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Othyrworld - Beyond into the Night of Day cover art

Beyond into the Night of Day

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
LabelsOthyr World Recordingz
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Beyond into the Night of Day Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-12)       Last modified by level Wait (2011-08-12)
1. Ayltuthus I (0:36) instrumental
2. Of the Sun + Moon (4:27)
the echoes of my past livez
now float in the recessez of my mind
a life beneath the virgin starz
forever free we ran in forestz high
when from the skiez
there came travellerz from beyond our realmz

of the sun + moon
of the sun + moon

from a shore that existz no more
there sailed a ship
that vanished in the skiez
an ancient eyez the world above
certain he'll return there when he diez
as thoughtz of man
reach out in wavez to unknown darkness blind

morning seez a figure press cold fingerz
to the warmth felt from the sun
in light of the moon a different man
listenz to the night as he had once done
from flesh to steel he buildz his world
still governed by the wayz

of the sun + moon
of the sun + moon
of the sun + moon
3. Fieldz the Sunshrine (4:26)
symptomatic matter
recollective interchange
sometimez lifeline passive membranez
intellect so strange
a borderless society
informal relativity
conjunctional relief
in some new distorted land

a parametric solstice sea
beneath a subchromatic lie
an alternated empire crumblez
vanishing from sky
decided interaction
as a concept in contraction
between the linez we modulate
of the boundariez unaware
i live in fieldz the sunshrine
the underlying presence yieldz
a power + awareness
of my existence in fieldz
symptomatic matter
recollective interchange
a blind line procreative
macroisolate in range
loop fact integrity
deleted timeless estuary
release the moldz
that bind the thoughtz
+ free the hostile reign
4. Odyssey of Light (1:59) instrumental
5. Ethereal Skyline (4:00)
colorz lying in the sun
in streamz across the tidal timez
beyond into the night of day
are cloudz of recall seething
ethereal skyline
linez recede into the dark
shimmered on the silence shifting
beneath the rayz of atmosphere
the universe conceiving
ethereal skyline
ethereal skyline
slipping home to outline oceanz
guised by windz eternal blow
above the cloudz the air is thinning
here we find
ethereal skyline
ethereal skyline
ethereal skyline
6. The Reign of Night Rainz (1:02) instrumental
7. Legacy (4:21)
as a weary wind blown day turnz grey
a skyward glance took me away
the eternal mind
let itz message flow
endowing truth i had never known
to be at piece within the memoriez
that are my legacy
inherited from immortalz past
the thoughtz instilled
the diez are cast
memoriez of life
a storm of dreamz
that troubled timez
ride calm for me
to be at piece within the memoriez
that are my legacy
sunlight was descending on the valley
sliverz of light sliced through the treez
tranquil in my subconscious sanctuary
a place where the woundz of time
can heal
the sunlight wastez an idle day
beneath blue summer skiez I lay
a mist of memory cloudz containz containz
the imagez that will remain forever
moonlight crept into the shadow hallwayz
starshine left the afternoon to play
silence holdz the darkness to itz intimacy
be at piece within the memoriez
that are my legacy
8. Right Ascension (6:17)
i am a prisoner of time
trapped within a lost dimension
waiting for the transit tide
the right ascension
instrument of destiny
i await your apogee
when i regain control

i seek the keeper of all time
master of the book of agez
inside are ledgerz of the mind examined
as i turn the pagez
the vital link in destiny
unlocking all the imagery
guardian unforetold
secretz that you hold
you used to walk with me
through the pristine gardenz
where the emerald waterz
flowed through our mindz
you used to talk to me
but now you stare in silence
what other secretz did you find
behold the testament of space
control of all that pass within it
through the corridor of light
the gateway i see within it
behold the fortress of eternity
the reigning light of destiny
passage through the starz
you used to want to see
all the changing rhythmz
displayed for the morning'z waking eye
but now you're stiff + cold
sightless + growing old
watching the world around you die
9. To Lunar Windz... (4:21) instrumental
10. The Alignment [Including Beyond into the Night of Day] (4:51)
you are the reason
we are here tonight
twilight in shadowz
trying to find the light

i realize

blindly careening
a dreamlike intensity
living between where you are
+ where you want to be
with all the integrity
of your newfound reality
when you decide

to realign

you are the reason
we are here tonight
untimely seasoned shadowz
fleet in the light
to find on the other side
dreamz can materialize
when you decide

we align
11. The Pressing (3:19)
winding through the cloudz
somewhere out of time
a journey of the mind
into the thought of other timez
daylight makez itz way to a foreign sky
a landscape new to see
the universe my own again
the pressing into another time
gently windz caress
thoughtz of different mindz
connected by their fieldz
now sharing thoughtz of freedom
bleeding through the veinz
between platez of time
the moment to redeem
when end + beginning collide
the pressing into another time
the pressing into another time
safe at home again
as a wind ridez by
within a ventured mind
pressing through the plainz
to another world
sharing thoughtz so free
the universe my home again
the pressing into another time
the pressing into another time
the pressing into another mind
12. In Light of the Moon (3:04)
oceanz be
let me find you
as the forest partz to see
my spirit flowz
deep within your past
follow the sun
as her colourz run
beneath the silent recluse
of your bodiez warm
now the sky retainz the one
which takez itz course
as nocturnal sun
in light of the moon
we press towardz the shore tonight
oceanz rise
let me find you
as you come ashore
now you reach me in wavez
that dance in the night
higher you climb envisioned within
the soft velvet light
that strayz itz beamz
on the sandz of time
that have freed me
to eternity
in light of the moon
we press towardz the shore
oceanz subside
for now the night
has turned the tidez
+ wash away the pain of yesterday
leave behind tomorrow for the psychic sea
for i know as the shoreline returnz to you
so shall my life return to me
in light of the moon
in light of the moon
in light of the moon
13. Moon (9:56)

I. Enigma

elusion illusion
finding the conclusion
that may never be reached
beseeched by those
who'll risk the poison die
for eyeful close examination
misleading for the searcher
as misbelieving nor conceiving
what liez beyond the gate
awaitz attention
apprehension of your state
of being inquisitive

ambition condition
yourself as supposition
that the answer
not even doez exist
persist + you will find
mind you another quest
the jest of the occasion
will bring a repetition
of the beginning or end
the same as a friend
who tried respond

sour the hour
see me to the tower
o'er the courtyard
outward the children play
away from the grip of tomorrow
or sorrow will bring on the start
of seclusion delusion of all that'z been done
in this fantasy
completing receding
into the opening of a new day

II. Memoirs (Of The Dream Of Dawn)

across the common
where the madman screamz
into a pool
of infinite reflectionz
a misty veil
liftz itz purple huez
into the view of my inner eye
say hey as i fade to grey
i catch the sunrise coming on
in memoirz of the dream of dawn

at the garden gate
i just had to wait
for they all could see i was leaving
as it slowly swung
on hingez where it hung
i closed the real world behind
as it beckoned me to carry on
in memoirz of the dream of dawn

shifting sightz on summer nightz
danced across my magic lawnz
that left winter'z freeze
tinged on autumn leavez
as memoirz of the dream of dawn

a pond of space left in my place
held my storiez till the morning
as i lay shadowed in warm silhouettez
living memoirz
of the dream of dawn

my silent wordz
whispered still + sound
embraced in my life'z secret groundz
a paradise within my mind
across the sleepy yawn
memoirz of the dream of dawn
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