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Sabbat - Envenom cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  91.3 / 100
Votes :  11
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Envenom Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-27)
1. Bewitch (1:39)
2. The Sixth Candle (3:13)
3. Satan Bless You (5:00)
You are a traveller in hell of hell
You make new hell in this hell
There is no beautiful tomorrow for you
Satan in the fire whispers you

* Satan bless you !
You live on blood of the massacre and under the spell !
Satan bless you !!!
4. Evil Nations (4:59)
You blood in your body
Bright flames black
Your bone in your flesh
Bright metal cold
Born out of motly egg
Made in hell, made by hell
Walk the same way as death
seek for sacrifice

* Give to you blood
wicked eternal blood
The beast who born from
Dark, back to the dark
Evil Nations !
Under the reverse cross
be born by Evil blood
with us bleed and die

Don't feel the mercy
The sins are your rules
Don't feel the lights
The lusts are your rules
the bell tolls now
Infinite souls voice
Terror begins now
in the pleasure and pain

* (repeat)

Create our music !
Evil Nations !
Melody of Evil Nations !
Create our land !
Evil Nations !
Paradise of Evil Nations !
5. Devil Worship (3:20)
In the dark cloudy night
Where the Satanist
Force of Evil
Calling their master
When the blasphemy fire burns
The Demons appear
With the wings of burning fire
With the smile of death it laugh
Evil, lurking in the dismal fog
Evil, believers pledge to die
Devil worship !
6. Reek Of Cremation (6:03)
Burning ! Fire rising, the baptism of Fire
Blasphemy ! Unholy funeral, Evil fire worship
Oh hear the call from the grave beyond
Empty altar awaits it's victim
Reek of cremation !
Nightmare ! Torment in fire, merciless death
Mutilation ! Ripping apart, severing flesh
I devour the charred body
Oblivious lo life for you're beyond death
Reek of cremation !
7. Deathtemptation (5:12)

I'm roaming through in the woods
somebody is calling me from in the dark.
I'm a right mind but I can't control,
my body is pulled by a strange thing.

It leads up to black the hole, the gloomy darkness covers up me
the smell of corpse hang over, the servant of hell whispers to me

* Com'on here, there is no the pain, sadness, agony...
Your desire will be satisfied, all hope : passion, wish all...

Why do you live on in ugly, dirty, rotten world�
You will be able to get the grace of gods... deathtemptation~!
I'm standing at the cliff, in calm winds and tides
He calls me, leads up to here, he says death is immortal life into
the sea by invisible hands, i can see the past of my life
In strange beautiful lights, everything goes nothingness

* (repeat)

I'm falling between white shadow and black shadow
I can see bright lights and flowers, playing children, singing voice
but I can't reach to the circle, I'm falling to darkest hole into
insane fire and lake of high heat, everything goes into eternal
pain�: You're helling in hell now, to lightless grave ! welcome
to hell - Your soul rot on torment to the ground ! - to the dark
bottom - You get gradge and rages in endless pain ! - With the
power of Devil - As and Evil spirit, you'll return to that world !!
... Deathtemptation~!
8. King Of Hell (6:03)
Creation of destruction, he can open the gate of hell
Necromancer in pentagram, he's a master of manitou

* He has no mortality, he has no sins, he has no times
Burning soul of crisscross, in the name of Satan
king of hell

Peace to war, war to force, he can enjoy all might
Light to illusion, illusion to the dark
He's a master of nightmares
9. Eviler (4:26)
I love smell of blood, I love terror
I love brilliancy of knife, I love hell

I create light and dark, I create terror
I create pleasure and pain, I create hell

* I'm running free, I'm running wild
for art, for my life. Everybody calls me insanity
I do anything for great art ~ the eviler ~ !

I hated my father, he was a dog
I hated my mother, she was a queen of night
1 was godforsaken poisonchild
grown my trashblood, I'm a born demon

* (repeat)

My flesh will die, return to the ground
Someday in faraway time, but ! Soul will die hard !
Everybody calls me insanity. I do anything for great art
Live for metalart, die for metalart soul of art of Evil !
10. Carcassvoice (3:53)
Voice of Satan fell from death red sky
Blood of Angels faded away into the torment beyond
Lightless fire of candles on the cross in the grave
I'm one of in there, I can see sea of blood

* I'm a normal, I'm a man believe me ! Believe me !
Please ! I'm a son of god ! Don't kill me, please !
Genocide ! Carcassvoice !

Smell of dead bodies without souls to rain of crosses
of blood in the storm of fire balls ~!
Kill them ! They have nightmares ! Kill them ! Kill them !
They're machines ! They're obsessed by ghost of war ~!
: Under damned filthy holy gods
Locked us in by authority. Controled by law for their desire.
Break the cage, the chains, destroy the destiny !
11. Dead March (4:22)
12. Reminiscent Bells (2:43)
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