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Siebenburgen - Revelation VI cover art

Revelation VI

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Gothic Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  -
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Revelation VI Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-17)
1. Awaken (2:07)
2. Rebirth Of The Nameless (3:50)
Pervading madness, born in demons womb
Reeking breed of soulless creed
Wizards spell, alit depraving night
As Lilith's shadow form a sacred chant

Putrid flesh this animation of the dead
Arising through the flames of banned Ishtar
Death is calling, unnamed darkness slither
Awaken beasts feed, virtue sacrificed

Storms ascending, crushing me
Oh, grant me visions of dying stars
Falling through black voids of ever
Darkened fire cleanse
Fearless as I greet my death

Glowing darkness, follow flaming winds
Disappearing light from demons eyes
Flaming winds from darkened wings
Tearing flesh from my bones

Rotting flesh, smell of death
Arising through the flames of banned ishtar
Slithering darkness calling from below
Awaken beasts feed, virtue sacrificed

Enchanted night, perishing light
I summon living death
Upon the throne of hate

My soul transformed shadow born
Burning true and strong
Flame of stillborn breed
All hail the shadow king
Underworld majesty unleashed
Reborn through blackest flame
True son of true blood
I summon thee upon my death
I summon thee...
3. Infernaliia (4:42)
Etheons departed, fallen from grace
Black winged and chained to stone
Bound by flaming magic
Dreaming demon undead
Like a solstice dragon, conquering the day

Blesses angels undivine
Condemned to rise again

Etheons crowned, fallen from grace
Abusing the wisdom of the underdark
Unleashed by flaming magic
Undead demon call
Chaos blinds the banned
Weakened sinners weep

Shadows expanding
Slithering darkness arise
Conjuring masters praying
Calling blackened sky
Shadows expanding
Slithering darkness side by side
Nocturnal masters calling
Preparation of the ghost

Vultured beasts, forced in anger
Wrath of Caouldran, fires high
4. Revelation VI (5:21)
Resurrection of the shadow lords
Beasts bound by hellfire flames
Darkened might, blackened lights
Awaken by the storms of hate

Arising from the ashes
Rebirth of the demon core
Entering the realm of Nashtar
Assassination, call to arms

Forever though the halls of death and dying
Dreamers be awaken, behold the lies

Riders of the prophecies, gather and prevail
Armies of the morning star
Souls of the damned
Riders of the bleeding skies
Warlords of the dead
A new legion born, revelation six...

Chaos forget, N'Gulh'Stha
Demon son, cursed by one
Fallen star of vengeance sword

Born by the fire of the stolen flame
Shadows of the king dismissed
Flesh alit, ascending death

Bewinged this dreamer soon awakened
Burning eyes, burning sins...
Buried in this keep of starlight
Mourning chapel, bereaved domain
Entering ever damnation, pain and suffering

Boiling seas, blood filled and dead
A ravaged earth, burnt and scorned
Soil dwelled by death, man forgotten
Life dwelled by death, war and pestilence
Dead and rotten...
Storming plagues ruins all...

All I am, ever shadows calling
Greater than He, greater than all
Rising above the emptiness
Screaming... longing... dreaming...

Impaled shape, headless god
Transporting, shading day to night
Deranged form, crucified
Transforming, faith into fate
The soulless watcher of the blackened skies
Closing his eyes, faded all light
5. Grimheim (5:20)
Fire death glory hate
Fiends of the reaping sky
Soulless of the nebular
Frozen in time

Through the gates of Grimheim proud
Warriors march, side by side
Armies of Grimheim, towards war
Through the gates of Grimheim proud
Warriors ride, side by side
Shrouded metal, battle forged
Sons of true fear arise

Chaos, cleansing light
Fierce thunder roar
War power, destruction mass
Hell supreme, unleashed

Glory honor pride death
Soulless of the nebular
Rise through the mist of dying
Frozen in time

Above all, supremacy
Order of the seven worlds

Internal necropolis, sacrificed, forgotten
Three times four, new darkness
Awaken storms of fire
Once lost, feared united
Found in Metlech horizon

Crowned King dethroned by Elders might
Eternal nemesis of a scorned land
6. After The Wolf (Do Dead Men Follow) (6:25)
Through the storm of the fallen star
Smoke settled ruined webbed
Clouds the sun, bound by death
This sulphur feast
Flaming beasts sets skies ablaze

Illuminated by (their) skeletal core
Wings turns black, as thunder roars
Forgotten are the sins of man...
...Forgotten are the sins of man...

