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Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsDrowned Productions
Album rating :  88.3 / 100
Votes :  3
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Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-04-12)
1. Gorefruit Treasure (3:56)
Treasure of life is called
Even when childcorpse is revealed
Mangled in gore will dignify

Horrea Larva has taken form
An image of the sickening one
Cries of child drown in flesh
Disfigured mask gasps for air

Horror is put close the breast
Crooked arms and twisted legs
Empty eyes hids misery
Repulsive face shocks the mind
Of the one who has brought it to life

Hands oppress the nose
Mandible is breaking, brain flows out
Through craneal fissures
Splattered life an egg
Delicious act of cracking life itself
Of those condemned to suffer

Gorefruit Treasure
2. Childcorpse Malformations (0:44)
Malformations, living expression of grotesque monstrosity
Refused abortion, brings internal suffering
Interruption before birth or after horror
3. Necrotic Narcosis (3:46)
Reek of sex
Fading mind
Quest for lust
Vaginal bath
Decayed fingers embrace me back
The breath of earth distorts my wrath

Distorts my wrath.......

A gorgeous feast sleeps here down
Treasure of rotting flesh

Of rotting flesh


Decomposed vault hids the jewel
Stinking mouth spitting the pus

I begin th eat torn flesh around
Vaginal juice mixed with blood


Sperm flows, grow inside
the lethal birth of nihil wrath
Pleasure maggot run across
Till is born the hardest drug
The necrophilic...narcosis
4. A Fragment From Chaopula (4:58)
Images initiate
The travel, journey to occult
Reflecting in vortex of parallel worlds
Of unknown malevolence

The universal master of fatal
Awaits re-enter to earth
The half peice of negative power
Into dimension of flesh

Chaopula, the citadel
Mirrors, the horrors reflex

Hole in time
Fissure of space
Void of matter
A gate dor disgrace

Psychic mirrors
Of universal chaos
Buildings of power
Of the global occult
5. Astral Corpse (5:42)
As narcotic stenchs, escape from the eye
of rotness
Abdomen shows the fruit, the reeking
viscera turning fluid

Corporal fluids swell the venter till the morbid blast
Godly soul now evolve from the storm of intestinal gas

Flesh froze in ground, bursting out the mixture

The reeking corpse spitting it, astral stench of mother nature

Stomach about to generate the secre travel of soul

Astral corpse fly away, beyond knowledge of men

Maggots devour the brain, psychic world perish in ground

A storm of fetors evolve from earth
The soul that always the talk us about?

Fatal destiny impulse thoughts to fall in fatal errors

Configure your spirituality
Drown in humours of nature
Vaporous materiality
Of astral decomposure

Denial of decay
Is so absurd and primitive
Maggots gore to blast
Till the last essence of life

Configure your spirituality
Drown in humours of nature
Vaporous materiality
Of astral decomposure

Stomach about to explode, to spill the tetric juice
Infection about to generate, the secret trave of soul
6. Cyclic Pathology of Natura (3:46)
Part l - The Ocean of Infestation

The neutral sea of humid earth
Prepare humus for gestation
Summun stage of solidness
Detination is rotation

Ac ocean inside the structure
Close the area of infection
Center the mass of fluids
To overflow predation

Continous division

Ventral mutation
Ocean of infestation

Part ll - The Tower of Fluids

The tetric monument of inert organisms
Raise the sttlement, a gory pyramid

Uphold the frame
Of abject force
Sustain the main
Sickness to behold

The fortress now leave down
Rotten lims to freeze
Erecting with its pride
A mountain of debris

Subjacent in the frame
Remains the corpse of weakness
An age of grotesque raising
Towards the dome of fall

Part lll - Embowelment of Energy

The haired ark crush
The surgery of consume
Grinds the heap of bones
Deification for a few
Entrails flow till cleanse
Interior of mighty skull
Dilution, embalmation, before gastrical evacuation

Dehydrated is reduced
Morphed into pus
Dissolved in acid juices
Morphos total loose

Part IV - Flux of sickness

A river outside the structure
Flows from the area of infection
Fills the enchanting box
The overflowing claw
7. Depressed in Crimson Climax (4:06)
Under brainbirth sickness
Pressure your conscious break
Visions of real madly flow
Into possessive fade out

Carved tongues
Torn muscles
Bloodbath drown you dead
Because of your growing pain

Naking the one
Naking your mind
Make her feel harsh
After to hash

Several minutes of intensive pleasure
Leading your enslavement the way you decide
Exploring delight in your victim's flesh
Or enjoying with skin in your own one

The emotion of pumping hearts
Stopping its rhythm in your hands
A bleedeep hole in darkness
A short delay for brain to mute

Gutting the bitch
Fleeling you loose the global sense

Of mediocrity
Flying above this object's flesh

Inside the venter, gory climax is got
Fingers dissect, angry you torn
Hanged away your depressive thoughts

You have the key
Pleasure they lock
A pass to grow
From flesh, from yours
Reborn in gorce, from flesh, from yours

Subconscious terrorizes me, trapping in bowels my voice

The climax of depression, ejecting me down

Awakening free, spitting the gore
Your limbs are mixing, the flowing blood
Raise your body, from such awful feast

Emotions fade
As female pieces of flesh
Go down the drain
Joining with god
8. Glutting the Guts (3:57)
Childbirth, your delight nightmare
Being birth inverse, victim feeds its thirst

A chain of bowels, choke the lungs
Mother's venter about to blast

Gorge the flesh before it burst
Engulfed bastard avoid the rupture

Devoure the disease, glutting the guts
Rotting inside, tornbirth appart

Smashing the prey, chilcorpse decays
Diggesting it all, excreting its sigh
The foetus is gasping stomachal juice
Drowns in sea of beautiful life
A reeking gallow of ripping torn flesh
Surrounds and hurts this wonderful neck

Is hurting the neck

The mother is dead

Corossive digestion
Head dilutes
Diminution of malformation

Reeking limbs
The acids degrade
Reduced to a mere
Childhood of cells
Cannibal trunk
This life abort
Glutting the guts
Of this primitive form

Child form's death

Abort pain and disgusting suffering
9. Image Control in Biosphere of Unreal (5:43)
Virtual world of perceptions
Evolves with us in real time
Medioambiental conditions or manipulation...
...of an iconic atmosphere?
Are we only virtual beings?

Cyclic sceneries, hanging above
Rotating and showing our vital torch

Cloning the leylines to recreate...

...a third dimension in which the crust
Frontieres are broken eternally

Plagued inside the cataclism
Vision surround is paralyzed
Travel through climate translation
inside the eye of holocaust
Like a neutron star
Embryo of neuron it suck
A curved brain reach the dome
Truthghoul is give in stream


Virtual world of perceptions
Evolves with us in real time
Medioambiental conditions or manipulation...
...of an iconic atmosphere?

Are we only virtual beings?

Emerging from fonts of knowledge
The monsters of remote sufferings

Throw creators of nature-control
Into trap of solid illusions

Curving above the cryptical motion
Human mourn loss of structuration
Lashing himself with imagination
Animating seems real, a flooding of photons
inside our minds
Chaos of knowledge, make us control
biosphere of unreal

Make us control
Our fall into error
Fear overflows
Our reasoning force
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