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Sororicide - The Entity cover art

The Entity

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  85.6 / 100
Votes :  7
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The Entity Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-25)
1. Human Recycling (4:22)
The human race is dying
Bodies needed to multiply
Souls stored in refridgerators
To use in recycled dead bodies

I walk into the mortuary of technology
In search for the perfect body

Human recycling
Is no future
It will be taken
Advantage of like everything else
Insane beings will be easy
To create
Think about the future before it’s too late
2. Anger of The Inferior (4:18)
See these little maggots called humankind
Watch them embrace this thing they call hate
Force it uponeachother
Life after life falls victim to hate

To excuse can be colour, religion or sex
But the real reason behind it is fear
Fear of what lies behind
Their petty little worhtless lives

And how they embrace it
Like an innocent child
Running to it’s mother
The human race falls into the Abyss
They have such a creative captivity
For doing evil rather than good
One suspects it’s almost inherent

White hates black
Black loathes white
Arab and jew
Catholic and protestant
Iraqui and Kurd
The list is pathetically endless

Anarchy and chaos hate bursts out
Fueled by fear and a raging crowd
Kill eachother it seems for fun

It’s sad
So sad

Because of foolish minute differences
Humanity never will see
That the ties that bind them together
Far outshine the barriers of
Race colour or religion
3. Redrum (4:26)
On a hill stands an old hotel
Unknown forces through it ramble
Thoughts and doings of pased time
Affect those who stay there

Blood runs down the walls
Things move by themselves
Evil forces, ready to kill
Each one that disturbs their peace


Human beings long deceased
Walk among living beings

The time constantly changes
The past, the present, the past
Evil doings have been done
Cerebral splatter ont he walls

Spirits ramble ont he hallways
Outside a storm rages
A family locked inside
Only to die?

4. Blind (4:37)
Your eyes don’t see anymore
Got acid in your face
Felt your eyes melting away

This tremendous pain in your eyes
You have never felt before
You’ve lost your vision of life
Now you live your life in darkness

At first you felt only the pain
But terror has now taken over your life

You loose contact of your enviroment
Locke din this world of dark

Isolated in your black and lonely world
You will never feel secure and safe again
Only fear and pain

Your eyes don’t see anymore
Got acid in your face
Felt your eyes melting away

Imagination and reality
Are now one and the same
You’re unable to tell the difference
Between reality and imagination

At first you felt only the pain
But terror has now taken over your life

Confusion and despair growns in your mind
You do not know what the future bring
In this black world you feel no joy
Only depression and fear


You don’t want to live your life
Suicide seems to be the only solution
You decidet o take away your life
Can’t think of living your life blind!
5. Vivisection (3:11)
Sedatives wearing off
Where am I, and why am I here?
White clothes and white room
No doors no windows

Doctors come in and give me injections
Which cause me nausea and massive loss of sleep
No end to the chemicals they force into me
Am I all alone?
Oh please someone help me

My skin is getting thin
My hair is falling off my head
My teeth are burning off
I’m too weak to commit suicide

People watching me
From behind a mirror
Can this be happening?
No it can’t not for me

I’m being vivisected

Locked inside here
I will never get out
I’m too weak now
Even to think
Who would have thought
I’d end my life here
6. The Entity (4:22)
My brain
From the inside
My head

Not of life
But of control
Leaving me defenseless
A soulless fool

So with incredible force
He overwhelms my mind
Crushes my inner self
Throws it out
He has taken over my body
And is in control of my soul

My body is now the vessel
For something not of this earth
I can in no way interfere
With what he is doing

I can only hope to die
Thus destroying my body
Freeing it of his control
And then my soul will be free

But for me that’s impossible
Because his nest is inside my brain
No way for me to be rid of his influence
If I try to rebel, he will surely crush me
7. Saturated (2:32)
8. Sick Interment (3:30)
Why all the cruelty int he world?
People have to suffer for someone else’s greed
Controlling ignorant people who believe
Anything they hear
It’s sick

They were placed naked in a row
Thousands of women and children
Were shot down like dogs
The edge of a ditch they fell into a pit
They have decomposed there through the years

Sick internent
Sick internent

Soldiers were laughing
They did not know what they were doing
Slaughtering people for unknown reasons
Ignorant fool do what you are told
Ingorant fool kill for me

Innocent souls will return
To haunt the guilty ones
But they were ordered
By him
9. Sororicide (2:08)
A vile girl going insane
Creeping around in a house
With a knife in her hand
She’s searching for innocent victims

As soon as she’s found one
She sneeks up behind it
Perhaps to kill it
And attacks her own sister

The vile girl then cuts her throat
Cutting through bloody tissues
As the cartoid artery is cut in two
The blood starts to flow

Abscension of the head is next to come
You can heat the cervical verterbrae crack
She now leaves her victim in it’s blood
And goes searching for more
10. Old (3:15)
The idea of growing old
Is in your head
You picture in your mind
A skin, withered old man

You would do anything
Just to stay young
Plastic surgeries are only for the rich
But they can be done at home

Your fear of ageing
Grows more and more
You cut what you think are wrinkles
Off your face

Half cut off face
Only remains of what used to be eyelids
You can’t control this insanity
Constantly use your knife

Time passes by and you are afraid to grow old
Madness of the knife takes control
Cause you’re still growing old
Carnage of a human life was for nothing
Cause you’re growing old

When you’re dead will you be rid of this problem
Or will you again be growing old
Caused be loss of blood you’re buried in a casket
Friends and relatives don’t recognise you at your
Time passes by……….
11. Withered Earth (3:43)
Mother Earth is dying
Whose is the blame
Mankind, all as one
Including yourself

Toxic waste
Is buried in the ground
Smoke coming from cities
Is destroying our forests

We leave behind us
Mutilation of the landscape
Generations to come
Will have to live this

Terrifying future vision
The Earth becomes a wasteland
We have ourselves to blame
The Earth is now withered

Next generation of mankind
Will have to look upon
The damage we have caused
They see the Earth die

Toxic waste
Is buried in the ground
Smoke coming from the cities
Is destroying our forests

Withered Earth
Withered Earth
12. Frightmares (4:21)
Dark dreams appear in my mind
I dream of them each and every night
They’re terrifying to seize control of me
Encourage me to do evil things

I try to fight against them
But their powers are too strong
I can’t defend myself from them
And soon they will have control over me

My will is now vanishing
The dreams appear in my wake
I have lost control over my doings
Those evil things I don’t want to commit

Myself control has become nothing
My life I don’t control any longer
Dark dreams now control my doings
I’m not myself anymore

I try to fight………..
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