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Suspended Animation Dreams Full Album Lyrics

Subterranean Masquerade - Suspended Animation Dreams cover art

Suspended Animation Dreams

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Psychedelic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-01)
1. Suspended Animation Dreams (2:26)
Hello, what am I doing here?
I don't belong in this place
Locked in a box

And when the show comes to an end
With a bravo Tik Tak you disconnect
In mute mode, on display
A souvenir from the last battle
Hope vs. Repair
2. Wolf Among Sheep (6:26)
Be nice, behave
And smile when they look direct at you
Be there, a friend
A shoulder to cry on, the dry soul of the west

At night, be quiet

In the park tear yourself apart
Face the sky, see the big cheese smile?
Let yourself loose, before the morning comes
Free your mind before the chains leave their mark

For more....

Be nice, behave
Take one for the team, "my brother you the man"
At lunch, be bright
Talk about philosophy and what comes next; the man or the monkey in space

So it's not surprising
That they almost drowned when it starts to rain
As if the shield is melting, and all they know is fading
By the light of the moon don't we all look pale?

Inhaling - taking deep again!

"What was green turned to ashes, to smoke and to dust"
3. No Place Like Home (7:59)
I'm digging myself, a small hole, will call it home
We'll get a dark purple carpet so I will never fall, will never sink inside this hole
and make it be a part of me, a part of you, a part of us...
So join me in my home

I'm digging a tunnel to another world
To when civilizations were controlled by big gray animals
Survival is the key for life, the hunter - Allah on his side
And no one really knows his right from wrong.
So what changed? Still feels like home!

Running from the horror of civil depression
from the time before the time
Claiming the remains of a glorious presence
A chapter that slowly dies
Birthmark represents an unspeakable rage
Can you see, my forehead burning?
Pretentious fairies counting heads
Mortal Inventory, roots to collect

But there is no other place....

I will be digging you a small hole, to call home
So you will always feel welcome, all on your own
But when you need a break from it all
Pack a few bones to accompany the road
And remember that there is no place to come back to
There was never a home
4. Kind of A Blur (3:12)
"And then I discovered Rock 'N' Roll..."
5. The Rock N' Roll Preacher (9:06)
Come and play me
Let my rhythm shake your body
Take a chance, unwarp me
Let my sweet sound was the pain away

Now, I'm here to stay
(Just passing through!)
I'm not going away
Yes, I'm your new frend
I'm the aftertaste, I consolidate your emotions
And sign my name as your devotion to life

Strip down my knowledge; let the beat pump the poison in your blood
Addressing all your freedom to this hungry box inside
That solid state of mind of yours bound to never be alike

I will never change
(Now it's me and you!)
Or can be unmade
But on the other hand
Each time you scream my name
A golem, reborn by ashes from afar
Virtual ritual, desktop icon, link to your inside

The throat is itching, the head is spinning and sour feeling
as I'm breathing and dreamwallking to the other room just to see her cry
Tara's not the same, she can't make sense, her voice disappearing in the grace that echoes as the circle breaks apart
Does it feel different inside?

In this classic affair of loud pantomime...
Can't get a dial tone, busy line
A figure of small statue, but dare I say
Glued from pieces of your shell, identical we shall remain
6. Six Strings to Cover Fear (6:48)
"I will try to speak slowly as layers of yearnings block the echo of my voice. I will try to scream it out and shot the words, but if my voice is somewhat silent then look behind the smoke for ascorch mark of sensual fire to monument the perdition my love and I have explored
Hope hat you wil not enjoy. I know I won't" - Tara

Those eyes have seen the best of days
Turning the countdown clock
A salty taste of a waterfall, thick colored fog
Bathing in the gaze of a sacred desire under the warmth of the sun
Senseless we adored the freedom, we danced for kingdom come

12 weeks already in this place
Turning, the countdown clock
X is sitting in his chair, he's half white, and I'm half blue
At night, the screams from upstairs muting the storms outside
And I still ask myself the same old questions
Is the carnival on tonight?

As time passes me by, I avoid my painful doubt
That in a time of bleed, I need you by my side
But why is it that you always vanish
Like a mirage in summer nightLeaving just a shadow - so vivid, can't see anything esle for miles

And by the time you make your mind to take the pill
Division bells ringing down the elevator shaft
Welcome to the 7th floor rhymes well with velvet cream
Your crime in passion, last will, paint in purple
6 strings to cover fear
7. Awake (14:23)
Set me free"

Look deep enough and you shall find it
Right there in the corner, hiding by the wall
Silently watching, frightened, the rule is not to lose control

Look deep enough and you shall find it, it's like staring at a cartoon
From the other side of the mirror. They see you too
Like nobody else can do

Shivering icy blue eyes
a landscape no one else has walked - before
And there you shall find a window
A snapshot to the desert of its soul

Look deep enough and you shall find it
A mask hanging on the wall
All dusty from the crime of aging
Its still living, look and you shall find

Wake up - surrender to the gravity of darkness
The weightless spiral down
Wake up from the lullaby of endless sleep
Wake up from this dream

Why are all those around me screaming? It feels so comfortable alone
They said they see a bleeding, experiment that went all wrong
Like waking up to get the feeling that everything you know is gone

"GOD REST HIS SOUL," his spirit is now somebody else's ghost
8. X (4:28)
No need here for decay
What you say does not make any sense
I'm awake but dreaming
Suspended Animation Dreams....
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