By true hordes of demons breed
Torture souls of brimstone seed
Sculptures in rapture, brings their end
Dead lies the fields of Schaar
Abomination spirits
Kindred of the damned
Armies of the dead approaches
As the sun turns black

All hail the king, spreading her wings
Lord of great shadow rules ravished earth
Beneath the structures of a new world order
Arising from his throne of death

Thunder crushes all in sight
Echoes of hellfire might
Fierce power to unlock the chosen
Thirteenth of Nebula keep

Rulers long forgotten
Bound by dreamers of the flaming seas
Thirteenth of Nebula keep
Dark demons of the bleeding storm
Still havocking throughout dark dimensions
Of glorified past
Forever as the scorned approaches
Riding out in mist of plague
Thirteenth of Nebula keep
Dominating soulless hearts, in rapture burning
War shrouded with endless hate

The earth will tremble
So violently that trees will be uprooted
And mountains will fall, and every chain and shackle
Will snap and sever freeing the God of Mischief
And his ferocious son
7. S.I.N. (4:26)
Behold last glimpse of day
Frozen stars, blinding decay
Beneath departed starry skies
Blood changed, shallow sinners cry

Follow through the elders rage
From the sphere, dark crystal burns
Broken may the dreamer be
Sleeping souls, as eyeless see

From the spell of invocation
Man disrupted. Soulless bleeds
Choirs of the dead awakened
Like a burning star

Son of morning never glow
True heartless blackness ascend
From horizons old distorted
Arise midst death and pain

Damnation close to demons heart
Dragons fire, storms disease
Alit the grounds of the sacred hordes

As dawn of shadows advance
Poisoning the stone of Archer
Bitter wine from the spoiled earth
A feast of war that madness binds

Behold the last glimpse of the day
Frozen stars death and decay

Beneath departed hollow skies
Angels of the sun will die

Follow through the elders rage
From the sphere, where poison burns
Broken may the sinner be
Sleeping souls, as faceless screams
8. The Oaken Throne (3:38)
Winds of darkness, storming seas
Blood filled shores, horizon in flames
Ancient wisdom, warriors proud
Dimension of hatred, open the gates...

Beneath a burning heaven
Black banners in the wind
Hollow eyes staring, resting on ruins
An eternity lost, now risen once again
A new order, a new king, ruler of a dead land

Howling wolfs, crawl to war
Bloodied steel, towards black sky
Moonlight reflecting, shields and swords
Honor and pride, glory or death
...glory or death

On the throne of the underworld
A king of great shadows crowned
Before all, ever fall
Demon of soulless breed
9. The Soulless (4:28)
Darkened sky, black clouded sun
Storm born lords of chaos king
Star seals broken, overthrown
Come rain, come thunder
Come blood from burning heavens

Rumbled earth, perished in flames
Storm lords coming, prophecies revealed
Undivined and crowned in steel
Benighted Majesties, all ending war

Beneath the fires of the ancient one
Beneath the flames of the silver sun
Damnation through the everfall
From the heavens, great demons seen
From the earth, four demons unclean
Shadow fever unleashed

Hear the horns of demon hordes
Deathlike sirens, screaming in the wind
Anger of the soulless
Storming through the gates of the archer

By war and famine, hell is here to end, eternal
All faith is burning
Through the sleepless fire of the chosen
Cosmic dispersion
By the demigods of the descendants

Fallen angels sing
While great dragon is enthroned

Infernal nemesis, all haling ancient dreams
From Zabhuls hate, to elders wrath
Eternal majesties, all dreaming in their deaths
... From Zabhuls hate, to elders wrath...

Exploding stars, blizzard storms
Moon blackens bleeding sun
Horsemen of the prophecies arise
Hear great thunder, come and see
Enchantment of the dead and dying
Six seals broken, six seals bound
10. Enter Omega (Bonus Track) (3:09)
11. In Sanctum (4:55)
Enter twilight, this woeful offering
Transform his hatred, converted change
Catatonic, this storm from Hades
Shallow spirits, destroyed by birth

Buried by abysmal fiends
Great beast again arose
Moonlight under archers spell
King of death he swore

Four riders broke the seal
Unchained chaos unfolds
Four riders through the storm
(All rise, through the storm)
Pandemonium revealed

Follow night, follow day
Seventh way of light
Demons wraith, burns black
Fire through the spectral eye
For victory in endless death

Wicked beast, inflamed Goulshera
Horned one of one thousand sights
Hatred deep, runs through the elder

As Ckald returns, awaked in anger
Buried with his (feeble) son
Avenging spirit, sweeping fire

...Old king of war and hate
Bloodlines meant to rule
A life time in darkness dwelling
Imprisoned in ever death...

Hatred deep, runs through the elder
Goulshera at last arose

Fire demon Ckald unleashed
Cleansing flames of soulless greed
Force of malice, battle winged
For victory or death
12. Fire Leaps High (4:37)
A final journey through fading stars
And evolutional waste
Shining death of the never orb
Folds the emptiness and dies

Shrouded by concealing darkness
Remaining moonlight gather
Fallen are the last foundations
Of the flaming earth
Hear the silent serpent whisper
As chaos binds his fate
No longer sleeping, only dreaming, dead and awake

Hear the call of elder gods
Great shapes of underworld
Storming darkness, burning fear
Pulsating fires lit by blood of man

Cosmic suffocations, bewinged as rays of light
A dying foul creation between heaven and hell
Screams of the destructed
Breathing coldest steel
Starvation of the soulless
Echoes of the nebular war

Sons of the fallen priestess
In praise of the arch alit
Forgiven, the dreamer
Brighter than the sun of night

Now filled with might
Endless hate, the distorted
Vengeance upon mankind
Destruction of the weak

This final journey, through endless fading stars
This final blessing, burning our eyes
From the fires of the ancient
Interventions of the bleak
Forever damned and dying
Exhaling our final breath...
13. At The End Of Twilight (4:01)
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