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Pandemia - Spreading the Message cover art

Spreading the Message

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsLost Disciple Records
Album rating :  -
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Spreading the Message Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-09-24)
1. Intro
2. Stiffness
Far to solitude
Escape out of myself
No thought and no intention
Only beautiful stiffness

Far away from solitude
Be god myself for me
View these strange imnessions
Without realizing that

No thought and no intention
Only impressions which remain in you
No aureole, m쮖o layers of mire
Only beautiful stiffness

Accumulate these rare impressions
Falling asleep and waking up
And then perhaps understand
Or forever lose
3. Majestic Suffering
I flayed myself alive
And mere air hurts me already
I maim my soul
I spread my body with salt

Nearly dead with mental pain and confusion
I develop my megalomania in the underground
I suffer like christ
However I am without pain

I suffer like christ
However I am without pain

I am affraid of real life
And it elates me in my eyes
Is cheaper happiness better
Than majestic suffering ?

I bring into the limit that
You ventured not in the halfway
You consider your cowardice prudent
You consider your cowardice prudent
4. Free Strokes
Agony, goes through my body
Painful ecstasy, goes through my soul
Agony, burst of energy
Fury, helpless and anger

Release in myself, the tension
Release in myself, the depressing states
Confused of you, confused of myself, confused of all
Painful ecstasy, atrocity
5. Intro
6. The Tones Are Weaker
When there is a storm inside
And your feet don't touch the earth
And you are trying to take fog
Into the tragedy of a moment

Your sleepy awareness
Giving out that screaming tone
You stay hammered
Under the screaming bells

And you wanna move the different spheres
And new taste of face
Chained under the rush of your thoughts
Your questions, your indecisive decisions

You concentrate on this movement
Into dying
Great moments of dying
Intoxicating nonsense for dreams

Hands fondling your breast
The light hands
Stop the feeling
And hold it for the upcoming moments
7. Slavemind
The collective soul
Succumbs to teh influence of illusions
Fused with the crowd
A virile force, a fanatized sensation

Influenced by aimless ideas
You lose your will in the crowd
Listen to the one who took in from you
He is strong now

Listen to the blind man
The one who brings you to ruin
The creator of these lies feels like
Becoming simply - a martyr

The colossal strength of ignorance
The smashing force of coalescence
Blind faith makes a slave of you
A slave to his ill vision

Enslaved by foreign dreams
Standing in the crowd conceitedly
Give an ear to the morbid liar
Help him become a martyr

Listen to the madman
Repetitive blatherings are contagious
Do build for him temples
All of you who need an idol
8. Leaves In The Storm
Exposed to a foreign world
A breaking away from the mother moon
Part and parcel of this cosmic encounter
There is no way back

Exposed to a cold world
And we are dying
Where now does the path lead
Back to suffering? We ask

The center of cosmic chaos
The outcries of man
Victims of a cruel mistake
The impenetrable silence of the world

I cry... But only for myself
We too persevere only for ourselves
Without bearings we live
Without bearings we will consume

One's entire life is in confusion
During which order will never set in
While happiness arrives only after the last drops
Always for only eversight do we live

We're in pursuit of the wind
Like leaves in the storm
The victims of a cruel mistake
Consider why don't you suicide...
9. Intro
10. Spreading The Message
You wake up in me
From endlessly wistful tones
Your are my emotions
You rend through my mouth, still stronger

Powerful wave swell in my chest
And scatter into my eyes
You lead my movements
Still stronger, still clearer

Stretch arms sideways, crucified
Stretch arms sideways, got ready for flying

I can see all of the dead ones
And bless all of teh unborn ones
I love all of these who saw through
And forgive all of the cowardly ones

I take in all the vanity and pain
All the beauty and love

Frost is going to stroke my body
But I have fire in veins
Infinite kingdom in my heart
I can feel once more like god
11. Presentiment Of The Souls
We knock down edges of our thoughts
We crap them into soft lies
We carefully knock down the edges
And look down upon everything

How many of us are able to stand on bottom?
We deny everything in ourselves
How many of us are able to stand on bottom?
We celebrate everything in ouselves

Fumbling of strange souls
Which show themselves like loss in our eyes
Are they only compromises
Or are they closer to aim

It's such a sweet feeling
To be center of the confusion
To be able to hear the roar
It's so painful to admit everything

But nobody will show you the right way
Nobody knows anything and doesn't want to know
It's easuer not to think about it
It suffices just to anticipate it
12. Created Again
The last of us fails strength too
That's already pointless to arouse
Illusion of work ability
Two empty hads , resist whip gust hard

Human body turns into the living mixture of flesh and blood
Dead tired doesn't already wail
Someone always finds the way to help him
To undress him from the clothes

Then just stand on the brink of abbys waiting for the blow from heaven
Every naked body reacts another way
Scene is never completely happened again
Everytime it's different

Only chosen ones are done to be
Creator of scene of this irratable
Exciting and mysterious passage
From one to other side

New and new images are created again
Images of the end of life and the coming of death
13. Outro
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