without salvation."
Thus, I hereby resurrect now.

7. Eventual Acception
Dreaming of tomorrow? - Tomorrow has come.
Searching for the truth? - There is no more truth.
Saving yourself? - Already has been forsaken.
Trying to remember? - The memory has been distorted.

Trying to understand?
You will never know.
Even if you try,
till you are dead for sure.

Set a course

Look closer, you'll see the eyes fo flow.
Give ears, you'll hear the whispers of answers.

See life as a flow.
A flow that is a fact.
When the end is nearby,
you will complete your life.
8. Caesar of an Occasion
Do not fear the failure.
Do not fear the success.
Live for the complete process.
And die for the consequences.

Bow down to the life full of intelligence.
Live as the day's like a very end.
Do not worry about wasting your whole life.
- Decisions can alter the result completely.

Failure and mistakes are the source of my will.

Hence I make a difference.
Hence I make a change.

Don't wait for your time.
Don't wait for a chance.
9. Flowers in the Sand
Walked through the never of this state.
And the end is nearby.
Cause I could not talked to anyone.
Anyone I know.

This time I reached the shore.
But till now I'm not sure.

Lost in this, this bitter cold.
And I have no reason to wait.
And I could not looked at anyone.
Anyone I know.

Although you feel left out from world.
It's not the end.
There's another road ahead.

Still in this pouring rain,
like the flowers in the sand.

10. Sanguinolentus Desperatio
11. Blood of Immortality
No blood.
No life.
No more dignity.

No pain.
No death.
No existance.

Spread the darkness and fearful nights.
Invite me death, and shatter your rage.

Prince of darkness.
You're the power and the subsistence.
Please, have mercy.
And burn my useless soul.

Prince of darkness.
I worship ruthless fear.
Please, have mercy.
And tear me into shreds.

"This is my blood, so drink it all."
"This is my body, so take it all."

Come to the moonlight and bloodstained nights.

Come and dance around, with the blessed ones.
Sign this holy song, with the baptized ones.
Scream in insanity, with the subped ones.
Spread the wings of dawn, with restriced ones.

We turn into...
into the ashes...

Shadow of moonlight and wrap around me with your wings.

I am everywhere.
And I won't rest in peace forever...
12. Last Cadence
My faith.
We cover each other in this fields of cold heart.

My will.
We cover each other in this fields of cold heart.

Choking on fears, we enter the enemy lines.
Point guns at one another, and we pull the trigger.

This is where losers can't speak of justice.

Annihilate and escape, a river of blood runs.
Oh, brother here we are! We live and die together!

A firm resolution. A FIRM RESOLUTION.
Honor the lionhearted. HONOR THE LIONHEARTED.
Bless the victory. BLESS THE VICTORY.
Here we go again. HERE WE GO AGAIN.

"Eternal nightmares of darkness.
Waking up is helpless.
We've seen the unbelievables.
In the fields that burn.

Desperate world, dreadly silent and beautiful.
Oh, dreadly silent and beautiful..."

End of the war is near.
Courage for the fear.
Bless the battlefront.
Victory for the war.
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