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Sword - Metalized cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsGWR Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Metalized Lyrics

Submitted by level LightListener (2014-02-15)
1. F.T.W. (3:38)
No fear of danger take before you give
Fight to survive you ride to live
Out of the night that's where you appear
Long hair with leather and nothing to fear
Free as the wind you are bright as a light
Metal machine will guide you tonight
Shining steel meets your desire
Follow the wheel the wheels of fire

Follow the wheel the wheels of fire
Follow the wheel the wheels of fire

Don't take no prisoners don't spare no lives
You know the answer it's wrong but it's right
Can you believe when you hear them say
Betray your god and hell you will pay
Free as the wind you are bright as a light
Metal machine just guides you tonight

[Repeat Chorus]
2. Children of Heaven (2:38)
Don't forget to say your prayers
Cause someone from above is watching you
You gotta know what to do

Saddened souls just go about
Someday a savior will guide them out to heaven
Or maybe to hell

Run, fight
For what you believe
One day you will be
Children of Heaven

You lived your life without the sword
And now the blade is coming down on you
No mercy from death

In this void there is a light
But still the darkness rules this endless night

Run, hide
Into the light
It's coming to take you away
Children of hell
3. Stoned Again (3:27)
Whenever I feel
My blood squeezing through my veins
It's like a disease
There is something slowly flowing to my brain
That's when I know

God damn I'm stoned again
There's someone else in me
I've lost control again
Now I'm down on my knees

Alone with my fears
I'm facing the years that I have left behind
As strong as our will to live
It takes but may never give
It's destroying my mind

God damn I'm stoned again, there's someone else in me
Losing all control again and now I'm on my knees

No not again, take my mind
And if I don't learn I might get burned

If you don't believe just wait and they'll be pointing at you
So take what you want but don't blow it away
Cause it's just lying and dying it's cheating all the way

[Repeat Chorus]

Oh no not again it happens all the time
And if I don't learn I might get burned
4. Dare to Spit (3:45)
Looking back in dreams of darkness
Through the corners of my wicked mind
Something there is dying to tell me
Evil ways, hell is to pay

When you stop to look in the future
When you try to get in the past
Unknown forces will one day raise you
Either way hell wants you to pay

Hey, hey it's coming your way, dare you to spit on my grave
Hey, hey, hell is to pay, dare you to spit on my grave

I will take your sweet dreams with me
Your nightmares will come true
And when you find the keys to madness
I will pray for you

Dare you to spit on my grave

I will hear you scream for mercy
When you shout in the night
But if you whisper for my protection
It will please me just fine

Dare to spit on my grave
And you better beware
5. Outta Control (3:00)
Wake up at night to find
There's people in my head
And everybody's screaming "Let me out !"
It's like a pounding drum a beat that never ends
And now I'll take a chance to shout it out

Outta control I'm outta control
I'm ready to rock I'm ready to roll
Outta control, outta control, outta control

Breaking the speed of sound
I'm racing with myself soul and blood are running in
my skin
I've got no time to waste, no chance to hesitate
If I don't find a way I'm going to explode

[Repeat Chorus]

Wake up at night to find
I'm lying in my bed
And all the voices are screaming, "gotta get out"
No chance to hesitate, I've got no time to waste
If I don't find a way I'm going to explode

[Repeat Chorus]
6. The End of the Night (3:00)
The way you live is the way you are
What you see through satanic eyes
Whispering turns into screaming
You look to the left and you look to the right
There is no escape but you're willing to fight
You seek the light of the blind men

Oh no the beast is out to get me
God knows this dream will turn out to be
The end of the night

The days and the years are passing by
I swept my tears of childish lies
Changes, I'm growing older
I think of death and suicide
I hear a scream it's from my mind
Remains, of past without future

Oh no dreams have turned to nightmare
God knows this dream will turn out to be
the end of the night

Now try to save your life it's time to fear the
evil you loved
If he gives you one more chance to live you'll
be born again

So when you think your life is a mess
Burning flame is your final rest,
Beware you're marked by the number
Into your soul belief is weak,
you lose control as you feel the heat
But still the wheel keeps on turning

[Repeat Chorus]
7. Runaway (3:38)
Lost in the dark, alone and weak
Left here forever, is it real, or just a crazy dream
Out on my own, I'll kill to live
Born from a nightmare, life is just a living hell

Runaway, live today, and break the evil spell
Pay the price, rule the night

Blackening dream, twisting my mind
I'm going faster, everyday I'm killing time
If you see me riding with fear
Don't try to stop me, I'm spinning like a wheel

Runaway, die today, break the evil spell
Pay the price, rule the night

Lost and alone, I'm feeling weak
Left here forever with just my lonely dream
Out of the dark, I'll kill to live
Born from a night mare, life is just a living hell
8. Where to Hide (3:42)
I'm going mental, it's driving me wild
I can't make it I just can't deny it
I've been racing the devil, for a long long time
He wants to get me, they say my hell is on fire

And I don't know where to hide
Will I live will I die, I don't know where to hide

I'm running scared against the time
I think I'll keep on rolling, just keep on rocking
But will I make it will I survive
It's getting closer, the weight on my shoulder

And I don't know where to hide
Will I live will I die, I don't know where to hide

My soul is on the line
I shall repent
For those who died, for those who died
9. Stuck in Rock (3:37)
We try to break the speed of sound
We're coming from underground heaven is taken for granted
Never take no for an answer 'cause we know so much better
Funny how things look so easy

Stuck in rock, let it be written
Stuck in rock, let it be done
Stuck in rock, it shall be written
Stuck in rock, and it will be done

For the young that live to rock
We were born and we can't be stopped
Our destiny lies in the future
We're not toys to be played with, rules are made to be broken
Don't ever say never again

[Repeat Chorus]

"And as they sang all through the night
The stars are dancing in delight
Their voices riding with the wind
Echoing the songs across the land..."

Steadily searching to be young at heart
Ready for action like a loaded gun
You're looking for trouble you're looking for me
Satisfaction guaranteed

[Repeat Chorus]
10. Evil Spell (4:12)
No one can tell me what to think of you
You bring the power of merciful truth
From your great heaven you curse and you spell
You let people think that your home is in hell

[Chorus (x4):]
Under evil evil spell

You feel the heat and you shed all your tears
You hide behind all your curtains of fear
No you can't run no you can't run away
The curse is on you now it's there to stay

[Chorus x4]

Looking through eyes that deceive what they see
Gazing in darkness and pointing at me
It's not your mind but your soul that you'll give
And you will be evil as long as you live

Under evil evil spell
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