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Earth's Secret History

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Hard Rock
LabelsSolemnity Music
Album rating :  90 / 100
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Earth's Secret History Lyrics

Submitted by level Spartacus (2011-04-09)
1. Explorers (3:10)
they were the anunakki
they came in search for gold
their atmosphere were in danger
their existence wast at stake

In Genesis they were called nephilin
They came from the 12th planet
Nibiru was the planet name
4 hundred thowsend years ago

came from a distant land
mined our gold
they had another role
were our forefathers

Enki was their supreme leader
He commanded them to their task
Gold was found in africa
There they started to mine

At that time they weren't taken as gods
Just a bunch of workers.
Far away from they home,
They got a hard duty to fulfill.

2. Rebelion (2:29)
Unsatisfied with
their working conditions
The Anunnaki miners
Mutined over Enki
Factions entered at war
Vimanas fought in the skies
The sky cities was atacked
and fell in flames to the earth

A famous warrior gurka
piloted the fastest vimana
nuclear weapons were deployed
Mohejo daro and Darapha destroyed
As peace was set
Enki designed a entire plan
He took the homo erectus
and mixed with alien genes

they wanted equal rights
wanted a lighter burden
wanted to govern themselves
they fought for it

So were born
a new designed race
Made in their resemblance
But had a shorter live
Their fate was set
before their design
Their fate was
To work as slaves for them

As the plan developed
Later was created
human Kingship to intermediate
man-annunnaki business
And they grew and multiplicated
and lived longer
but in that way
mankind made some enemies
3. Noah's ark (2:19)
As Nibiru Aproached in the skies
The Annunnaki knew
about a Tidal wave

That was about
to swept away earth
Mankind was about to be extinct

The Annunnaki gathered
and vowed to let mankind
face their fate alone

They flew like birds
to the skies in their spaceships
and waited the waters calm down

Noah's Ark
Was a spaceship in the sky
Noah's Ark
chosen to survive
Noah's Ark
many were left to die
Noah's Ark
Was a new start

Hungry groups of nephilin
landed on mountain of salvation
they searched for survivors
for their own good

animals , man and woman,
reunited on the mountain
They were teached (taught) in all crafts that time
4. The great history ever sold (2:38)
A comet pointed
the birth of Chrishna.
Zoroaster was born
from a virgin mother,

the same happened to buddha,
born of divine origin.
Confucius at his born
was visited by some wise man

Infants were persued
by the king in india,
Chrishna made miracles
in his infanthood,

Mithra, Bachus, Adonis,
Chang-ti, Sakia, Wapaul
All have birthday in
Twenty-five of december

Chorus x2
Sixteen were crucified,
saviors of the world,
Huge patchwork
The great history ever sold

Osiris was called
Lord of life,
Mithra had the title,
Redeemer of the world

Buddha had been called,
savior and wisdon of god
Apollonius was
the true light of the world.
5. Black Death (2:55)
Bramley cites medieval journals
In his book gods of eden
that described UFOs
which emitted noxious mists

the first reports of this
began in the mid of fourteen century
at the same time of the
epidemy of the black plague.

Bright lights crossed
emitting gaseous mists
people said saw it coming in the streets

creatures in black cloaks
appeared in towns
waving scithe emitting noxious mists.

these creatures had terrifying faces
and just after
there would be an outbreak

The Reaper is origined
from this alien creatures
Why they did this
Is a mystery

Black plague,
Black death,
came from the skies,
that was close

Black plague,
Black death,
they saw us as a pest
but we survived.
6. Black Forest Covenant (2:43)
In nineteen thirty six
at the black forest
near Freiburg
a crashed saucer was found

They found one being alive
a being from the stars
Hitler and him made a pact
wich gave they high tech

chorus (2x)
Black forest
An alien race
made a pact with the fuhrer

Black forest
this explains a lot
how they were helped

They got advanced
fifty years of science
got new roads to do old stuff

They built their own discs
called Haunebus
Had they more time
The world would be different

in the dark of night
lives were at stake
prisoners of war
could be their coin of exchange

Ahead of their time
in years they became
they only lost
because the world united against them.
7. Secret Weapons (2:36)
In world war two
at the nineteen fortys
Germany was ahead
at their time in science

They had fighter jets
they had the Horton wing
they had V rockets
and teleguided pilots

Secret weapons
hidden technology
we have the right
to know all that were in it (2x)

They had sintetic blood
They had Tree oh six five
they had Zuse computer
and the foo fighters

They had ways to stop engines,
they had death rays.
they had lasers,
they had flying saucers,

German scientists
were a valious spoil of war
Countries fought
to get them working again

