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Raw Silk - Silk Under the Skin cover art

Silk Under the Skin

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Rock
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  -
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Silk Under the Skin Lyrics

Submitted by level LightListener (2015-12-19)
1. Second Advent (3:48)
The night when
All stars were lost
The sight of an abandoned
World with no compassion
The fight between
What's wrong and right
The light challenge you
To live until tomorrow

Come and tell me
Where to run
Come and tell me
Where to hide
Come and show me
How to live
I can't last forever

Living for tomorrow today
(curse me now or bless me)
Living for tomorrow today
Living for tomorrow today
(beyond shattered dreams)
Living for tomorrow today
It's hard to last another day
Without you

The guilt flooded
Our minds tonight
We who build again
The Babel's tower
To reach for heaven
Instead we reached
The depths of hell
And second advent
Now will find us
All drowned in madness

Come and tell me
How should i know
Come and tell me
How can i save my soul
Come and tell me
Is this a fantasy
I can't last forever
2. Journey of No Return (3:49)
Thorns on his head
His bloodstains are flashing
The red light of heaven
They want him dead
The countdown has started
It's time for the slaughter

Voices are calling
Angels are falling

Clouds in the skies
The light turns to darkness
It's time for his kingdom's
Piercing his flesh
The crowd now is cheering
And mission's accomplished

Voices are calling
Angels are falling
People are roaring
They want to see him dead
Hear the drums beating
See the crowd spitting
Cross now is waiting for you

There's was a time
When love was the solution
But eyes were raging with
Passion and hatred burned
Then came the time we
Sought for absolution
And now we're trapped
In a journey of no return

Looking behind
We all know what happened
But do we believe it?
Maybe one day
We all shall abjure once
Again what man witnessed


If you are the Messiah
Why don't you save
Yourself and us?
Have you no fear of God?
We deserve to die,but he's
Done nothing wrong.
Jesus,remember me when
You reach your kingdom.
Tomorrow we'll be together
In paradise
3. Irene (3:47)
Last Night
I had a dream of you again
Holding me tight i wish the
Night would never end
Day after day
This feeling burns me
And i can't stand it

This time you said
We'll be apart for good
We've run out of time
Love me again
For one more time
Give me what i need
To survive till dawn

Irene you've got
My back to the wall
And allthough you know that
I love you
You broke my heart
And tore it apart
Irene i still want to hold you

Look out loving ain't
Easy as you reach out for love
I think that then you'll see
What i mean
Dazed by your eyes
I couldn't see that your love
Was fake full of lies


Day after day this feeling
Burns me
And i can't stand it
4. Heroes Don't Cry (5:29)
On a misty morning far
Away from home
Searching for a sign of hope
But it seems i'm all alone
In a land where leaves are
Brown where
The sun don't shine
There i left
My innocence behind

Heroes don't cry not even
When shot the heart
Heroes don't cry
All alone in the dark
Not even
When death is in sight
Heroes don't cry not even
When all hope is lost
Heroes don't cry so i guess
That i'm not a hero

Just imagination or reality
Optical illusion i hear a voice
Calling me:
"If you want to go back
Home first you have to climb
Over the mountain of
Buddies you left behind".

5. Street Girl (4:14)
Would you ever love me like I do?
I know your promise is as holy as you
I was so fool to love a girl like you
All the men knew your freedom time

When after saw you walk the streets
With lipstick, make up smiling face lips
You were just cool and I would be in sight -be in sight-
I kill my shield you laugh away
Forever and never

Street girl, street girl
Have a round at streets of seldom
Street girl, sweet girl
You took my heart away forever

What does somebody through the night?
-Through the night-
I know some was determined for your love defined
-Your love defined-
The game was lost so well
Shadow in the night
-Shadows in the night-
An angel sick in paradise
Forever and ever

Street girl, street girl
Does along the rage of heaven?
Street girl, sweet girl
Longing us with you forever

Street girl, street girl
Hang around the streets of seldom
Street girl, street girl
You took my part away from heaven

Street girl, street girl
Does along the rage of heaven?
Street girl, sweet girl
Longing us with you forever
Forever... (x4)
Street [sweet] girl... (x8)
6. Just Like a Dream (4:26)
Life was just an easy game to play
And days were passing lonely out of love for me
Like a black sheep i just couldn't find my way
Till you came along baby

Suddenly one night i found you in a dream
You offered me a life away from pain and misery
Now the brightest sun is shining on my life
Forever together living in a dream

Your Love's like a dream don't let it fade away
I'm living in a dream away from my faults
Just like a dream don't let it fade away again
From your eyes
Your love is just like a dream

Girl i want to live inside our dream
My life since then has been
An endless flowing stream
Now i close my eyes and
Leave for good
The world below
And staying forever with you
In a dream


Eternal sleep with you
Means eternal life
Cause my life in a world
Without you cuts like a knife

7. Broken Vows (3:28)
Heard you crying again all alone by the sea
The girl you love is gone you've got no reason to be
Her face is fading in and out of your mind
Words of love became a raged shout drowned in tears

Showed you,love how i care and gave you my love
To be free from you
Crowned you queen of my life so don't let it go

There's nothing to say
Nothing to do
I'm dying for your love tonight

Hold tight,feels right give
Me your love tonight

Silent voices are telling me
To turn now the page
Destiny's the force ruling the game
If boundless love couldn't
Be the key to your heart
I wish i had the chance to
Love you again from the start

Hold tight,feels right give
Me your love tonight
8. Fever (4:06)
I'm burning with fever
A killer swims in my blood
A forbidden emotion to
Contort every part of me

Still the candle is burning
Burning so low for me
Like the years of my childhood
Vanishing memories

I can't stand another night like this
Pray to god to free me from this fever

Fever sculptor of my destiny
Shelter for my sanity
Fever don't come back

I falter before
I feel so scared feel so weak
But i can't break the chains from you
If i just could believe in me

Like a god you embrace me
Feel so safe in your arms
But your kisses are fatal
They mean life and death to me


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