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VaLoR - Destiny's Path cover art



Destiny's Path

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Heavy Metal
LabelsEat Metal Records
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Destiny's Path Lyrics

Submitted by level Remchris63 (2011-03-23)       Last modified by level Eagles (2017-06-09)
1. The Evil in Your Mind (5:09)
I'm the evil lurking where the sunlight does not shine
I can slip inside your mind and make you part of mine
I can arm your hands and then fulfill your every wish

Is the power and riches what you're always dreaming of?
Want to be the ruler of the Earth and sky above?
The gate to wealth is here and you hold the keys

When you need me call my name and I?ll appear
Wipe out of your mind every thought of fear
You're free from those chains when you call my name

I can really see the mischief shining in your eyes
I can feel the yearning from the darkest of desires

Take my hand and don?t look back, you?re forever free

When you need me...

I'm the evil in your mind
Waited in the darkest side
Now I take on and I?m your guide
For I?m the evil in your mind

Want to be forever blessed with youth that never ends?
Every pleasure can be yours and hold it in your hands
No more loneliness accompanying your vile nights
I will offer what your body wants and your lust invites

I'm the evil in your mind...
2. Perseus (3:37)
He was born in an ancient realm
the only son of princess Danae
But no omen should come real
He was thrown away into the sea

Saved to be sent for Gorgons
Armed with mirrored shield of Athena
The helmet of invisibility
And Ermis great sword of adamant

Gorgon waits to turn him into stone
Will return or he's forever gone
Came from death and to death will he go?
Or another hero will be born

Rocky statues all around
Just remains of all those who had dared
Come , beware make no sound
Turn away from Medusa's stare

Head of snakes and eyes of fire
Cannot hear the gorgon sisters mourn
Pegasus is flying away
And the son of Poseidon is born

Gorgon waited in her land of stone
He returned he's not forever gone
Came from death and death is what he gave
He's another one among the brave

Gorgon waited in her land of stone...
3. Into the Night (4:32)
Untie my horse and ride towards the fires
While the wolves howl their sorrowful cries
Run through the streets and crawl in the mires
Bring an end to the slavery and the lies

Run, into the night
The flame inside will never fade away
Run, and hide out of sight
The stars in the sky will always light your way

Let the moon light my way and guide my hand
Let the trees be my guard and my shield
Darkness my cope as I slip through the land
Never rest till my mission's fulfilled

Run, into the night?

Into the night we all stood the same
So come and feed the flame
Numbers have grown
Now the signs of freedom are finally shown
4. V.A.L.I.S. (3:21)
Each time I look at the night sky
I wonder if you're still there
I feel you're always looking over me
I can't escape from your stare

Been there since the dawn of the time
Before the birth of mankind
Watching and guiding each step humanity takes
Correcting all of our mistakes

Left alone in the dark
Waiting till they'll come back
Spoke the words that I've heard
You are the voice in my head

At night I lie alone in my bed

And watch the flames that you sent
I know you're there, you're wandering out there
My artificial nightmare

Speak , guide me and grant me your grace
I am the hope of my race
Teach me your knowledge, your wisdom and your lore
I want to know more and more...

Watching us from the sky
Travelling through space and time
Still I receive your sign
You're voice rings through my mind

Left alone in the dark...

Watching us from the sky...
5. Calvary (5:21)
See our trusted leaders lie on the screen
See our order bleeders believe only in green
See those executed for a thousand times
And the Earth polluted by mindless crimes?

In our minds, deep inside,
Where's the light of our dreams?

Watch that big black cloud above our heads
And all those feeling proud while the path leads to the end
See the injustice gap between rich and poor
There is an awaiting trap where we head for sure
Oh no,
Where's the light of our dreams?

Our Calvary
The world we live in

Feel the walls of solitude imprisoning you
And feel the lack of attitude provoking you
See the disharmony that we refuse to see
And see the burning agony when I call on thee

In our minds, deep inside,
Where's the light of our dreams?
Our Calvary
The world we live in

Watch the fiery sun falling beyond the crimson horizon
Listen to the wind calling for the silver moon to rise on
and on? on and on? and on?

