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Suicidal Winds - Chaos Rising cover art

Chaos Rising

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsPulverised Records
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Chaos Rising Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-12)
1. Slowly We Frost (1:26)
2. World's End (3:19)
Spewing flames of hate
Ascend from the abyss
Sickening odour of death
Rising from the crypt
Demonized by wrath
The summoning complete
Invasion of the dead
Revenge is what they seek

Cities put to death
Launching demon force
Eating population
Darkening the sun
Spreading their disease
Wiping out all life
Death to all the world
No one left alive

Hellish - Awful - Spawn of Satan
Demon - Servant - Curse of black
Chaos - Evil - Resurrected
Rabid - Frantic - Back from Hell

Rancid human waste
Abomination foul
Drinking fetal pus
Zombies on the prowl
Malicious state of mind
Monstrous urge to slay
Hungry for their blood
Helpless human prey

Corpses litter the streets
Zombie phantom dogs
Ripping skin and flesh
Entire Earth collapse
On the throne of skulls
Commander of their faith
Eradicating love
Celebrating hate
3. Annihilation And Chaos (3:35)
Out from the shadows He arise
A mighty awful Lord of evil
He behold our pathetic world
Guide us to annihilation and chaos

We worship you mighty Lord of chaos
We are your fire, thy burning sword
Your proud vanguard of hate
Hells raging slaves, a crushing horde

The sacred ghost shall be smashed
The false life spirit to be crushed
The holy spirit shall be smashed
The false life spirit to be crushed

We, harbringer of the dark serve under thy will
Thy guiding hand, chaos crushing ironfist
Power of evil in triumph lights fade away
We that shall extinguish life forevermore

We worship you, thee mighty dark divinity
We feed your fire, be the blade of damnation
Storming chaos soldier, a destructive force
Your slaves for eternity, Grand Master of Hell
4. Destruction Invocation (2:54)
Fire from the God of destruction
shines in my eyes as I charge at my enemies
Traitors, whores of false devotion
crawling in blood before my feet

Belial awake my fury
to murder those I hate by heart
Demons of devastation I implore you
to rape their very souls apart!

I twist their minds with black magick
Raise evil spirits to fuck them insane
Lacerate their bodies in vilest torture
Hammer my dagger into your face

Eshem awake my fury
to destroy those I disgust with pride
Force of wrath come forth in glory
In most horrible misery end their lives!

I crush your heads in trance like fever
Impose demonic cancer in your veins
Desecrate, violate, annihilate you
until but the stench of death remain

Cunts I sentence you all to death
By this rite of malice your souls I desecrate
And as a merciless inquisitor of the Devil
filled with joy I bind your headless body to the stake Sinner: I slit the throats of your
raped children All you ever loved squeal
in this funeral pyre Lord, I praise thee as I
leave them burning their screams of pain
echoing like a morbid angelchoir
5. Chaos Rising (2:36)
Death's mighty shadow linger grand above us
The portal to the other side is opening
It's force and might exceed all existence
Drawn to the power of the Lord we are

The magnificence of paradise slowly fades away
The lie of life's beauty we have seen through
Since light broke free from ancient chaos dark
But chaos immense force crush all in it's way

Chaos rising - From the abyss
Chaos rising - Out from the dark
Chaos rising - From the abyss
Chaos rising - Out from the dark

Once again engulfed by the darkness
The Lord consume the usurpers light to dust
And once again obscurity will reign
The burning chaos have reclaimed the throne

Withering in flames you lay, earth fair
Lifeless without thy Lord's useless power
All your vain hope for life was a lie
The power of the dark Lord invincible supreme
6. Ballade Of Death (2:34)
Born with a scythe in his hands
Draping his veil around us
Cold dark and infinite death
awaits us all in the final hour

The end is here and Death strikes down
The false illusion is swiftly perished
Death stares you in the eye
and by his scythe you die
7. Death To All (3:59)
You are all worthless pathetic creatures
Your existence is an abomination to all
To get rid of you is a victory
Not having to see another
smiling face is a release

My obsession of crushing your lives
Drives me to insanity and hate
All happiness is false and treacherous
So crush all, let the world burn

