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Thor - Only the Strong cover art



Only the Strong

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Only the Strong Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-10)
1. 2045 (0:52)
Out of the murky crimson twilight

Far beyond perimeters of what was called civilization

Lies an ancient city of ruins

Where mutation thrives and demons roam

A city of the deranged,the grotesque..and of demigods

In this year 2045

Where only the strong...shall survive !
2. Only the Strong (3:06)
Cities burning
Cries of pain
Screaming skulls calling out your name
Mutants live and demons die
Only tough ones can survive

Only the strong shall live,
Only the strong can give
Only we can stay alive,
Only the strong shall survive!

Roars the crowd
The slashing spikes
Crushing teeth and the torture strikes
Demon dogs eating flesh
We gotta clean up this mess!

Repeat Chorus
3. Start Raising Hell (3:50)
Well it´s the of round one,

i come out fighting

the fury of the sound

Let there be lightning striking

They call me a Savage Beast

I´m pumped for the second round

Let them all gnash Teeth

I´ll destroy this Town


We´re gonna start raising hell (4 times)

Go and load the Truck,you evil lackies

All things must run amok

My Whip will be cracking

Visions of the Earth, the Sky will fall

and the Seas will quake

Let them feel my Wrath

It´s a thought that they can´t take

Repeat Chorus

So starts Round three

I Come out fighting

What will be,will be

Let Thunder strike thee

Visions of the Earth, the Sky will fall

and the Seas will quake

Let them feel my Wrath

It´s a thought that they can´t take

Repeat chorus
4. Knock 'em Down (4:12)
I was born a Fighter

Survivor of the street

Only Rage and Fists

Kept me on my feet

There are no rules

and no holds barred

Fight all the Fools

And leave them scarred

Knock ´em Down

Knock ´em Down

Rub all their diry faces

into the ground

Knock ´em Down

I'm Pumping Iron

I play Roller Ball

Want to be an Icon

Wanna have it all

Don't try and stop me , or Heads will roll

Don't go around me , unless you pay the toll


Knock ´em down

Knock ´em down

Make their Ears bleed,

turn up the sound

Won´t you knock ´em down

I battle in the subways

I throw them on the tracks

I rub their face in cement

I´m ready for the attack

Don´t interrupt me , when i´m in lust

Don´t try to fuck me , or you´ll bite the dust !

Repeat Chorus
5. Let the Blood Run Red (4:28)
Double Trouble Stranger, the dogs of doom howl low
I see them over my shoulder,
they're comin' at my back
I draw my Mighty Hammer, I swing as they attack

Let the Blood Run Red, let them all be dead
All those who oppose the Metal Avenger
Look them in the eyes, knock them down to size
No one must oppose the Metal Avenger

Who dares to fight the Avenger, the pile of bodies grow
I see them in the distance, they're comin' at each side
I swing my Mighty Sword, till all of them subside

How can I tell you I'm better than you
Just look at my fist and see what I do!

Double Trouble Stranger, the Battle takes it's toll
I see them over my shoulder,
they're comin' at my back
I raise my Mighty Hammer and slam as they attack
6. When Gods Collide (4:38)
Nightmare Avenger

brings fire to the soul

I feel no danger

We're the brave and bold

Star-gazing wizards

stare into the night

Hurricanes and blizzards

Here comes the final fight


When Gods collide

the seas will divide

The sky will explode

when gods collide

Thunder in the sky

The mighty wheels roll on

We are the phantom riders

We charge a thousand strong

I raise the sonic hammer

I'll smite them dead

Let the deathmatch begin

Let the blood run red!


The cold vast Wasteland

unknown to man

We travel forte night

towards the Northern Lights

In search of the goddess

Odin is with us

We cross the line

into Jotenheim

Repeat Chorus
7. Rock the City (4:10)
On top of the highest tower

I see the crowd below

I feel the great sensation

The power starts to show

We control the sky

We command the sound,

the seas, and the ground

We will rock, Rock the City!
We will rock, Rock the City!

Millions of voices

shout into the night
The pyramid stands proud

rocking off it's might

Repeat Chorus

An army of champions

with the discipline of steel

Able-bodied warriors

who wear the imperial seal

Repeat Chorus
8. Now Comes the Storm (2:57)
One day Tuesday

3 times on Wednesday

Here it comes Thursday

Now Comes The Storm

She always argues

never seeing my views

I try to find her virtues

Now Comes The Storm


Now Comes The Storm

Bathing in her beauty

Now Comes The Storm

Destruction is her duty

She never thinks right

Always feeling uptight

Trying to show her sexy might

Now Comes The Storm

She´s too hot to handle

Shes as cold as ice

Trying to entice

Now Comes The Storm

Repeat Chorus
9. Thunder on the Tundra (3:28)
Summoned by the godess

she needs some volunteers

a band of trained commandos

to scan these hemispheres

in search of the sceptre

who´s power soothes the beast

We travel through the snowstorms

and blizzards from the east


There´s Thunder on the Tundra

There´s Giants across the Land

There´s Thunder on the Tundra

There´s Giants across the Land

Our Chariots scream with fury

towards the northern lights

snowblind we brave the storm

we torpedo across the ice

the Dragons guard their treasure

in a metal citadel

we smash down the walls

and crush the gates of hell

Repeat Chorus ( 2 times)
10. Hot Flames (3:10)
Her face is young

and her heart is cold

there´s something burning

burning in her soul

Oh yeah,but that´s ok

she´ll always listen to what i say


Hot Flames - She´ll feel the Fire

Hot Flames - I am her Sire

She´ll feel the Fire

We´ll she learned to dance

so hot and mean

and when she moves

she´s loose and lean

Oh yeah ,but that´s ok

she always do what i say

Repeat Chorus
11. Ride of the Chariots (3:39)
We go in for the kill
With our iron will
We are the planet riders
In the name of Valhalla

She calls to me
From across the sea
Here come the valkyries
In the name of Valhalla

Ride of the chariots
Ride of the chariots

We take wing across the cosmos
No one can stop us
Of victors and the vanquished
Let the story be told

We are the solar czars
There are no holds barred
We are the planet riders
In the name of Valhalla

(Repeat chorus)

Across the rainbow bridge
Past the nine nebulae
We are the planet riders
In the name of Valhalla

(Repeat first verse)

(Repeat chorus)
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