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Titan Force - Titan Force cover art

Titan Force

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal, Power Metal
LabelsUS Metal Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
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Titan Force Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-18)
1. Chase Your Dreams (5:14)
Somewhere in your mind
Somewhere deep down
Inside yourself
There is a rage
For something better
(something new)
All of your dreams
All of your anticipations
They cause a drive
To make us stronger
(keep it alive)

Chase your thoughts
Chase your dreams
Into the night
Chase your thoughts
Chase your dreams
Keep it alive

Our time is now
Take hold of the lightning
Ride to the stars
Break free of the shell
That has you imprisoned
(Escape tonight)
Come taste with me
All of the fruits
That life has in store
Someday we all will learn
To give our love once more

Fight !
For your heart
Fight !
For your soul
Never give in
Chase your dreams !
Oh can't you see
It's just outside
Of your grasp
You've got to reach out
With both hands
Grab that tiger by the tail !
2. Master Of Disguise (5:06)
I am the eyes of the nighttime
If you gaze into the darkness
I'll be there
Go ahead and place your heart
In my hand
Take what i need
And leave you in despair
Though you turn your eyes
You can't look away
You'll be chained to love
Just like a slave

I'm the master, master of disguise
Painting a beautiful picture
Full of lies
I'm the master, master of disguise
I can steal your heart
Look into my eyes
I'm the master
The master of disguise

Come feel the flames of desire
Taking you down i get my way
I see some things are hard to swallow
A scratch and a scream
Comes as no surprise
It must be hard to see
Behind my eyes
I say my love is true
It's full of lies
Passion's flame burns
For the last time tonight
So spread your angel wings
We can fly
3. Lord Desire (5:16)
On the edge of a silent scream
Somewhere in your thoughts
(i play my game)
A jesters in your court of pleasure
Where love is pain
I laugh as you writhe controlled
Your the tiger i'm the chain
Diving deep in the pool of ecstasy
Swim with me once again

Giving more as you receive
Till your cup runneth over
Speak the word and you'll
Never leave me

Heartbeats race with ravenous fury
As the tide pulls me in
(you pull me in)
Lost in the whirlpool of fantasy
Close your eyes and the world starts to spin
Entwined together moving as one
A motion that is easily swayed
With a whimper and a shattering scream
Another wound bleeds from my blade

Lord of desire
Start the fire and dance in it's flame
Lord of desire
Taste of blood on my tongue
As i bend once again to partake of you
A sweet venom that burns on my tongue
Kneel before the lord of desire
All too innocent you fall
In my spell of desire
4. Toll Of Pain (6:36)
On a dark summer's night there is something in the air
A chill that surrounds you
Tolling of a bell, screaming in the night (hear it ring)
Struggle with your feelings so much hidden by the past
Now those dreams they come back to haunt you
Tolling a bell, you know it's not the hour
Yet the bell still rings
Gaze into the mirror it's not a pretty sight
Grotesquely twisted as a child i am not a monster
I am not insane. Look away, look away, oh look away

Can't you see his pain ?
I know you hear the pain
In the tolling of the bell
Can't you feel his pain ?
I know you hear the pain

Hatred in their eyes. They lash me with their whips
And their words. Both leave scars on my heart.
Pity on my soul. Won't somebody show some sympathy for me ?
A vision of my dreams. A vision of an angel.
So young. So innocent. So pure.
Never felt this way how can i express this love ?

It's a fatal story. Yes a tragic love affair.
How he gave himself so bravely on that day.
Tell me why pleasure must be followed by pain.
So much pain.
Haunted by their dreams of a thing so pure.
How defiled by their foolish selfish ways.
Tolling of a bell contains a fatal toll.
Oh my soul.
5. Will O' The Wisp (2:34)
6. Blaze Of Glory (5:06)
Silence explodes from our turbine roar
As we take to the air with vengeance in our souls
Higher and higher. Still higher we climb.
Piercing a hole through the enemy lines
Flying undetected as if they didn't know
Bomb bays open destroying everything below
Laughing at death as weapons spit their flames
Am i in hell ? Or am i insane ?

