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Nocturnal Graves - Satan's Cross cover art

Satan's Cross

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlackened Death Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsNuclear War Now! Productions
Album rating :  96.7 / 100
Votes :  3
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Satan's Cross Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-09)
1. Aggressive Exterminator (6:46)
Brothers of ancient blood gather and pronounce the call
Summon the will of the serpent and
Speak with the venom of Satan
Hear the voice of the deathless one
And behold His infernal power
The eldest One dreaming that we may live

Hail great Cthuhlu

Leviathan! Lucifer! Sabazios! Dagon!
By Yuggoth I rise to the world with
Horror to rule for eternity

For ages you have slept through the
Reign of the God of death awakened
Into life sustained by every breath
The Eternal Serpent dreaming the source
Of all there is
From the sea I call the great ones
From the abyss the great ones call

The old ones were
The old ones are
And the old ones shall be again

Bow to the will of Satan and hear the Angels cry
Dripping tears of blood
Into the chalice for the undead to drink

By the seal of 9 and shining trapezoid
None shall hazard our wrath
For we are known to the old
2. Rotten Cremation (2:38)
Your corpse cast into the fire
Horrid stench does fill the air
Flesh and blood is burning
Hair and eyes disintegrating

Stomach is ulcerating
Blistering heat charred excrement
A pile of bone
All that remains of a life defiled
Veins cannot bleed
Rigor Mortis took control
Foul stench of decay
Your breath is dead so burn away

Rotten cremation
A fine way to send your departed to hell
Burning their corpse
A sickening sight that awaits you in death
It lies at the heart of your human disgrace
But where lay the glory?
In reducing your life to a pile of ash
3. Skullthrone (2:55)
Into the valley
Swords clashing, bodies thrashing
Blood spilling
10, 000 Warriors
Fight to the death cannot see the end
By your neck you shall hang unto death
No longer will you feel your breath

Onward march our hordes shall fish
Under command
By the rule of the blade your kind does bow
Our armies rise and reject defeat
To take what is ours your kind must bleed

Reapers rise
From the depths of the abyss your soul is mine
War and Death
Your skull and spine I claim as my prize
By sword by axe
Crushing and ruling I rise from death
Feel my wrath
My name shall be spoken through the ages to come
4. Whore of Sodom (4:33)
Burning in the night
Fueled by delight
Commanding with her bestial sex
This fucking whore you won't forget

Corrupting your desires
Deceiving your thoughts
Inspiring demonic thrust
You'll beg for her to end your lust

Now you're down on your knees
This bitch is gonna make you bleed
Manipulating your desire
Whore of Sodom will cleanse by fire
5. Nocturnal Maniac (2:33)
Blasphemous Son born of Hell fire
Nocturnal destroyer feasting on your life
Under the banner of violence and cruelty
Sadistic torture the pain awaits your soul

In a cloud of darkness I creep like a horrible mist
As chills of fear cripple your will to live
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, paralyzed
Look into my eyes, meet with evil ready to die

Gleam of the blade
Slashing and cutting your limbs, you bleed
Embrace your pain
Feel my pleasure as I hear you scream

I cannot stop
This is my lust and I must satisfy
This sickening urge
How can I end such a beautiful sight?

Sent down into Hell, I've opened the gates
Where Demon's will torture your soul
The bringer of death controlled by the blade
Frenzy of bloodshed my lust
No one to answer you cry out in pain
A sardonic smile you see
Let go of your life, there's no turning back
My blade has set you free
6. When the Demons Feast (3:01)
Smash through the gates
Attack with violent hate
Break down the cross
Upon the Angels feast
Eternal darkness creeps
Winds of war they sweep
Killing all in sight
Under Satanic might

Condemn the weak ones under the fire
The Antichrist was born to rise
We are the warriors of Satan
We'll desecrate the fucking lambs of Christ
The torture will not end
And violence lives again
Bred to exterminate
Fight until the utter end
Condemn your life to death
And feel the Devils breath
The wrath of Satan's Whore
And fear the return once more

Arise! On mighty wings draped with human flesh
Descend! And ravage the temples of the martyrs

Blood rains when the Demons feast
Devouring the corpses of Angels
The skyline aflame
Incarnation of the dark

See the flames burning through
And watch the Phoenix rise
A new golden age is true
Satanic victory
Incarnation of the dark
7. The Pestilence Crucified (4:07)
Marching to the funeral of the world
Soldiers of death, legions of hate
Satan commanding the war
Attacking with power, we fight to the death
Kill without mercy and strike
Ravage their temples and lay waste their fate
Preacher of doom and of death
Show us the way in your temple of hate

The power of victory enthroned
All angels of peace shall die by command
The words from the master of hell
Unleashing with fury your merciless spell

Arising from the temple of Hell
Draped in the shadow of death
Morbid thoughts explode
And shatter the illusion of the cross

Preacher at Hells gate your fate is sealed by death
Angel of white light raped at Satan's left hand
Carrion of darkness, your hatred felt by man
8. Satan's Cross (3:50)
Revenge, Triumph, Victory, reclaim the power enthroned
Suffer writhe in agony, crushed skull of the martyr
Anger fuels the hate, to smash, attack and kill
Destruction, chaos, fire signals the coming of the hordes

Break the seal of angels, spit venom on the face of God
No mercy for bloodshed spilling, as burning children cry
Torture, rape and murder, drink from the cup of vengeance
Liars torn to pieces, feel the wrath of the master

And bow to our cross
Bow down
Submit without question
Kneel to our cross
Kneel down
To break down your will
Submit to your master

Revenge is closing swift, vengeful power strike
Axe crushing born, expulsion of madness rites
From chaos will rise, a new dawn of order
A day when the weak shall
Feel the wrath of the master

And bow to our cross
Bow down
Submit without question
Kneel to our cross
Kneel down
To break down your will
Submit to your master
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