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The Bleeding Sun - Nessare cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Nessare Lyrics

Submitted by level shocker (2013-04-01)
1. Goddess Moon
2. Gods of the Promise Land
This depraved history tells me
When the gods will be killed
Open your mind to my world
Open the door of your soul
And tell me how I can make it
And tell me how I can kill
Don't be keen...you can cry if I would.

Feeling a lot of colours /
Feeling to lot of disorders/
Of the conduct from my slave.
Pain / it's good, the pain is god,
This is the impetuosity of my being,
This a pleasure for me.
The pain create slaves...

Open your mind to my world,
Open the door of your soul.
Dark and damp is not wrongful,
This is your condemnation
Seize and run, it's not the path
You can tread my head,
You couldn't tread my mind.

All sins, they're boring me,
All gods have their devils.
All sins have their punishment
I'll be free when you die.

A Single man can make something,
A single man can make nothing
If I would, can you try?
If I would, you can die.

This freedom is wrongful ,bastard,
This is your fuck condemnation,
It's not the path.


Feeling a lot of cries,
Feeling a lot of disorders
Of the conduct from my slave,
Pain is good, the pain is god,
This is the impetuosity of my being,
This is a pleasure for you.

3. Black Hills Over Sylvana
The hunger has just wakened up
Their cold desperate eyes look for it
After confinement eones,
The voracity finds the ecstasy.
The body rise slowly the bones
Decrepit bones,
Silent memories of their bitter voice.
Gray and damned memories.

I run the death... to save the cross
I run the death... to save the soul

He could maybe live in the paradise
Or to die inside....
But the hunger, voracious hunger... claims me
The crimson wine waits for me and I rise...
After her I born of among the fog.
I look at myself in their eyes....
Pale and sweet eyes....

See my face, come to me tonight
I can hear your screams of death.
In the other side....
He waited for you among the shades...
He walk the tides...
Along the black sea under the moonlight...

See my eyes, come to me tonight
I can hear the waves at last...
The shining, the embrace, the sudden death...
The visions of the past sadden me.
The hunger, sweet hunger... claims me.

She's all the life that lost
Life in this evening
The life without you die slowly
She's now the life that I find...
Claims my deep and the sea
In the night cover us
If I can't live without you,
The temple will rise with fear
If I can't find you, all love disappears...
The life without you die slowly...
She's all the life that I lost...
Kiss me deep when the light and the sun bury me...

I bring for you the chalice...
To fill it with your essence...
Silent memories of their bitter voice...
In dreams with Sylvana...

We will lay until the dawn...
And death will be just a dream of love...
4. Decadent Poems of Love
A manifest of fury
A manifest of love

I see the dark book
Of the decadence
And I read the poems
That died in the heart
The words live
And die in the air
The silence and the fury
Mixed with the ink.
They speak of sadness
Of lies and tortures
But they also speak of love
Of as dying without bleeding
Of as bleeding without hurting

I see a shadow behind me
Waiting for the answers
She tells me that she loves me
Liar ,Liar
The shadow tries to blind me
She is an obsession
She is crying love In this night
Night of maximum sadness
Their red eyes dominate me
I can see through them
I can live with her in the time.
She has become a demon
She has the dark fury
She has become a demon
I'm in love with you

Now the mind
It's in her body
My human presence got lost
Walking with her
I'm free
The decadence
Embraced me tonight.

One moment
The fury, the beast is in her eyes
One poem
The silence, the abyss takes my hand
The lust in a feast of blood and flesh... of me
The hunger in a orgy of bones, all inside my.
The manifest, the fury in her eyes... oh, black red eyes.
The silence, the abyss takes my flesh...

I try to save me from this nightmare, of insane rules.
The book is burning in the time and their eyes cry for me.
The love in a fist and the fist the heart, that kill the love.
Her shadow cries, my shadow die inside the book.

Walking in the endless
Walking with her in the time
Many tears are falling
We can live in the other side.
5. The Eternal Scream
The greatest and old fear of the light, what is?
Everybody have to take their own crosses
Can it take? Can it burn? his might
The silence's broken for a stab by an eternal scream

You must be immortal if...
You would kiss their feet
Crawl to be to their height
You'll be rewarded with their redemption

The greatest and old fear of the light, is the darkness
The silence is broken in a eternal scream

It's a solemn bendition, undressed for his innocence
The violence in his scars, in his eyes, made for beg.
He love it, he hate it, ...it's the same, it's the same hit.
From the begin, 'till the eternity, listen the screams of the virgin.

