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Nexilva - Eschatologies cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal, Progressive Deathcore
LabelsGhost Music
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  3
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Eschatologies Lyrics

Submitted by level Scotty Vortekz (2017-04-08)
1. I: Teste Humanitatem Mori
2. The Misdirection of God
Praise me, or be destroyed in my fire. This is hell, what you're waiting for.

Fuck the faith of this world. I am the true creator of your worthless lives.
I can choose to obliterate your souls, within a blink of an eye.
And all of you will learn to fear me and obey my every command, without hesitation.
And I will welcome you to a paradise that meets your every dream.

I am the caller of the storm, I can bring a whole nation to its knee's.
With a single breath from my lungs, all your precious ground will be claimed by the sea.
All I demand is three offerings to meet my every need.

This will be fulfilled.

The blood of your rival religions, it sates my first for blood, of mindless drones willing to die for their God.
Which I am to be. Kill them, kill them all!
Wipe each other out and reign victorious.

And bleed the earth dry of its resources, you're the only species capable of doing this.
Exchange this to your fellow man, for your worthless currency, and burn it all!

So the vapours rise to my fucking chest. But keep all man in a state of mind, that I am all thats good in this world
so that they continue to fulfil my every need.

Humanity will die.

All this time you have been deceived by me. You have been destroying your world from the start
and now you beg for mercy, will i choose to spare your filthy race?
3. Our Progenitor
Liars are what you are for forcing your deceit down our throats
against the fallen one. No substantial explanation to why this punishment has come to pass

He is the morning star, purging the darkness from our world.
We are descended from this being to live our lives of ignorance
and stand so simple to convince.

Our progenitor, he will return.

He seeks vengeance against the cowardly catholicism of man, he will destroy them all.
They will scream forever in confusion for condemning him as the one they know as satan.

They were lies from the mouth of a madman, possessed angelic beings to betray him into exile.
and though he stood in frozen cocytus, he plotted his powerful return.
For Venus aligns with the earth, he shall rise from hell and they will beg for redemption.
But first he shall display a cruel act of power to put them in line and the innocent shall walk free.

I know that christianity will label us liars. but this is a message for humanity: a holy book could be all lies.

Obey their every word.

Our progenitor, he will return.
4. This is Humanity
We are the monsters of the world. Always wanting more, it never satisfies.
And we take it while ignoring consequence, un-bewildered by the change of atmosphere.
And we set off hate against each other. To begin a war that never ends.
Always dealing death to stay ahead of the pack.

They're lapping all their power up, leaving thousands in their wake at the hands of starvation.
Make the peasants pay the price for their poor chance of luck.
Fucking bind them till they break! (Fucking bind them till they break!)

Dealing death to reach the top. Always wanting more.

Filthy oppressor, over privileged defiler
And the time will come when you lead us to doom

Now the snakes have deceived their way on the throne.

Witness the tragedy that we fulfilled. And break apart the tranquil feeling
Erase it from the texts.
Let no one feel the joy of the sunrise.
Nor the apex of the sky, colonise us to think the same. Let us become one force, bowing to your every whim.
If you feed our addictions we're yours to serve.

And now the hate has consumed us now we reign this nuclear filth upon ourselves.
It will show our true form, a monstrous mutation. We will end the world.
5. II: Scientia Tenebris
6. Necromancer
Heresy has gone untouched this night to bring forth the gravest curse, the world has ever seen.
Bring them back from the dead and prepare the invasion of the surface. World of the living will fall this night.

Reanimate their bodies so their heads behold the light. Like a child emerged from his mothers womb.
Behold as they await their masters call.
Ever grateful for their gift of false life, tied to his life force they shall become puppets of the necromancer

Forever fucking slaves to his will obeying without question. They walk the land, prepare yourself to join the undead.

The necromancer rules.

They walk the land prepare yourselves to join the undead feel this infection loosen your mind.
Feed on the flesh of the living.

Their hunger is endless this contagion manifests in your flesh. Infecting your mind, shutting down all attributes within.
Replacing them with the instincts of a carnivorous cannibal of night. Watch the rest of the world run away from you
from grave fear of your intentions. But now the necromancer rules the world, as the only living man on this planet.
That was already poisoned from the start and hear this silence forever.

Undead from now to infinity.

This is the end of our curse.
7. The Collapse
We are gathered here today to witness the unthinkable. A bellowing sound echoes through the world,
no man can withstand they shall fall to their knees.
They look up to the sky to witness god falling from the clouds.
Where will you go when the end comes?

They shall scream in their pain, knowing all hope has disappeared.
The shackles of society wither instantly.

Return to the wild who will fight to survive. Who will live? Who will die?

But on the horizon, a gigantic hand fills the skyline. Followed by a more powerful figure.
Run this is Lucifer, in the flesh. Mercy does not hold him back.
Look into his eyes. An exact example of the hell that awaits, that awaits us.

This is the end. This is armageddon we have no fear for the death of a false god.
For we are saved. Nothing can stop him. Run, this is Lucifer. This is the end
8. Eschatologies
The prophecies have come full circle on this day and we will die.

The scriptures tell of fire, covering the world. Mankind shall scream simultaneously.
As the pain courses through the nerves. Sending fucking countless souls to hell.

