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Sepultura - Kairos cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresGroove Metal, Hardcore Punk
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  79.1 / 100
Votes :  9
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Kairos Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-03-29)
1. Spectrum (4:03)
1. "Spectrum" lyrics

Through these eyes we shook the world
Through these eyes we fought the world

Through these eyes we shock the world
No fear at all went head strong
Aggravations, hostility
But there´s a difference, we are free

In my eyes a line divided
So choose a side and stand united
Divide and fall, reflections of what we have done
There´s no shame, but there´s is pride

Fought for everything, we did what we have to do
There is a purpose for this fight, in the end I know it´s right

We are free, we are free!

In my eyes, see strong conviction
Laid to rest, all doubts are dead
Fought for everything, we did what we have to do
There is a purpose for this fight, in the end I know it´s right
2. Kairos (3:37)
never lost sight of my fate
Many tried to block my ways but persistence kept me going on
Now we trespass the line of time
Going back but I´m right here, now and then, all done


Wake the dream and face the facts
Bridge the gap between the gaps
In every blast that starts your mind
You are there and only there you are


The lines are crossed I´m way ahead
Just need to balance the razor´s edge
Nothing can stop us right now
Cause it was built from what we gave. That´s right!

3. Relentless (3:36)
Forward - Can´t stop to pace my steps
Onward - Never stood for second best

I´m relentless, I am always
I wont let this die
No words - Is not the life which I have led

I´m relentless - I want vengeance

Slow burn - Only got what I have done
Progress - To under take the task at hand

I´m relentless, I am always
I wont let this die
Timeless – Unscathed with attitude

I´m relentless - I want vengeance
4. 2011 (0:30)
5. Just One Fix (Ministry cover) (3:33)
Blood keeps drinking away
Certain of it’s destination
Driving through new orleans at night
Gotta find a destination

Just one fix

Life keeps slipping away
Fighting in a war with damnation
Poised, keep cutting away
I’m looking in through to salvation

Just one fix

Like if I boarded a train
Trying to take in another station
Join us and the choice will be made
Unless we kill the lie as a nation

Just one fix
6. Dialog (4:57)
You know what? Of course I have my doubts. It's darker times and I can't alway's know what's ahead. So what are you going to do about it? What can be done to resolve the situation?

Spit at what you don't like.
Taste the bitter reactions.
Forcefeed the weight of the progress.
Lead by the will of your might.

You can't block out the sun.
Won't block out the sun - No!

It feels like everyone's eyes are on you. I can't be the enemy of myself. Everyone gets knocked down at some point in life, but it's how you deal with it to get back up.

I can't live without nothing.
Must have guidance and focus.
Cast out all the suffering.
Hope thrives only when active.

You can't block out the sun.
Won't block out the sun - No!
7. Mask (4:31)
All the drama and the words.
Endless noise reflecting.
No value, no substance
in anything you're saying.
Confusing a reason,
but no one is really listening.
Just seeking approval.
Desperate to draw attention.

Die behind your mask.

No substance or logic
behind a mask, you're hiding.
Keep reaching for something.
Untruthful accusations.
Your bullshit is wasted.
It only makes us stronger.
More proof in our actions.
Can stand by what we are doing.

Die behind your mask.

Hide -
Lie -
Hide -
Take your mask off.

The true voice. Our music.
It's alway's been our music.
Can't speak to our faces.
It's easy to put your mask on.
The typing and bitching,
it's how you keep your distance.
There's always a reason
we've moved beyond your limits.

Hide -
Lie -
Hide -
Take your mask off.

A life in disguise. It's all a dream.
Look at me, it's so predictable
with your head bowed down. It's time to cross these lines
and stand to face, look at me!

Hide -
Lie -
Hide -
Take your mask off.
8. 1433 (0:31)
9. Seethe (2:27)
Screaming, aging, crawling closer to dying
Savage, struggle, scrape the bottom of life

Stinging, burning, blind with rage falling deeper
Seething, evil, kills the mind of the people

Screams are deaf to my ears
Blind to see the errors of my way

Never feel the odds are against me - found my way
Kill the urge of depression – found my way
Use my strength to recover – found my way
Walk the path of resistance – found my way

Grasping, dragging, life strangles your demons
Breathing, clearer, understanding is closer
Shifting, changing, found a way no more bleeding
Forward, marching, filled a hole that was missing
10. Born Strong (4:40)
Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.

From the cradle we were
brought up into this world,
in the middle of chaos.
Since our first breath of life,
we are what we are.

With love and power to change.
With courage facing all threats.
Our bloodline is alive.
No doubts in our life.
We are what we are.

No pain - No fear.

Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.

All the strength in our mind,
looking deep in our eyes.
Our tribe has written our laws.
Respect to be respected.
Be true to yourself.

All the gold in the world, will not get us sold. We trust the values we've learned.
No doubts in our words. We are true to ourselves.

No pain - No fear.

Don't you know I'm strong?
Don't you know you're wrong?

Our root, our seed, our cause - Born strong.
11. Embrace the Storm (3:32)
Forget the mistakes, and inspire the will.
A thought can conceive, make destinies choice.

Embrace the storm. Live or die. Embrace the storm.

The change is vital, to keep up the growth.
Unbinding secrets, submitting to chance.

Embrace the storm. Live or die. Embrace the storm.

Can't deny, won't define me.
Can't define, can't deny me.

Embrace the storm. Live or die. Embrace the storm.
12. 5772 (0:29)
13. No One Will Stand (3:17)
We defend what we believe
Under Attack no matter what
Respect what we have achieved
The enemy is scared but won't admit
We fight to conquer total ground
We hear no lies, we fear no threats
I trust my brothers at my side
Together we face the battle ahead

We Fight - We Kill - No One Will Stand

Live, live for the day, all or nothing

My army is formed and the focus is set
No stepping back our path is clear
Culture reigns, no man will fail
A crucial win a deadly dance

Live, live for the day, all or nothing - Attack!

Our hearts in our hands, our mind in our soul

Live, live for the day, all or nothing
14. Structure Violence (Azzes) (5:39)
The fingers are on the triggers of change
A Power of change to other hands

Fallen dictators, instigators,
Aggravators step down

Now is the time!
Fallen dictators - step down!
Instigators - step down!
Aggravators - step down
Structure violence!

A storm has formed and fills the air
Fell the weight of catastrophe
Kept the needs from humanity
The total greed the absurdity.
15. 4648 (8:22)
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