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Pessimist - Blood for the Gods cover art

Blood for the Gods

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsLost Disciple Records
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Blood for the Gods Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-03)
1. Century Of Lies
Humiliate yourself, on your knees again
Purify the essence of the deity...experience
The rush of divinity...chemical spirituality...
Removes the existential pain of mortality.

My god, my god!!!
Bestow upon me blessed eucharist
My arms extend!!!
Waiting for the pain of holy penetration

On your knees again...Offering your flesh
Theology of personal destruction
Respect upon the altar of denial
You serve the god of hypocrisy
The of all earthly desires

Stigmata, my blood!!!
Flowing from the self inflicted wounds of penitence
Praying at the feet of the boy god that I serve!!!
Praying at the feet of the boy god.

Burn your god! Piously inject your sins!
Religion of decadence!

On your knees again...offering yourself
Slowly erode into subservience
Manipulated by the ultimate deceiver
Justify the acts of depravity
Committed in the name of god

Stigmata, my blood!!!
Flowing from the self inflicted wounds of penitence
Praying at the feet of the boy god that I serve!!!
Praying at the feet of the boy god.
2. Unspeakable Terror
Predisposed to victimization and overt
Aggression driven by compulsive
Antisocial domination functionally
narcissistic predatory mind hate and lust
inseparably fused across his cognitive
framework the victims last offense was
what she represents... to him!

Struck from behind... Brutally subdued,
Organized offense... Abducted from the
scene, your sadistic god... stares you face to face
His grip upon your throat... is strengthened by your screams

(repeat verse)

Sadistic show...Of his control...She's
Terrorized...Smell her fear.
Steel on flesh... Draw the blade.
Agony... Tortured screams.

Disregard... for human life. To
Validate... His own disgust... she must die...
To justify... Pain he's endured... She must die.

(repeat verse)

Dehumanized... Objectifies his rage feel
His power surge... As consciousness slips
Away sweet oblivion...falling short of death
Aborrent consciousness... Why won't he let you die?

Suddenly you realize the time has come
For you to die! Mercifully you realize
That he will finally let you die!
3. Psychological Autopsy
Voices within... Taunting viciously cowering
Behind... A mask of sanity
Lucidity receeds... Decompensating
Unwillingly... Enter this domain


Inter the netherworld between delusions and
reality unusual digressive functioning...
Bizarre perceptual inconsistency
Psychotically detached, cognitively unaware
Catatonic stare, lifelife lifelessness

Cannibalized... Neuronal assault dendritic
Span... Presynaptic cleft psychoactive
Charge... Dopamine release transitory
Gate... Chemical uptake

(repeat chorus)

Fear... Despair... Rage... Denialvisions... Voices...
Lies... Hell scream... Curse... Summon... Pray cries...
Pain... Horror... Disgust

Diathesis... Predisposition genetically
Prescribed...Cerebral deficit
Destroyed ability... To formulate intent unable
To perceive... A consequence to act
4. Demonic Embrace
Manipulated by unconscious rage... My
Demons! Hate is the whole of my existence.
Repulsed by the weakness I see. Driven to
Violence by the force of... The demons
Lurking within me. Walls around my
Defenses... Are distorting all I perceive. A
Slave to my psychic demons, I bend to their blackened desires.

I feel so defenseless. Unable to stop my
Descent, deeper into the darkness of
Damaged emotional schemes. Blinded by
The colluded enmeshment of darkness
And light. I long for the chill of the
Darkness and damn the existence of light.

Stagnant in this existence, I am an agent of
Hell. Unaware of my need to wallow in
Degradation, blinded by the colluded
Enmeshment of darkness and light. I long
For the chill of the darkness and damn
The existence of light.

Lost in a haze of denial... Exacting
Revenge on the world. Self-inflicted
Aggression... Meant to destroy what I
Feel. Claw in vain for the fragments... of
My blessed ignorance frightened by the
Awareness... Of my reality

Manipulative!... Exploitative!

I feel so defenseless to rage against my
Demons empowered by the desire to free
My eternal soul. Thriving on the death
Of sadistic domination. I crushed your
Regin with unmatched brutality. Piss on
You motherfucker! Begging at my feet.
Fuck you you're nothing I've finally
Broken free...
5. Mens Rea
You raised my generation to hate. Force fed
Me violence rape and deceit. Human
Abomination of will unchecked by
Superegotistic restraint of the mind.