And now the devil has enslaved an army to overrun heaven itself.
The saints and angels will never stand a chance as the mortal souls storm this pearly gates.
God stands ready on his throne but the hoard is overpowering, now they send his fucking corpse to the ruined earth.

All hope dies with him too. Light shall die as well.

Now earth stands lifeless and desolate and dark. Satan sets his course for other worlds.
To reign an empire upon the unknown. His army swells as each world is obliterated
And no being can oppose him for his power is infinite. Flame is the only element now.
All will burn forever.

The stars fall from their rightful place. Creating a million suns. The remnants of the planets fuse together.
To become one. We were all deceived. Satan has become God. Memories are wiped from the souls of the dead.
To begin earth again and this shall happen once every one million years. The ancients will predict the end once again.
An endless repeat for eternity and the next devil will overthrow the current king.

Humanity has no say in this. This is what must be done. To insure direction and maintain the balance
between the light and the dark. This is the endless prophecy forever we will fear the wrath of the gods.

Evil will prevail.
9. Cybernetic Lucidity
You have brought the end upon yourselves, manufacturing artificial intelligence.
To match the will of your own.
Prepare to fall by the hands of your creation.

Take them all away. Stored in cryogenic cells, comatose forever, never to wake up.
Dream of virtual realities till the end of time.

The machines shall use you as their life force an infinite resource.
To serve the interest of prosthetic life. But in return you shall not know that you're
all enslaved and depend upon that virtual reality to serve as fulfilled life.

Till you're old and grey and ready for disposal.
Prepare for your slumber. You will never wake you will not feel life wither away.
The end is here so make peace with your god. The earth will darken this night.

A high resonant frequency shall wake the machines and cause them too rise from the ground.

Black clouds of carbon fumes fill the air. Darkening the planet, diminishing all life.
Humans will rot to dust in seconds of exposure. Exposure to the atmosphere.

The machines dance in prosthetic sunlight absorbing solar energies: an endless circle
to be upheld.

Activate program enslavement
Infinite dreams are all you know. Connected to a global software, you will never wake.

Human beings shall never see the light of day. God has left them to their fate for ignoring his warnings.
Black clouds of carbon fumes fill the air. Initiate sleep.
11. Premonitions
I've seen a vision to the end of the world. Thousands try to seek safety from the flame of hell
but the attempts to flee are futile. For the flame shall cloak the world killing all it touches.
Now i feel unstable to face the world.

Face the fucking world

This unknown fear it fucking sickens me, I run forever i try to hide myself.

I'm all alone in the plains running from my premonition. Sickened, stricken, embracing what awaits.
to the point of surrendering to fate. But god has learned of what I've seen now his servants
shall hunt me to the end of the world.

Now I've become enslaved no light shall cross my eyes, gods disciples shall hide me from the world to
prevent my warning reaching innocent ears.

Into the sky. I've seen a vision of unholy demise. I've seen the children scream and tear out their eyes.
to hide from the horrors at the end of their lives.

The world shall burn while i am chained to the walls of the vatican, i have failed humanity,
the cardinals shall watch the world burn in despair, with a grim look on their faces

Evil will prevail. The end has come.

We've been betrayed this vision was the only means for us to be saved. The disease has lived
for far too long.
12. Invasion
The invasion has begun. Behold the end.

They have come from hell to put this afflicted world out of its misery. As they charge through the boarders of
each land. Every victim joins their cause.

They lie and deceive with the promise of sustainability and peaceful existence. But all i see
is fucking hopelessness. And mass control to keep us in the ranks of their evil system.

They have taken form as a state of mind corrupting those with the power of control.
They are drunk on their power. Its time to tip the fucking scales.(Time to tip the fucking scales)
We should not conform, lets fight back, snatch out their all seeing eye.

And know their addictions will die, rendering all conflicts inert of their purpose.
Its time to fight. Fight back.

And once we end this blight upon our world will it be a better place.
to think nothing of the wars that have passed.
They shall be nothing but a memory.

And now these days shall be tranquil and free but this will not last.

We are human after all.

A species of filth.
A corrupted race.
A self righteous cause.
A destructive lie.
We will end the world.
Evil will Prevail.
13. Evil Will Prevail
No amount of effort will achieve global peace, for human nature is feral and mendacious.
We are the parasites in the blood of a dead world, slowly infecting it till its last breath.

And now we disguise ourselves as saints, harbouring a fatuous idea.
That we serve the lord to justify our actions and enslave others to steer humanity in one direction.

Evil will prevail, we're all fucking blind
Evil will prevail, we're a species of hate and we seek completion from possessions
to feel false pride. and we fear all difference so we make our ways known to all.
To create an excuse for war.

War will never end. Violence for every generation.

We have been fighting since the beginning of time war will never end if we continue to place deceivers
upon thrones. Revere them as heroes, endure the truth of being colonised.

We are all enslaved to the weaker ones.

Oh Humanity we resonate misery. Feel the pain of war.

The end has come. Everything is destroyed. The earth is nothing but dust.
At last we've achieved peace. Achieved Peace

Hear the silence of the galaxy no more selfishness for mankind.
Embrace the change of ages. Breath freely now.
The fumes have disappeared, salvation!
Nothing will outlast me.

And now the stars can finally heal what's left.
And the Earth will recreate.
14. IV: Non Magis Adrogantiam
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