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Unearthly Trance - V cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal
LabelsRelapse Records
Album rating :  -
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V Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-28)
1. Unveiled (7:03)
a mockery
this suffering is a remedy for the dullness
ritual void for cave life
parallel life of the stimulated
reincarnated storms
waves of truth
quest for the ocean
weary of this wavering world
a solitary path of seeking
the next moment of majesty
the tallest forest
as I step inside the night
petrified moments
reincarnated storms
waves of truth
quest for the ocean
everything eliminated
luciferian infiltration
tree of life tied to roots of inner earth
2. The Horsemen Arrive In The Night (3:14)
the horseman arrive in the night
the lambs are ready for the slaughter
morose future
murky past
heat waves - future ice storms
soundless shot - precisely piercing
aimed carelessly - havoc under the moon
so few
so many
way past due
foreboding abolishment
control is flesh
no one is saved
salutations from the death camp
waiting for the train to nowhere
pressure cooker
politicians hooker
butchers cleaver
witches lever
hourglass of dreams
never will obtain
3. Solar Eye (6:50)
tallest north serpent rise
eucharist disregard in mire
slowing sinking, scowling
fevers of descent
don't think you are dreaming
this daze is made of sirens
blackening beast bombings
pathological fires
look with eye in the middle
in the middle of the skull
never will you see it
not through the sea
nor through any land
entrance:solar eye
sacred silent spider webs
biological anomalies
faint glorious discordia
beckoning beyond bleakness
metaphysical manifestations
rabidly clenching souls
invoke the eight
obey the five
from the middle of the planet
invisible grip of the inner
never will you see it
not through the sea
nor through any land
entrance:solar eye
grey decay, the truest, only way
inside nothing, the anti manifests
grey decay, the truest, only way
outside everything, everything is nothing
staring into the sun as if it was pitch black
4. Adversaries Mask 1 (4:21)
there are kings, who will drink your last drop of blood
and there are slaves that pathetically worship fools
there are hills, that see the nights purest silence
then there are ghost mountains
defiantly conquer kings
will you drift quietly
life a corpse downstream?
swollen and suffering
yet survival instinct is steadfast
swimming against the stream
as the sun disappears
relentless battles and wars if survived thicken the skin
preserve the holy eye which an enemy can never destroy
5. Adversaries Mask 2 (2:53)
post agression, ranting and ravens
war decimates, the concept of truth
sadistic strife, in the age of plague
exhilaration of weakened defenses
holding ground against impatience
courage before death
breath before death
vigor before death
submission is the last call
6. The Tesla Effect (3:48)
without these invisible chains?
that path was never taken
penniless broken deathbed
hopeless prayer of tesla
chained to the final word system
deathray transmission
hidden hands from the future
war of currents
force of motion
man as machine
cosmic destiny
maimed by the final world system
deathrays ressurection
devoured by the past
man will always be in the shadow of its own beast
fate will bring about the terrestrial convulsion
7. Sleeping While They Feast (4:55)
time lines looping into
the science of the swindler
depressed pool of despair
crashing into a new 30's
the foul fowl session rears its ugly head
the great disappearing act
devoured and debased
delivered and delineated
mary fornicates with moloch
souls devoured by the oligarchs
pardon them while they weave your noose
bastards, bombs and grave errors
pardon them while they weave your noose
rogue elements, persuasion, depletion
you are only in their way
fire sale on your fucking life
you are only in their way
times are changing for the worst
you are only in their way
you sleep, they feast
8. Submerged Metropolis (6:06)
its high time for the shit to hit the fan
choke on the fumes seeping in
surrounded by shallow murky filth
take the last blind walk out now
on the splintered hopeless plank
let the sewers overflow
engulf the putrid streets
enjoy your ride on the tide out
former metropolis, submerged
of vermin - and human
fleeing from the toxic flood
of vermin - and human
half alive in the aftermath
there is no future in this nightmare at last, nothing left but atlanti(c)s
former metropolis, submerged
of vermin - and human
fleeing from the toxic flood
of vermin - and human
there is a forgotten past
in this dream
there is no dreaming in this reality
9. Current (3:15)
current brings fire - fire brings ice
the constant whirling of the machines
visions from the inverted universe
surges of current through your bones
mind waves lost in the grid, there is no way home
current brings fire - fire brings ice
dark light of the volcanic dawn approaches
walk amongst the stone and metal hydras
hanted hawks of the event horizon
these coils will emit fire
there is no escape
now you're lost in the grid
aether winds blast infinity
now your tomb is the grid
all drowning for eternity
10. Physical Universe Distorts (3:43)
alien moon travel by its lesser light
with smoke and sword under humanless agenda
spirit matter of holy unearthly origin
11. Into A Chasm (4:43)
don't feel like speaking
no distinction in vapid thoughts
slipping into a chasm
the compass contorts towards the strange lands
to the plane of ancient dead
tracks in the facade
transmissions from the stars
the gold is buried too deep
bombed ears and crushed resolution
slipping into a chasm
dislocated vomiting numb words
repulse the absurd minds to the plane of bewilderment
cracks in the stars
transmission from mother earth
each footstep takes me into a parallel vortex
parallel past present and futures
among the ancient atmosphere
and relive the reasons for revelation
the course of the cursed
the consequence of the course
the pitch black behind closed eyes
all meaning is meaningless
12. The Leveling (7:26)
mega silence spews out a fog of majesty
the leveling
holy mass of horror
the king is over
and the dove is plunging
once again it returns
resistance is not an option
to the process of flattening
forcefully intoxicated
paranoid poison dreaming
reversal of the demented
raising the dead icons
and soundless vibration
elevation praised
elevens power over all
complexity is hidden
13. Untitled (0:55)
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