At the end of war
its patents were stolen
were distributed
between the greedy allies
8. Stolen Bomb (2:59)
Nineteen forty four
According to a report
Manhattan (project) did not have
uranium for an A bomb

They had ten (kilos),
their aim was unreachable.

october, eight, nineteen forty four
a german nuclear test was successful
Berlin became silent for hours
in decorrence of the unknown EMP

In Oslo there was an huge airfield
where giant bombers awaited
their aim was to bomb New York
but the order never came

Stolen Bomb
Stolen Glory
Stolen Bomb
without sorry (2x)

U two hundred four
was a german submarine
full of stocked uranium
and infrared fuses
the sub had surrended
to the americans

They finished their bomb
and got one ready
at Hiroshima used a german bomb
At Nagasaki used their own bomb
finished with the sub fuses
9. Admiral Byrd's Expedition (2:53)
In nineteen forty seven
Admiral Byrd
and four thousand men
went to Antarctica

A large fleet
with an great aircraft carrier
destroyers, tankers
and submarines.

Their target was
Neuschwabenland base
Hitler's nest
Station two hundred eleven

Camouflaged as a mountain
the inner world was hidden
There lived in peace
mens and aliens

Operation high jump
ended sooner than expected
Operation high jump
the base remained intact
Operation high jump
They knew hell on earth
Operation high jump
came back quickly home

They were prepared
nuclear submarines,
death rays,
flying saucers, lasers

They were repelled
Planes dropped like flies
Fire raining in the skies
heavy losses
10. Fake Moon Landing (2:57)
No stars in the Sky,
Sun many times bigger
than earth it resembles

The Shadows converge
In many different ways
as on a big stage

A Rock marked “C”
as it was a stage prop
Cam crosshairs behind things
Aldrin can't succeded
to land with the lunar module
fifty per fifty chance
to die on descent

The lunar module
was too tight to operate
inside with that space suits

They took thousand of photos
in six missions to the moon
as they had no other work
to do , just went to shoot

Us flag swayed on the moon
but in the moon there's no air
how this is possible?

Astronauts jumped and moved
like they were being shoot
at low speed footage

Fake moon landings
so they made us fools
Fake moon landings
why we didn't go back
Fake moon Landings
just went in black projects
Fake moon Landings
when will they tell the truth
11. Cydonia (2:43)
In planet mars
there's a place we call Cydonia
Viking photos showed a lot
of intersting spots

Draw in sand or rock
It has a human face
has a nefertiti
and some pyramids and a well

I saw things like glass tubes
a transport system of lost cities,
or from and underground town

Mars has its mysteries,
It has two moons,
that scientists say
they behave unnaturally

has a lost city from a lost world,
it arises from the sand of past,
remains of an ancient war

I could tell too about mars moon
Phobos , and it's mysteries
some say that is hollow

It has an monolith
as Aldrin said
and if you check in infrared
you'll find a huge city

We demand
high resolution
of cydonia and phobos to clarify it all

We demand
that a mission land there
Robotic or manned
to solve these questions
12. Nibiru (3:07)
Millions of years ago
Tiamat was a planet
That orbited between Jupiter and Mars
Full of Jungles and Seas
Nibiru came
Colided with Tiamat
Destructed it
Generating the asteroid belt

One of its moons
Were trapped in orbit
between Mars and Venus,
Is Were we live
Other part of Tiamat
Spined towards us
became what we call today
our moon

The whell of time spins
The eons passed away
Sands of time has fallen
Are we in danger again?
Profecies spread away
Is it real or is it vain?
A lot of cults florish
Everywhere a lust for survive

Call it Nibiru, Call it Planet X
Will our world be hitted again
Call it Nibiru, Call it Planet X
Will Mankind survive the Trheat?
Call it Nibiru, Call it Planet X
Is an evil plot to make us surrender.
Call it Nibiru, Call it Planet X
Will we survive?

Will the Pole shift?
Will the Earth Shake?
Will volcanos erupt?
Will Tsunamis swept away?

Will We freeze on new ice age?
Will We burn on a heat wave?
Will a comet strike on earth?
or an asteroid hit?
13. Anunnaki Return (2:50)
Nasa mission Wise
Spotted something that could be
Planet X or Nibiru
they shutted down the
IR telescope to avoid answers

There could reside
as legend states
the Anunnaki civilization

There they dwell
in a high tech world
with and atmosphere protected
using gold

Some say they will
some say they'll not
return to our world
to take what they own

I hope they never come back
Anunnaki Return

They could land on Earth
and make a demand
for us to deliver all our gold

the economies will crumble
hunger, diseases and riots
ending lives
hell on earth

They could wipe our way of life
letting loose an EMP
Disrupting comunications, internet,
power force and radio.
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