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Thunder Way - The Order Executors cover art

The Order Executors

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Speed Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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The Order Executors Lyrics

Submitted by level FTN (2014-10-15)
1. Nothing Else to Try (5:29)
Only nightmares before day break
Watchin to my cutted fingers
Nightmare follows, my life to take
I'm anxious along my fevers...

Half destroyed in fear
Find no salvation
Power of denigration...

Every morning i wake with fear
Uncertain for my life nad breath
Crazy phantoms creates my brain
Only a day dream for my death...

Fet to confess my dreams
Consulting with liars
Am i feeding my illusions...

This is my destiny
This is my reality
There is nothing else to try
Wait the moment to die...

This is all my real life
This is my depression
There are other creeps for me
When i will go to hell...

Is this real hell or part of it
Tumbling, creeping, tire me to death
Shade of terror makes me tremble
Confounded by liars the real truth...

Making me depressive
Talking to no one
Searching for the silence's eve...

This is my destiny
This is my reality
There is nothing else to try
Wait th moment to die
2. The Order Executors (6:10)

Unbelievable things
Happening now for them
Battle field like butchery
Fear in the soldier's eye's
Doubtful Because they are
The order executors

Lethal weapons shulders overload
Pitching rain for deeper slush
Slaughter continues by tired bodies

Butchery in battle field
Cuted heads of soldier falling
Arms, legs and so on
Burned bodies in the flame
On fieldsheds the warm blood
Of order executors

No regrets for things had done before
Face to face with enemy
No one cares for their sufferent death

Kill or be killed
This is the law of survive
The law of whole universe
Run for your life wherever you may
Or march with security
For your death

They have to march in this dirty place
Blood, heads, bones cover the ground
The only order executors
3. The Last Warrior (4:10)
Try for mother Earth
You have to save her
Said the messenger
Gone away like wind

Warrior reads the outline plan
Seems he does not agree
How to fight this fraudulent war

Time's so short for him
No way to return
Looks for sanity
No way for escape

Warrior is coming back
Sword and torch in his hand
To give mighty fire for burn

Flames of fire everywhere
Warrior fights bravely down there
Fighting for the human race it's his duty to try
Through the aliens fighting now
Killing, cutting, no way out
Wounded, tired, but still up to go on what began

The sword in his hands
Sends blinding lightenings
Planetary war
Sends him to fatigue

Sends him to suicide
To the darkness of hell
To the martial court of his life

Cutted aliens screaming there
Blinded aliens roaming. Where?
Fights courageously, fearless slaughter never ends
Golden arrow shots him now
Warrior has to live but how
Winning this war expires lying in the bed of death
4. Unexpected Sufferings (5:56)
Order comes for the start of march
Fear prevails in their eyes
Cruelty in the ugly face of Dutch
Trmbles the soldier's hearts

Terrible chime of death bell
Obsession in the sheared heads
The hoarse voice of this man
Confusing at all their brain

Is coming near the moment of start
Everyone has to take part
Too much to their destination
The only thing they know now

They will face difficulties walking
They'll suffer their heavy weight marching
Too hard a little patience to find
Why the time so slowly glides

Empiric words to start the march
Coming out from the mouth of Dutch
For a long time they have to try
To keep their morale high

Caravan like endless chain
Keeps on walking for the aim
Mortal silence of this sand
Keeps them company along

As they walk a long time day n' night
Showing signs of fatigue loosing bright
Giving them a food which is so dry
Doing such fooleries. Why?