Good or evil white or black
Sound of silence got the point?
This is why you can?t go back
Make your choice don?t toss the coin
The beginning of the end
Or the end of the beginning?
Revolution is at hand
Just make sure you got the meaning

Decadence ? Total isolation
Ignorance ? Controlling population
Consequence ? Everyday humiliation
Deliverance ? Left in imagination
6. Destiny's Path Part I: No Flowers on My Grave (4:47)
Raise my head 'n' look at the world
Through the eyes I've never seen
A world of broken promises is where I've been

Raise my hands to take the fruits
For which we waste our youth
But in my empty hands I see the truth

In my corner cold and silent
Waiting for my bitter death
Shadows come and suck my dying breath

Born in fear grown in terror
Now I'm leaving life in hate
A mistake destroyed what nature's made

All alone I see the twilight of my brightest dreams
All alone I pray God help me please, help me please

I can hear the steps and feel the chill - I feel the chill
No one's around to hear my final will - Hear my final will
Ease the pain that I feel

I can see the darkened veils of Death wave - Our veils of darkness wave
Once a free man now I feel I'm just a slave
know there will - No there will be no
There won't be no flowers on my grave

All alone I see the twilight of my brightest dreams...

I can hear the steps and feel the chill...
7. Destiny's Path Part II: Thoughts of Greatness (4:49)
Waving goodbye
To the souls that flew away on this night
I lay my eyes down
Till rain wash away of the bloodstained ground

Just silence remains
No banners wave and no burning flames
Just smoke over land
In remembrance of those who we?ve left behind

I stand on the mountain 'mongst barren landscapes
My future is bound and, and no hope escapes
I stare into nothingness, but still I can't hide
Reflections of Greatness, are crossing my mind

Seeing the end
Still proud of what I swore to defend
No fear I feel

Even though my body is cold as my steel

Silence now reigns
A cold wind blows and a dark veil waves
Smoke settles down
Remains of what once was a battleground

I lie on the mountain 'mongst barren landscapes
My future was bound and, now no hope escapes
All my Thoughts of Greatness, in once gone away
There's one thing I wish now, and to my God I pray

God hear me plea as I make my last will
I only trust in my horse and my steel
I swear to my sword and the black steed I ride
I only want to be there by your side

God hear me plea as I make my last will...
8. Destiny's Path Part III: Dust Again... (7:03)
So I'm reaching the end so lonely and forgotten
I feel I?ve been waiting for things never came
And seeing it all so abandoned and rotten
I am the only one really to blame

I sit and I mourn, I pity my existence
Just close my eyes, ?No this can?t be real?
Still I hear my voice that fades in the distance
Just like my life fades silently

There are times that I wish
I could go back and change things
It's too late so they say
But I feel I know the way

Flew with the wind, every words I said

What have I done?
What have I earned?
What have I learnt?
I take all the blame
I know I am no saint

What have I done?
What have we done?

Should I take the blame?
Was I the only one?

Was I the only one?

Dust from dust and then to dust again
The vicious circle it goes on
I know there is no ending, but was ever a beginning at all?

Dust from dust and then to dust again
It may stay down but 's never gone
It's the fall before the rise, the rise before the fall...

Guilt is in my heart
I bear the deadliest sin
Wish I was not a part
I wish I?d never been
How much longer may I last?

Guilt was in my heart
I sinned and felt the same
So sadly I was a part
I was the one to blame
All my dream have turned to dust
And dust again?.
9. Whispering of Steel (3:55)
I was born a traveller in time
From my early days I knew I was part of the crime
Being an outcast not a mortal man
Always on the run to prove I am the only one

I can feel the threat is in the air
Voices in my head call out beware

Places, faces pass before my eyes
Never understood why, I couldn't realize
Feelings that I always have to hide
No emotions for the ones I have to leave behind

And you feel the threat is all around

Voices in your head are calling out
And you know your time is standing still
When you hear the whispering of steel

The game of life and power is my destiny
No one asked me no one told me why it should be me
But as you hear my blade calling your name
I'll survive a little longer in this bloody game

And though I know I'll live for evermore
There is one thing that I'm waiting for
Someone sets me free from this ordeal
As I hear the whispering of the steel

The game of life and power is my destiny...
10. Dragon's Blood (6:39)
They fly on the wings of desire
But they'll fall in the storm of the lust
For they dare to tread higher and higher
And not learnt from the tales of the past

The quest for the secret of ages
The quest for the secret of old
It's not written in history pages
And only the wiser have told

They march in the night when the moon's shining high
They search for the highest prize
The ones who have dared in his cave now they lie
They paid the highest price

They lived a life of brutality
And they'll die with their broadsword in hand
For the gift of immortality
Lies there in the dragon's blood

In the dragon?s blood

They follow the signs of ash, fire and smoke
They?re leading the triumphant way
Victory songs sound wherever they walk
But won?t keep the danger away

They march in the night when the moon's glowing red
The red that will cover the ground
The ones thought immortal are now lying dead
Their destiny is what they have found

Dragon?s blood
Onward to their bitter end they are bound
Dragon?s blood
In search for the secret that nobody has ever found

Cursing and screaming they all fall in fire
One after one they all died
Leaving the ground he?s now flying higher
Laughing at their false pride

Dragon’s blood...
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