You must be immortal if...
You would kiss their feet
Crawl to be to their height
You'll be rewarded with their redemption
Now is the time for the pray,
The clergy cried blood and wine
The pig will be blessed by his children
Two thousand years of lies.
6. Nessare
"If I only could remind their crimson lips caressing me,
The moon would shine for us tonight, Nessare"
7. Dead Choirs in My Last Battle
Hate me
Fight with me
I am the light that will die tonight
Kill me
Destroy with me
This bitter night the death will sing with grimness

I am the thousand deaths
The illness of the mind
The madness that you see in their eyes
The voice of the hell.... spoke for my
He spoke for my.... when the dead warriors walk....

Eternally frozen in the time
The steel forgave the sins
And I will forgive your life...
I'll forgive your life...
Forgive with the death...
In this holy field...
I will wait your salvation...

The hell is here
I know that you are afraid
Kneel down and worship your master....
I don't know who are you
Everything is dark I can't see you
Your end has begun
For you I am your new saving god ....
I have fallen then....
I have finally fallen then...

I know that I'm caught
In this end
Of where I will never be able to leave
My silent soul
My silent ghost
My eyes cannot see in this fog
My body lies among the snow
My silent soul without hope
My silent ghost without faith
Black master ,drag me toward the hell
To kill me....

Only this end waited for me after thousands of deaths
The silence strangles me, the fire makes me live
And this is the end, the end of everything

I'm in the edge of the fear, sat down in a fire stone
Spitting blood
Tortured until the fainting.
To escape is a lie of hope , I think in the screams of the dead
I don't care it, their screams were as the winter flowers.
8. The Fullness of the Moon
The fullness of the moon
In the moment that the music crosses the seas
And the sun expires when the heat makes you bleed......once.
Black becomes clear, the light becomes in tears...
Walking through the sky fears, the universe expires in a bloom...
They close the eyes... the fire is coming
They look at the sky of celestial light
Looking around and despairs in flames
These beauty clouds never cry rain again..

There aren't churches
Where forgive your faults
There's not place for god
When heaven is falling down.

Escape to the sea
They watch the hills burning as hellfire.
Their god falls in the night of the bleeding sun
Embrace the light
The hand of the death is over your heads
The silence embrace you now, this is the night of the bleeding sun.

Of the sun.
Black becomes clear, the light becomes in tears...
Walking through the sky fears, the universe expires in a boom...

If we find the book of the destiny
We could avoid to write the end
To pull out the not writing page
And hide them into your heart
It looks around
The even hot ashes
Of a picture not made
Run although you don't find place where to hide safe
The symbols and the stars are changing now
As the wild life
As the light of the moon reflected on the sea
A candle brought the light.
It looks around
The already cold ashes
Of a picture was lost
Run although you don't find place where to hide safe
9. Spirits
10. The Ravens Are Crying Blood Again
Our return to the silence
From the death to the soul
From the cold to the sadness
Their black wings, condemn us
To die...with them...to sleep...in a crystal grave.

Crying blood tonight
Our mind dies, in that river of cries
The edge of the sadness.
Falling of the wings.
We won't fly forever, in this angel sky.
There is something that I cannot feel....
We won't fly forever in this damned sky.

And the sea drowns us....
And sleeping is so far...
There is not where to hide.....
Crying blood inside my ravensoul.
And the moon is so near...
That I can feel her..
That I can touch her...

Our flesh is purity, our hands are swords
From the death to the silence
And from the sadness to the cold.
The eyes...of our god...our flesh...of the Ravengod.

And the sea drowns us...
And we drown the sea...
Black as the night...adored as the moon...mightyas the devil...
Crying blood inside my raven soul.
Crying blood tonight, our flesh dies in that river of cries.
The edge of sadness...flying of the wings...
We won't fly forever in this tormented sky

Against the wind, against the clouds we dance in front of the coming storm
Against the rain, against the sun, against you so precious Christian god.
Over the night and over the dreams, our rotten flesh is in our crystal grave.
Over the silence and over the rain, our black wings will be in your dreams.

Crying crystal tears
We walk in silence with our sadness
Falling of the arms, rising of the wings
We will fly forever in this RAVEN sky....
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