I come through fire with my gun
Blow your heads off - Death to all

Seeing the bullets
piercing into your skulls
is like a neverending orgasm
Seeing the blood flow
from your worthless bodies
is the most beautiful thing
Blood gushes from your body
you bleed and extinguish
Soon there is nothing of you left
only a wonderful dying corpse

My lust to kill just grows
I strut around with my gun
Shooting wild and merciless
Blood spurting everywhere, I smile
Kill all pathetic bastards for good
Crush all idiotic fucking swines
Shoot Shoot! Crush Crush!
Kill Kill! Hate Hate!
Blow all worthless brains out!
8. Unevitable Doom (3:00)
In our nightmares and inner thoughts He appear
Testing our minds and feed upon our darkest fear
When the weak are extinct or run off to the light
They are doomed to drown in a sea of damnated fire

But we the strong unconquered get strengthened
Life or death is of lesser difference for a cursed soul
We proudly walk the path of desolation to our Master
Souls of war we are, unhallowed worshippers of Death

Behold me now weak servants of rightousness and good
Who is it that crawls in the dust, who is it now that bleed?
The unevitable doom no soul of high nor low can escape
Yor pitiful decieting lies have sentenced you to death

We are raging on into battle, fighting on with fire by our side
As vengeanceful flames we're burning down life's gate
Where is your defence and ramparts when the hour strikes?
Brothers of the dark side attack now and leave no life behind!

Behold me now weak servants of rightousness and good
Who is it that crawls in the dust, who is it now that bleed?
The unevitable doom no soul of high nor low can escape
Yor pitiful decieting lies have sentenced you to death

The fallen angel, Lucifer, have finally risen up
from the fathomless hole He once were thrown into
But this time He brings a horde of storming servants
who's strength cannot be measured, for we are chaos
9. Freddy Flesheater (3:13)
Another day, another victim
I'm out on a hunt
To satisy my morbid lust
for human flesh

Torturing my victims
to bring me sexual pleasure
And cut em' up in pieces
for a cannibalistic feast

My urge to kill
grows stronger every day
The smell of stripped flesh
makes me horny as hell

My dick grows larger and larger
as I dismember a young body
When I eat a piece of their flesh
it makes me cum all over the place

The perverted god of morbid lust
In the morgue I have my hunting ground
I'm a Flesheater
Invites your family on barbeque made on you
I'm a Necrophiliac
Just because dead people don't say no

I tie you up, rip your clothes
and shove a razorblade dildo up your ass
I take my rusty knife and start to
carve your eyes out real slow
I cut your head off, starts to fuck it
and ejaculate in your eye sockets
What's left of your body, I cut up in fine pieces
and sell cheap to the local restaurant
10. Thanatophobia (3:42)
I'm with you when you're born
Lurking in your newborn mind
Hear your stupid prayers at night
bla, bla, please come save me God

Live your life in anguish and despair
Feel your body drain from strength
as the sun sets on your wasted years
I lie in wait with sword in hand
I see your struggle in your life
You refuse to face your death
Tell me, am I good or evil?
I'll take all your hopes away

Sometimes you forget my presence
I'm your one and only true friend
I'll be there to hold your hand
when you have reached the end

Denial: This can't be happening to me
Anger: Why me? It's not fair?! Go away!
Bargaining: Let me live to see my son
Depression: I'm sad, why bother? You win
Acceptance: Final stage in dying
All right, let me live no more
Thanatophobia - Fear me I'm Death
Thanatophobia - Feal me I'm Death

When you're old and crumbled
your legs can't walk you home
Call for me in time of solitude
and your heart will beat no more
11. Born To Hate (3:41)
Darkness slowly descends on me
Through years of agony I fall
Sent by the Princeof darkness I am
I spread His message with pride

Light can not save me I am doomed
Doomed to perish in eternal darkness
This is my mission and my perdition
Forever and irrevocable

The world is a creation of good
A creation that must be crushed
Crushed by people born to hate
Born to hate and kill all fucking people

The Earth shall be reduced
to ruin and ashes
The children of God shall be destroyed
Once so beautiful and delicate
Now devastated by the sons of the Lord

There is no hope only desolation
When darkness shrouds the earth
Everything goes back to what it was
And forever will become

War and complete Harmageddon
Is the final solution
For people born to hate
Born to hate and kill all fucking people
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