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Omnium Gatherum - The Redshift cover art

The Redshift

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsCandlelight Records
Album rating :  87 / 100
Votes :  26
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The Redshift Lyrics

Submitted by level Zyklus
1. Nail (3:44)
yet eyes full of strength
a wicked smile
to pass you by
he doesn't care
yet the grin brings out
the compassion
a four string hero
a nail of a man
gigantic sleeping FAL-L for us

The nail
will cut you deep
and he still does not care
the nail will bring you the keeper
of the eternal sleeper

And suddenly
like a flash of light
and reappears again
he is moving
and he doesn't sleep
it is up to you
will you laugh
or cry
the nail will suck you dry
bone dry.


most of us
2. A Shadowkey (4:29)
The canvas tells
every truth
for older are
nights and days
and everything in between
this canvas rates
the coming youth
the younger one
hides in their ways
knows all the plays
by heart

For aeons
and nanos
we danced
my love
the tru-e-st,
queen of night

are the places
of the youth
a little slower
the older cru
in their suits
I held you so dearly
I held you too long
I truly am
my queen

-There are steps to wonder
and eye-sides (ice to cover yourself in-to)
but love holds the night-white
lighter key


don't know how
3. Chameleon Skin (4:56)
to slip through realms
a light beam
to fulfill the shadow
and a team
is sometimes what you
growing stronger by the nano(aeon)
then pay heed
to what I say,
no more day by day
into agony

now the shape is
different again
and again
back to
little old me

from time to time
you have to be
a chameleon dream

growing more silent
by the aeon
the need
to hear
I say

no more
endless awaken hours
never to dream hopelessly
the snake-skin-thing


to redeploy energy
4. No Breaking Point (3:47)
The light(night)
is ever so bright
through this dark
of the night(light)
despite the fall
you might fall
pay attention
all right!

listen with
all your might
don't let them
break you
they deserve a fight

You wish
to have a plan for me
a laid out answer
for sore and sad eyes
but the butterfly
it flies away
with memories


the proper way
5. The Return (5:28)
Pick it up
from there
where it was left
aright thing to do
yours truly
be a star among the stars
so far
joining and sharing the light
we all are

there is no real burden
in helping others
realize the angel
inside a promise

All those years
they were never in vain
'cause the pain
it guides the way
back home

don't you fall back
you are worth the honour
and if they cry
weep with them
and give away
all you ever received

don't you...
enjoy the talks with me
don't you...
respect the privacy


6. Shapes And Shades (4:51)
Soaring over the black nights sea
dressed with white garments of light
eyes keen on the promise
-so, I have returned-
there is no real chance
I'd ever run out of bombs
and indeed
I can behave as wished
when I wish

seen the lighthouse of the promise
promised to keep
yet the light is moving
it is moving away from me
but i am not even trying to catch it
it will come to me

not here to
submit unto
here to love you
untill-and over the end

There are forms of worms
trying to seize it all
and they keep failing and falling
'cause the garden is sealed
from there with ill-

as the crossing over happens
without smile or tears
leave every-thing behind


our ultimate goal
7. The Redshifter (3:41)
what if?
there is no re-action
what then?
eyes assuming direct action

just to be safe
hide the eys
from the ever hungry
just in case for nightfall
keep 'em focused but not blind
not too bright

what if?
there is no reflection
what then?
ears consuming the distortion

I saw them
in deserted space
they were served by sin
They laughed
with no eyes

you have to be warned of what you are
about to see


is never
8. Greeneyes (4:39)
I need a reason
to go back
out of the season
to fall into black
your staring eyes
captivate me
yet I am free

The air is quiet
for we are joined as one
and still you look as though
there is nothing wrong
in the echo

I am free in the echo

Is there something wrong in the echo


9. The Second Flame (4:24)
You grow
in a maze of evolution
bout you don't know
the right part to heal
it won't be your flesh
despite you need it
or the intellect
the one from where you
feed it
just keep appearing inside
higher is deeper

in a soft, warm and natural light
tryin to keep it clean
to keep it clean
to make it last the fight (like a knight)
and I will be the one who kneels alone
I'll be the one
and they will be the ones

The 2nd flame
burns brighter at the end of the day

you flow
in a haze of this illusion
but you don't know
which part to feel
be it in your bodies?
'cause you need 'em
or the intellect?
the one from where you
feed 'em
just keep appealing inside
higher is deeper

And it was kind of like love
then grew a-part


in sight
10. Song For December (2:19)


I live with the fear
11. Distant Light Highway (5:34)
Seen the ways of the old
hung around
with the newbies
out in the cold
for matters and reasons now long gone
I'm told
bold moves souls sold
and you wish you were special
each passing day

Hey you visitors
and the sons of th emother
let me sing you a song
a melody from a tear
carved out of fear
they are gathered into my heart

count the moment
a leap over a gorge
lash the whip if you must
but remember
gentlemen are known to talk and walk

This centered path took 'em home
where the father and the unknown are known
to disappear
from the yearning thoughts of men
we never caved
all the souls were saved
just to be bold


so should you
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