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The Gates of Slumber - The Wretch cover art

The Wretch

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal
LabelsRise Above Records
Album rating :  -
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The Wretch Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2015-02-12)
1. Bastards Born (6:48)
Lies are told and curses laid
Chat that's carried a debt unpaid
Web that's woven with a wicked tongue
Burn the bridges one by one

I've lied and stolen I've given grief
A sinner proud I defy belief
A needful knife man when your back is turned
Painful lessons: what you have learned

Yet when your high horse has been brought down
And in your own lies you've surely drown
Everything becomes quiet clear
There can be no hiding from the monster in your mirror
2. The Scovrge ov Drvnkenness (5:58)
Ageless demon, a bane to man
Slowly killing all it can
Selfish bastard master of drink
Violent oppressor vile stink

Drunken slave caught in its grasp
Shaking fool dying gasp
All your life a web of lies
Broken vows bitter cries

Drooling wretch falling down
Crying wailing like a clown
All your life you've cast away
A slave to drink you will stay
3. To the Rack with Them (3:15)
Upon your Judas cradle
Ropes made from your skin
Burning scent of incense
The aroma of your flesh
Burning cauldron of tar
You're a fancy self made god
Completely bound and tied
With a mouth full of shit

To the rack with them

Broken bones pulled out joints
Eyes gouged with hot irons
Raped by holy man
Agonized pain for hours
Burning cauldron of tar
You're a fancy self made god
Open from gut to neck
Rats feast from within

To the rack with them
To the rack with them
4. Day of Farewell (7:14)
I grow tired of this world
I know all there is to know
The fruit is bland
And the wine is dry
Why continue this lie?

My day of farewell is nigh
I once was a man who loved life
To reach forever I'll bring my kin
And leave this paradise of sin

Today the sun sets on all my days
My eyes will shut
We will fly away
I hold your hand
By my side you lay
Together forever
This farewell day

No value in gems
No riches to be held
No amount of praise
Barren is the land
As one we embrace
Taller than the Lord
Step off the world
On the wings of tranquility evermore
5. Castle of the Devil (7:55)
Secrets forbidden by the Lord
The Devil provided his work
Name of the second son will be his
Oh this doomed world will kneel

The Sacrifice came undone
by this holy doom dog
The offering must be made
blood of a virgin child
For eternal life I gave
by his promise
But that bastard Kane

Goat of Mendes in the mud
Father found his true god
Wealth and fame upon his land
Curse of the wolf now bestowed.

The Sacrifice came undone
by this holy doom dog
The offering must be made
blood of a virgin child
For eternal life I gave
by his promise
But that bastard Kane

I entangled in the thorns
I bore this cross
I the hand of the divine
On this solemn night

I drank the wine
That was rotten on the vine
Said the whore to the thief
But that bastard Kane
6. Coven of Cain (3:44)
Twisting through the shadows
We ride the white line dream
Through the neon night
On another hare brained scheme
Shattered mirrors left in our wake
Moonlight to guide me
And my mind to break

Dingo dog howls
Blood spills on the ground
She wolves encircle
You're done for now
God below smiles
Reaching a new high
The cut was golden
In ritual you'll die

Cove of Cain
Worshipers of blow
Three sisters confess to the god below

Dawn is breaking
Feeling a new low
Not too impressed with the god below
My eyes on fire
My pockets broke
What a liar
Demon coke
7. The Wretch (8:17)
I've a poison in my veins
Blackened thoughts to bring me down
Memory pains to haunt my brain
In a maze I'm lost never to be found

All the lies I told myself
Make the truth so hard to take
It burns my mind
And takes my heart to break.

You took nothing from me
In truth I'd nothing to give
The poorest man you'll ever see
No reason
No reason to live

I sold my soul so long ago
And got nothing in the deal
what a fool I feel

As you walked away
My hands they went numb
And I laughed long at myself
For having been so dumb

I was a fool to think I'd keep you
Down here with me
A wretch who's sold his soul
Can't hold a bird that's free
8. Iron and Fire (12:44)
Baptism of flames for nine days
Cleansing of hordes and lowly slaves
Remember home, I tame thee by war
The mouth of omega, remember whore!

By my names the worlds tremble
Cleansing of rats Senate made humble
Blame these sheep of the Lord
Burnt cowering like homeless dogs!

Nocturnal beams of art
Nailed to crosses
Decorate my garden
Everything came down
14 years of Iron and Fire
I play you a song
As you burn to the ground

No Man Stood before me
All Men Forsake me
Mother Betrayer Cut down the tree that spawned me

Artist Poet I am dying
Blood spent I'm singing
Symbol Whore Fertility for the Plebs

I am a god
My face reflects
A million eyes
Seen for who I am

Blackened hades
Golden dove
I am forever
I am legion

Paul Peter Who cursed me
Left Dying My beloved
Blood Death The price their lamb will pay

I Made This world tremble
Death Guilt Is so peaceful
Bear the curse
Of centuries to come

I am god
My face reflects
A million eyes
Seen for who I am

Poetic Fire Burn
Do Your Worst

What an artist is dying in me
What the world loses with me
What is this galloping towards me

Kneeling in the lake of fire
Under the pale moon comes a rider
Burnt black by the sun now I wait
This poet takes his own life
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