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Rebaelliun - Annihilation cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsHammerheart Records
Album rating :  88.4 / 100
Votes :  5
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Annihilation Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-04-23)
1. Annihilation (5:00)
We shall arise
Deep in our souls a rebellious will
Destructive restless attack
In the name of the highest revenge
We bring chaos
Filth perishing towards the new age
I Witness the end of their kingdom

Embryonic world’s disease
Oppressive gods swallowing humanity’s bequest
The plot in vain
God's creation shall not rest
We reign supreme
New era has come for the ones who'll lead
This empire to its downfall
Dethroning their kingdom

Wolve's conspiracy
In the towers of fear
We still refuse this loyalty
World's fallacy
Two thousand Years will follow
Under the sign of the beast's cruelty

My victory
The final annihilation of this so called world
I still hear thousands of screams
The lamb's death symphony

Lead: Ronaldo Lima

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima
2. Rebellious Vengeance (4:27)
Dethroning your god killing of all saints
My eyes ablaze with anger
Burning all the nations rebellious vengeance
Can't wait for Holy salvation
Thunderous screams rumble the earth
As the filthiest ritual begins
Bloody storms infernal and mortal decrees
Fall from dark skies
Insane beliefs dogmatic thoughts
Decadent morality falling away
Only the rebel god's immortality
Shall survive

Rising the rebellious vengeance
Rising the fiery ball of dark light
Burning the kingdom of fallacy
Spiritless frightful fiery suns
World of hypocrisy perished in fire
Mankind will smolder without a last breath
Rising the empire of fear in this land
Rebellious vengeance now takes command

Lead: Fabiano Pena

New eyes for the rebel souls
Destroying the labyrinth with burning desire
Grand ascension to the throne
Mankind in perpetual decay

Lead: Ronaldo Lima

Lead: Fabiano Pena
3. Steel Siege (3:41)
Legions of assassins unmerciful march
Underworld can't wait anymore
Rising the darkest mist
Towards the victory of the beasts
Time to kill and celebrate their desperation
Crowning all the gods of the abomination
I am the one who'll crush
I am the one who'll Lead
I am the darkest men's creation

Civilization falls into ruin
Infernal races are coming to dominate
Spoiling the innocence spreading despair
Restless attack despotic domain
You break your vow in suicide
I despise your insignificant life
My army is here the steel siege
Stealing souls for the dark side

The steel siege is thy destiny
Ripping mind and souls in blasphemy
Impotent nations against wy will
Stillborn bequest of humanity

Swallowed Swallowed by thy fears
Men's weakness is my strength
I laugh in the face of thy lord, thy Nazarene
Scornful laugh my most pleasant chasms
Thundergod proclaims genocide
Steel siege the final war

Lead: Ronaldo Lima
4. Red Spikes (3:22)
We witness the coming of the chaos gods
Their light must be worshipped
This age we'll celebrate
The splendours of a near time
Spoils of an endless war
Screams announcing the end
Bestials frenzy of victory
Annihilation of mankind must prevail
Eternal oblivion of false idols
Nailing flesh and spirit in damnation

We witness the siege it's time to kill
Lances and blades will make you bleed
Red spikes crossing hands and feet
Crowning with black thorns the coward Nazarene
You cannot hide you holy scars
You cannot save your blessed souls
You cannot judge the life around
You cannot run away - our time has come

Our time has come
To wash the earth and purify
To kill this race
They will not see the light
Unchangeable end
Unchangeable higher sight
Shine like Venomous Red Spikes

We witness the coming of the chaos gods
We witness this so awaited siege
This age we'll celebrate
The splendours of a near time
I can see...

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima
5. Unleash The Fire (5:05)
Furious rebellion inflicting my soul
As I burn in eternal rejoice
Beared of red fierce flames
Leading the hordes to the battle
Can hear their cries behind the walls
Let my fire assault their souls
Run cowards! Bleed cowards!
At my command unleash the fire

Burning rebellion consuming my soul
For sure we deserve this damned world
Let my fury burn fast
Fiery fury, relentless wrath
Civilization lies on the ground
A scending the smoke of genocide
Leading the hordes to victory
At my command unleash the fire

Defying the laws of men
Laughing of thy so vast knowledge
Living in the abyss - survivor, insane
Entire mankind is a shame
No one can control my will
Unmerciful hunter, death is fulfilled
Bloodbath, desire to kill
No one can control my will

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima
6. Unborn Consecration (4:53)
Unbridled voracious hatred
Confined in the nightly vold
For centuries in the darkest pit
For centuries at the eternal war
Fusion of unholy slight and wrath
Striking against humanity
Concentrate evil mind searching fo
The unborn consecration

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima

Destiny burns my existence
In my path I'm the only one
Dark side still calling for my name
Infernal screams from the land of the strong ones
Unbridled voracious hatred
Unexpected desctructive fury
Rebellious souls crushing dogmas
I triumph at the darkness

A sea of eternal muddy waves
Mundane wills
Impotent unreal assault
Against a spirit made of steel
From the deepest infernal chasm
The defile where the angels die
Beside the immortal ones I rise
Under the unborn consecration

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima
7. God Of A Burned Land (3:59)
"Day of wrath and doom impending
Heaven and earth in ashes ending
All creation is awaiting"
The promised lande is now burning

Burn this land
This world and all their dreams
Burn this race
They are all victims

So god this land is yours
We renege on this world
My victory is as real as your fall
Nameless warriors
Empowered by a cosmic strength
Now burning a land of forsaken

Lead: Fabiano Penna

Lead: Ronaldo Lima

Day of death and suffering fading away
Heaven and earth awaiting
All creation is now burning
The promised lande falls into ruin again
8. Bringer Of War (4:23)
Leading the army preparing to conquer
No place this time for the cowards who ran away
Bringer of war lord of all domains
Defeating all the nations proving the bloody oath

Blasting the enemy's field the pestilent undead
Killing all sorts of life in this terrain
Apocalypse reigning the legion of rats
The angel of death will take all the souls
Victory of the emperor

The last sunrise wont come in the horizon
The highest command proclaiming the eternal night
Unscrupulous filth revelations will fall away
Dececrating the gods ablaze revenge
Apocalypse reigning the legion of rats
Extermination of this race ultimate command

Leading the army preparing to conquer
Killing all sorts of life in this terrain
Bringer of war lord of all domains
Defeating all the nations victory of the emperor
9. Defying The Plague (3:15)
The merciless coming
Of the unholy god of gods
Leading the march of the survivors hordes
Unleashing the bloodiest wars
Rising up against thy dogmas and thy laws
No loyalty or supremacy
Renege on the false lords
Defying the plague
Denial of the cross

Chaos coming
No place to hide this time
True revelations
Frozen end of the weak
Relentless endless searching for the truth
Defying the plague
Towards the victory

I am the end
I am the beast
I am the strength
Stubborn resistance
The eyes of the wolf
Leading my will
Defying the plague
Ready to kill
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