In a blaze of glory
We rule the night
Revenge is ours
Victory is in sight
In a blaze of glory
The enemy falls
The time i now
You must decide
Go down in flames
Or go up in a blaze of glory

Another victim burns in his way to history
I don't blink an eye it was either him or me
Just another notch in the nose of jezebel
She's shown me the heavens and i have shown her hell
Scramble in formation for another swift attack
Once you're in the pocket there is no way back
Speed and concentration caught within my grip
Pulling on the trigger as the sweat runs from my lip

There's no more left yes we are all alone
Though riddled with bullets i must push on
He moves into position. Hot on my tail
Lining up the shot to send me to hell
I've still one more trick hidden up my sleeve
My cockpit revolves and bullets leave
Flames of disgrace are what i see
As i blaze into the sun on wings of victory
7. Wings Of Rage (3:14)
Come on feel the fire
That burning desire
To lose all control tonight
That feeling of rage
Let it take you away
Let loose that tiger from it's cage

Nearing the countdown
Living on the edge
Release your desire to fly

Riding the lightning
Straight to the top
We'll fly on...
Wings of rage
Can't stop this fire
It's burning way too hot
We'll fly on
Wings of rage
Fliy high !

Oh children of sin
I'll let you all in
On a secret that we all know
There is a power
Somewhere deep inside
When you find it
Let it go

Come on and join with the rest
Put your mind to the test
Harness that electric spark
Take on the lead
Get from life what you need
Strive on reach your mark
8. New Age Rebels (6:05)
As the lightning cracked the storm began
Spread like fire across the land
A song of freedom for all to hear
One voice aflame to every open ear

Reach for the stars. Reach for it all
The power is in your hands
Shouting out with victory
Voices echo through the land

Rebels of a new age
Together we are one
Pounding out the rythms
Of a different song
Rebels of a new age
Fighting for a cause
The future is in our hands
This world is ours

Come one. Come all to the pipers tune
There is a new world ahead
And it's coming soon
Bringing a chance as the youth grow strong
Breaking the silence of a deaf world so wrong

Now with minds of metal
And hearts as true as steel
We raise our voices to the sky
New age rebels
Charismatic in our ways
We stand as one
And all else must stand aside!

Coming together millions strong
Right here in this place
Where nothing feels wrong
All for one and one for all
You can joint the ranks
If you heed the call

Gathered together as one we forge a union
Getting stronger stronger than steel
Holding steadfast in your ways
With a taste for victory
We're the founders of a new evolution
9. Fool On The Run (6:05)
Soldiers of fortune
Seeking revenge on the mishaps in life
Beating the odds as the dice roll
The night is their playground
Feeding desires by temptating their souls
As the color of green fades to grey

Place your bets on lifes wheel
Give a spin
Don't play the fool
Don't play the fool
Fool on the run

Soldiers of passion
Searching to satisfy more than the mind
One night of pleasure turns into pain
Hearts are too fragile
An easily scarred like diamonds on glass
Love is a gamble someone has to pay

Living of passion
Searching to satisfy more than the mind
One night of pleasure turns into pain
Hearts are too fragile
An easily scarred like diamonds on glass
Love is a gamble someone has to pay

Living life in half the time
Allways on the edge
You're moving faster than the rest
Are you getting anywhere ?
Oh my child with a heart of gold
What's that inside you ?
Has the world turned you cold ?
Do you see the nagic ?
I see joy felt the pain
Running nowhere . Into the fire again
Reach out and take life
Before it slips away
It's that devil inside you
Slowly making you pay for your dreams
Making look like a fool a fool on the run
What are you running for
You fool !

Soldiers of liberty
You know it all when will you learn ?
Freedom is only a conflict away
This world you desire
It's magic is their open your eyes
Don't confuse your dreams
With what is real. No
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