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Preaching Evil Full Album Lyrics

pek - Preaching Evil cover art

Preaching Evil

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  87.5 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2014-10-13)
1. Preaching Evil (3:45)
Preaching evil
behind altar,
covered with blood
the blood of the gods

Perverted demons
appear from beyond
of lust & death

Renounce holy laws,
heavenly kingdom
cease to exist
rejoice satan

Legion of sin
Sporead thy wings
rise from hell-fire
consume the flesh.
2. S.A.T.A.N. (Sanctity Exiled by Abhorrent Legions Triumphant Anti-Christ Nemesis) (0:52)
S on of the dark will
A rrive from
T he deepest
A byss
N efarious

S torm of evil
A wakened
T errible fiend
A troucious
N oxious

S anctity exciled
A bhorrent legions
T riumphant
A nti-christ
N emesis

S educer
A dversary
T errorizer
A rdent
N ucleus
3. Funeral Orations for the Detoriated Corpse of a Metal Deficient God (3:26)
4. Satans Mark (3:43)
Vicious number
Devil's son
out of the dark
Satan's mark

Malicious number
mentally ill
Satan's mark
Evil in numbers
the beast inside
can not hide
Satan's mark

Dwelling in darkness
Your soiled soul
ripped apart
Satan´s mark

Devil son - our of the dark
Mentally ill - the devils will
your soliled soul - ripped apart
5. Malicious Delight in the Suffering of Christ (3:30)
6. Messenger of Eternal Damnation (5:52)
Your dogma forced upon
believe or burn, apocalyptic
prophecy, never-ending

Messenger of eternal damnation
holy son, son of god, prophet of doom
Messenger of eternal damnation
sinner's soul, your holy goal, damnation!

Hear my words, reverse the cross!
desecrate the flesh of christ
sacrilege, blasphemy

Messenger of eternal damnation
we proclaim the descending of evil
Messenger of eternal damnation
liberate domination satanic

Religious disciples all alike,
enter the burning pentagram
observe with awe the flame of baphomet
listen & hear him speak, it echoes
through your mind: no god... no gods...
no god... no god... no god
7. Blessing the Blackness (Celebrant cover) (3:43)
Look and you will see
remains of the dead
souls that are dreaming
visions from beyond to the grave

Spitting the blood
upon the cross
curse the flesh
and bless the dead

Bless the blackness
I curse the son of your weak & impotent god
Bless the blackness
I curse the son of your weak & impotent god

I am your flesh
I am you blood
I am you true god

Crush the nails
False messiah
False messiah
8. Leviathan (3:36)
Deep beneath, far away
from the sun, dwelling in oceanic dephts
darkness in its purest form.
Earth & sea, fire & water
merging, barren wasteland
volcanic, vitriolic.

Abyssmal darkness, leviathan
Inhuman Chaos, Leviathan
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