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Shift - Creating a Monster cover art



Creating a Monster

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Progressive Metal
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Creating a Monster Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-03)
1. Welcome Change (3:13)
relax & let this whole thing sink right through
there's nothing anyone of us can do when you open your eyes

you'll see nothing ever really stays the same
you should be prepared & welcome all change

relax & accept the truth sinking in
feel the space between the start & the end
open your arms
push aside your fears
believe the fact that change is always here when you open up your eyes

2. Escape The Machine (3:38)
We've created a monster,it's building it's stronger,with each & every day
we're feeding the flames with the price that we pay,will we wash it all away
it's growing,all knowing it's aasuming control & it's digging a hole,will you watch itall decay
do you see what we've done,we are losing the sun,will you stand or fall today
it's growing,all knowing do you know what we have done,do you know what's begun,you'll wake up screaming,no you're not dreaming

[pre - chorus]
I know you feel the same,I know you feel like I do not need to know it's not in vain
I know you feel like we might...we might

find a way to break the cycle find a way to a new dream we've got to break the chains & get away from the machine

do you see what we have done,do you see what's begun you 'll wake up screaming,no you're not dreaming

pre - chorus:

3. Devil Beside (4:44)
are you honestly asking me to trust in the cancer beside you
are you wanting me to look away,be so blind to the thing that's beside you

pre -
who is sitting on your shoulder ever growing colder

the devil beside you pulling you away from me
taking over can't you see,can you completely promise me that my heart is safely inside

you can trust in me & walk away,pay no mind to the thing that divides you

[pre chorus]
whisper in your ear nothing but lies & your feeding the fears of mine

4. Sins (3:58)
begin agaian let go my sins I
I'll try so please stand by & hold on while I'm gonna try to find a way out of this hole that I dug & this growing self doubt
this yearning this burning I try to escape the fact
that I am the one I'm beginning to hate
I I'll try to move past the wrongs I've done through all of my life to come out of the dark & learn to live in the light
hate this feeling of kneeling to all of my sins
I know that it is the time I'm beginning again
I I'll try,so please stand by

[pre - chorus]
searching & seeking faith in myself

my sins are eating me alive but i will try to let this go
I I'll try,so please stand by

pre chorus:

5. Blood (3:43)
I give you all I can give I give
I've done my sentence been prepared to pay my penance
I give I know I have done no crime
I've paid the price been doing time
what do you want - what will it take
I can't take much more of this
you turn me out treat me like shit
what do you want - what will it take
what do you want - what will it take

do you want my blood to make you happy
do you want my soul just to keep you satisfied with me

6. Gone Wrong (4:04)
where have I gone wrong all you want,in your life taste my pain,touch the sky inside I've lost all hope,to see day locked in here,locked away you know
I'm dreaming your gone I feel the things that others know they see,& I hear the man I think I used to be don't you feel,with your eyes nothing's real,truth 7 lies inside they stare at me,through the glass sit & laugh,throughthe past I wonder where I have gone wrong still dreaming you're gone

[pre - chorus]
becoming not the man I see losing my own identity your bring out the hate,you keep bring out the hate in me

gone,any light in your eyes,& I'm wrong how I visualize in this song when I'm dreaming you're dead & you're gone where have I gone wrong I'm dreaming you're gone

[pre - chorus]

7. To Have You (4:18)
it's the way you move me
it's in the way you move me that they label as a crime
and the way you taunt me has me caught in this bind

[pre - chorus]
I can't seem to get through to you,it's the way you'll tempt me that has me hating this world & the way you haunt me
I'll still be wanting & hating you girl

you know I am dying to have you
there is nothing nothing I won't do
I am killing to have you
you know there's nothing I won't do

it's the way you tell me that you're afraid of
it's the way you tell me to go away
I'll never go away
8. Taking Lives (4:43)
I know what you are capable of
I have seen what you have become
I know you have no feelings & you're hurting,stealing you are evil & loathsome

[pre - chorus]
throw away the key,you're worth nothing to me
I hope you are rotting away,you're a cancer on this world throw away the key,no reason for you to be you are nothing but decay,we're all better off without you anyway

no regrets,no compromise no remorse for taking lives now it's time to pay the price

ashamed tjey kill you just one time
I've seen how you value life one grave's too good for you
I know you watched them dying there're be no one crying when the time has come for you

[pre - chorus]
throw away the key,you're worth nothing to me
I hope we forget your name & think of you no more
throw away the key,no reason for you to be,only one thing left to do,deliver fifty thousand volts to you

9. Choir Of The Damned (Instrumental) (0:48)
10. Rise Up (4:40)
rise up & take what belongs to you
you were never given a single ounce of respect that is due
tear down the walls & then rush right through & then take in the view rise up & know what belongs to you
you're the chosen few never meant us to be thsi way,didn't want to see this
never should we have felt this way,so helpless full of weakness left here now without a choice,feeling lost & useless


where are you going to be when we pull the four walls down & where are you going to hide when we bring all the hatred & fury inside
never should we have seen this day,with nothing left but sickness
never should have to walk this road,why are you so careless


[pre - chorus]
pray for a brand new day & pay with your lives

rise up - it's time to realize,the world is broken
rise up - now we must rise & learn to unite
rise up it's time to realize the world is broken
rise & rebuild a new paradise

[pre - chorus]

11. Without A Soul (4:32)
are you playing games,do you enjoy the pain when you make me self - contained & for all I try to sem to fall behind staring in your eyes
I think I see I think you've lost your mind
you've lost your mind nothing you are willing to lose never will you see the damage that you do 7 all the pain your bring down on me
nothing you would choose choose over you

it's all about you - born without a soul
you revolve around you
born without a soul
you're all about you
born without a soul

have you lost your mind
you've lost your mind something you should understand
I'm done with your demands
I'm sick of all your twisted plans
the way you need to keep the upper hand
something you should know time to go


you still kick when I'm down
you smile as you kick me when I'm down
you laugh as you hold me down to drown

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