They're sweltering under uniforms
Optical illusion oasis forms
Tormenting them this cruel end of life
Falling difficult to rise

Midnight Is making heavy their deceise
Midnight Dark deception on their march
Midnight Suffocating their hope for life


The last hours of night
Unexpected rain comes down
Showing the save way
Fate was by their side
Making lower their deceise
Suffering they have to march
Obliged to reach tha aim
5. Dancing with Beasts (3:50)
Walking in the forest alone
Feeling to stop going on
But this place is inviting me
Curiosity walks along

Forest with a wide heart
Waits the presence of mine
Jumping in the forest's paths

At all by silence I'm scared
Of the trees, flowers and grass
Smashing dry limbs over ground
It is not the only sound

As I hear unknown cries
Feeling a cold terror
But is still go on this way

Looking around myself with fear
Some beasts are staying me near
Looking for the way of escape
Hearing near their stuffy breath

Trying to tame the beasts
Careful using my heands
Using my fingers and voice

But are not gonna eat me
And I want to set me free
They see in my inner self
A little friend to dance with them

Dubtful for their dance desire
Knowing by rote their ritual
Understand immportand things
I'm a part of them
6. The Devil's Rule (7:40)
Nightmare of violation
Feeling of full temptation
Aggression is fullfilled
Betrayal the rule of world

Long hands to catch me
The monster called Minotaur
Half man and half bull
The Devil’s Rule

Beneath the sea brings me
How can I set myself free
With great stones crushing me
What to do to save me

Sharp claws tearing me
Betrayal all reality
Ugly face of the bull
The Devil’s Rule

Killing myself by monster Minotaur
Killing myself from real life
The Devil’s Rule

7. Crimes with Prepensation (8:48)
He has the eyes of the killer of road
we're so shure
He has the look of the maniac himself
all we swear
They send him to kill, Send to dishonour

Blot of shame tormenting him
In this topsy - turvy, They send him to rape
Send to homicide, Blot of killer pride for him
No repent no remorse, They gave him money
They gave him orders, His self-control

Made them so sure for him
In his phantom photos
His partners betrayed him
Cause he's a maniac


we've to bring him to the room of gas
For execution this our verdict for killers
Verdict for maniacs
He has to be tortured with knives by us
(For the) Crimes had made
He has to be executed in gas
(Tied) by our hands

Poison obscured him, Brings him to the end
His dead body after, Is washwed and examinated
He'll say on his tomb
Ashes to ashes, Performing BURIAL SERVICE

Over him, prison's priest
Bidding farewell prayes
(He) Belongs to Jesus, Oh it's no true
Sinful belongs to hell, His soul goes to hell
Soul fasten with nails, The soul without peace
8. Victims of Confusion (5:30)
What can i say
For the end of twentieth century now
Social problems confusing all my way...

What can i do
How to accept this reality
Dreaming for a better life night and day...

Confounded in the mass
Unconscious in this trash
Saves myself not for a long time...

Looking for new alternatives how?
Nothing is changing in this world of terror
Seems only the clothes of people changing
Rightful hair is confusion world...

What can i say
For the inevitable end of world
This painful reality owns my way...

What can i do to escape from this reality
Cruelty of world brings me to suicide...

Troubles in my thoughts
Masterful in my life
Having no mercy for me now...

Losing the hope for a better life
Indicating for all my way
Seems the wrong direction to go through
Possessor is confusion world.
9. Future Punishments (6:07)
Darkness of room
My friends is this waiting
Anxiously for the doom's witch

Making a new deal, About the future world
For twoor more centuries, Circular table
This cruel deal to discuss
To torment human race wants

Minutest details
Outlined by the witch's brain
Make me sure for signing

Cutting the herbage over fire
Spirits have to burn with a great desire
Feeding my brain to detest the liar
For the future punishments too higher

Most part of her tricks
Have to punish people
Make them falling to her knees

Smoke of burned herbage
Rises from the room now
To defeat the future world

Doing her job now, Too easier than before
By my practice and hatred
To them doing harm, Is my honor to try
The law is they're born to die

Cutting the herbage over fire
Spirits have to burn with a great desire
Feeding my brain to detest the liar
For the future punishments too higher

LIE For your bad prise
TRY To make a much better figure for yourself
CRY Before your end
DIE With your head immersed in the poison of rain
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