Hatred, vicious destruction of life,
Hardened by anger clouded by lust, lash
Out to make you pay for my pain. Internal
Turmoil, My life and your death.
Lucid decision, with moral consent,
Callous expression of a frustrated soul.
With lack of empathetic concern for victims
I have violated an lives I've destroyed.
Hatred, vicious destruction of life,
hardened by anger clouded by lust.
Lash out, you'll fucking pay for my pain.
Crushing sacred things you revere.
Butched by the new breed of the
Media programmed zombie spore.
Bloodletting mystic mayhem of the
Obedient automation... Obedient automation.

Your fate is truly in the bloody hands of the beast!
6. Whore Of The Undead
Remove... The satin robe stripped down...
For the ritual knelt in... The sacred
Nonagon she chants the familiar lines

Smoke fills... The hallowed halls
Figures... begin to form
Darkened... Monstrosities descend upon her naked form

Black demonic forms restrain their
Frightened slave she cannot resist
Sexual excess endless sadistic violations!

Clawed hands end her struggle, she gags
On demon seed, know's she nothing more
Than... A vile repulsive whore of the undead.

Providing satisfaction, for their hedonic
Lust, now she's nothing more than... A vile
Repulsive whore of the undead.

Penetrating evil slicing through her
Soul sodomized in hell
Broken mortal will thrive on the humiliation
7. Unborn (Father)
Father... Why hast thou forsaken me? Father...
How can you turn your back on...me?
Darkness all around me, universe my own.
Newly formed existence, yet I am alive.
Navigate alone this amniotic sea. Your genetic
Pool, enacts the plan for me.


Embryonic version, picture of yourself.
Expression of your lust, so happy you
Must be. Why is there no laughter, All I
Hear are tears. Tears that mean so much
To me when I'm the one who dies.


Damn you for your cowardice, your
Weakness and your fear. It wasn't me who
Chose to live, you both brought me here.
8. Tunnel Rats
Fire in the hole! Waiting for the blast,
Vibrations in the Earth. Before the smoke
can clear I'm diving underground.
Searching through the dark I hunt the
Vietcong. Feel the acrid smoke ripping through my lungs.
Morality is gone... To kill is to survive.

Morality is gone... To kill is to survive.
Drive my body forward knowing what I'll
Find. Drive my body forward through
This passage way to Hell.
I crawl among the bodies and piles of human waste.

Then I hear sound and lift my gun to aim.
Thunderous exchange, reeling from the
Pain. Twisting on the ground, tasting my
Own blood. People running by they don't
Try to help. I'm afraid to die... So afraid to die!

So afraid to die. This can not be true.
People running by thinking I have died
People running by leaving me to die.
Casualty of war. Body on the pile.

I lie alone, but still refuse to give my soul
Up to this hell. Flashing back from Hell,
Returning to the world, hearing my own
Screams tearing through the night.
Clutching at my chest my fingers trace the
Scars. Somehow I've got to end these
Visions in my head. Bottle in my hand barrel
In my mouth.

Bottle in my hand barrel in my mouth.
Somehow I've got to end visions in my head.
Fought so many years this war for sanity. I
Can not go on this ends for me today.
9. Wretched Of The Earth
I beheld again the great whore that
sitteth upon the earth.
And mortal kings who did commit fornication
With this whore.
And as I watched the wretched of the
Earth were made drunk
With the wine of her fornication.

And I was possessed of the spirit,
And in visions I saw the whore upon a
Scarlet colored beast.
And she proclaimed her sins unto heaven.
And the name she wore upon her head was
The name of blasphemy.

And the whore was arrayed in scarlet and gold.
And she carried in her hand a jeweled chalice.
And in this chalice she collected
The abominations and filthiness of her sins.
And as I watched the wretched of the
Earth were made drunk with the wine
Of her fornications.

And so this whore did glorify her iniquities
And therefore shall her plagues come in a single day.
And she brought upon herself famine and
mourning and death.
And the merchants of wickedness shall lament.
In the smoke of her burning.
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