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Root - Madness of the Graves cover art



Madness of the Graves

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Heavy Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Madness of the Graves Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-08-03)
1. Omen (1:54)
I see a shape - or is that a mere hallucination? - As rocking on me and from their eyes trickle the bloody tears, I hear a whisper of lifeless lips, it calling me on into the depth, I am going away with it, awake in the empire of dead, l hear words, out of one's graves arising a legends of dead dreams, listen in with me to tales, which once were truth
2. Then (The Tale About Destiny) (5:55)
In depths of mysterious moors, Where rags of fog were wed with rain Dazing smell of mysterious herbs Tickle the wistful nares. It hide's deep there...Then I've set out to the very center Inward the world of Talmalion Difficult way stayed in for me I became the pilgrim of Eons.Lonely and lonely I've wondered and sought, Forgotten by all, but strong Relentlessly I've headed to the end To the home of all mystic ages.The storytellers from the depth of unknown come, their flutes and pipes made of human bones sounds, ballads of blood and Death enchant me, in their claws drifting me further and further, with no chance to return and I hear, I hear a calling of graves.
3. Madness of The Graves (Calling) (2:34)
Silver gathers of the Graves, Silver flowers of the Graves, Silver voices of the Graves, Silver eyes of the Graves...They calling me every night Singing to almost go mad Singing their songs of death I tell you everything I heard During a dark nights. Ballads of death empires Ballads of dead realms Ballads of dead ages Ballads of GravesThey calling me every night Singing to almost go mad Singing their songs of death I tell you everything I heard During a dark nights. ...I hear the voices, they speak of Ancestors, glory, uprising, failure...
4. Talking Bones (The Story of Legacy) (4:15)
Bones broke the silence, lay their story, and I stood voiceless in my petrify, seized by beauty and dread, dragged into by delight of unknown, I danced with them and sing, Am I death or alive? We arise then Into the infinite battles Legacy of ancestors Were sacred to usNo one could resist No one attempts it We broke down the rules And we want to be immortalThe dead come then Rules of ancestors stop to hold good Everything flood a blood Everything flood dreadOnly we have left - talking bones Only we have left - talking bones Pass on our message - talking bones Pass on our message - talking bones !The silence scattered at the moment, misty shadows stroll about, cold and gloom circumfusion me, I tilt to bonfire who suddenly out blaze, stretch out arms to blaze, fiery tongue cross and story of old Messengers and dark gods revived in my bosom....
5. Endowment (Refused Message) (6:07)
Through the dark night silent song fly in With an antique story enweaved Old man's voice only whispering with the Wind As string of lute shiver.In olden days happened Those dark gods sent to man a gift Which nobody understand, which nobody want Gift really singular, sovereign.Long since in dust turned Last who knew it and dreamt of it Northern winds to its southern brothers Only sings and blows of him.Through barren hallway of ruined castles In deep woods, in diadems of trees Sounds woeful song of oblivion About what was and might beWithheld was gift, oblivion is Voice shivers as string of lute Elves sings about man who were scorn With Blessing of intellect to its children Only gales, rock and deep woods know....I am going out of the silver shadows, sitting down dazed under the tree, I see stark land, empty souls, silence fall around. Lad and gal hold on to their arms and go away through bloody dew, do you hear?
6. Tree (Power of Calling) (3:21)
He sat below it and listen in, Listen in to all what it told...And at the time come that unknown Come from nowhere and behind no one His lips whisper unknown words Never heard and delusive Words as a cares enchanting Arousal, beauty and emotion Like silver breeze stroke That lovesome and silent words Melodies sounds out of his lips And people listen to the unknown But yet so imminent And then... ...Then like dazed, everyone Old mans and children, woman and mans Went away, no one knows where Went away for ever, without return And nobody already see themOnly he sat along under it And listen in to all what it tell The tree tell its story along The tree tell its story alongI am driving a horse among shadows, flashes of storm, roaring in space, it is raining blood, knee- deep wading in the mourn, butterfly of ruin waved its wings, lit up clouds dropped down to ground, Death is smiling and dancing on graves, like furious, obsessed with her desire for life, grievous rage ...
7. Autumn (Legend About Life) (4:17)
In autumnal yellowed foliage Knightly armor dwells and killed horse Sunlight breeze dry out dew On helmet and sword of heroHero dropped of in eternal sleep Glance of his dull blue eyes Sad and weary towards heaven aim Fade away the glory of gallant knightsTrees are bowing down with wistful song Grey hairs of fathers, woeful eyes of mothers Tone of sylvan horns sounds through the autumn Clamor of battles in a distance fade away.As it whole world were went to sleep And stars glowing on yellowed foliage Where knightly armor dwell And killed horse, helmet and sword...Dedicated to J.VrobelI would become my own demon, somebody speaks to me, his sight fire's a sign in my heart, sign of age and death, sign fiery and frore, coursing before me dark and horrid.
8. In the Heart of Darkness (Ballad of Ancient Realms) (5:32)
Excrescences of hate are weaving With roots of spite and evil. Coursing mass of matter Lento changing color and shape.What will be spawned in following while? What will be smashed for new life? What's going on in a heart of darkness? What's going on in a heart of darkness?What revived all universes? What is that great mystery? Wherefrom coming in tidings to us? Are we the origin or fetus?Heart of darkness pulse in depth. Rivers of ages are joining there Gates of worlds purfle shores. But where rise life and death?Hate and love are dancing together, Birth with extinction ardently screwing, Their children -life and death -rejoice, Sadness is smiling and pleasure is crying ...I am lying down exhausted, unable to move, resolved not to listen, full of lunacy and mystified, nathless the Last is coming and I am arising again, seized with insatiable desire for knowledge, The last is narrate.
9. The Last Gate (The Story of Demons) (6:21)
Equirhodont: In times of dark ages Demons of extinction raised And opened gates to all realms. Naked beings were leaved at the mercy Of withering power, as stalls fall. Old Ones: Ninety-nine Gates are already closed Their worlds are ruined. Only last gate is withstanding Protected by immense power Mages are defending their world. Durron: Demons are insane and rage with anger Who is rising to oppose them? What are these powers? Which is protecting this world? Why is it? Hex: Nathless they are only two Strong and powerful, invincible. The first Equirhodont is, The second Durron is called Their world is Magic. Lykorian: The wall created by spells Is rising before demons. The wall eternal like universe Resilient like Mages Is stronger after every thrust. Magician: The struggle appear to be infinite Isn't it however only a dream? Milliard years already last, Does not appear that one day ends up Why should so? Leviathan: Black magic is aeonic, powerful Demons hold their world. Who was drive them into the battle Which hasn't winner Which will have the end? Equirhodont: No one knows, and don't understand This endless urge Conquer the mystery and mysticism Volition of Excellency Hunger for eternity.So the struggle lasts to these days And will last forever. You are only ordinary humans, Humans before gates. Before closed gates! Forever! Forever and alone! You stupid humans forever!The last went away, I stayed alone among graves, serene, silvern, in which rests thousand tales, which nobody knows, which nobody listen in and which nobody narrates ...
10. Afterwards (The Tale at the End) (4:52)
Clatter of hoofs, black robes, Night falls on the land, Neigh of horses, the scent of flame, Leather, steel, and sweat.Riders are hurrying through the dark plain, Like a wind of destruction, And behind them silence prevails again, As they were not ...
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