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Nachtfalke - As the Wolves Died cover art

As the Wolves Died

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPagan Black Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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As the Wolves Died Lyrics

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1. Call From Udgaard (1:18)
2. Wrath of Old Gods (3:05)
A horde of giants
Who pollute and exploite
Punished by Wotan
Who was betrayed

Christ greed and profit
Turned their hearts into stone
By thunder and lightning
They fall off their throne

The soul of Midgard
In mountains and trees
By the power of Miöllnir
Will again be free

Tornados and earthquakes
Lightnings and fire
Destroy the false world
Mother Nature's desire

The revenge of nature
Storms coming down
The wrath of old gods
Hail the new dawn
3. Let Me Die (8:02)
I fought many battles
Sacrificed you many men
Now the time has come
To see my ancestors again

Let me die Allfather
And awake in Valhall
My blood runs for you
That you can hear my call

My soul will be free
By a kiss of the valkyrie
Who takes me to Asgard
Wotan honours my bravery

I saw my last sunrise
Said my wife goodbye
Prepared to leave the world
Wotan let me die

My final battle waits
To show my loyalty
Dying with the sword in hands
I die to live eternally
4. Praise the War (4:45)
5. Midsummer (5:22)
The longest night
Rhythmic beats of a drum
Coldness is going
A new summer will come

The golden sun disappears
behind the horizon
The quickest night
Before a new rising

Gives new life
Gives new strength

The marriage between
Darkness and pure light
Between earth and sun
Giving hope and pride

We will celebrate
That folkish event
For the new prosperity
Of our land

Secures the harvest
Gives new warmth
6. When the Wolves Return (3:46)
The smell of blood
Grey shadows in the night
A wolfpack hunting
Comrades side by side

The dawn of the ancient
Of pagan wisdom
The old way awakes with
battle pride and freedom

Geri and Freki
Symbols of the great hunt
Ulfhetnirs might
For glory they are bound

Anger and fury
Let their eyes burn
Paganism will awake
When the wolves return

Free your heathen soul
Hunt and kill
For gods and ancestors
Hunt and kill
7. Blood and Iron (Bathory Cover) (9:47)
Blood and Iron

O, so it is written son
When all waters and land you see
All around came to birth
Man and beast was one
And the gods of the sky
Walked the face of the earth

Few free and innocent
Man strolled paths next to those
Of beasts seeing no signs
But stars in the sky
Knowing of day and night
Of rain and winds, hunger and fright
But not of death nor of life

While all was at ease with all
Living creatures and beast and the gods of the sky enjoyed the lavish
riches of this world, giants rose out of their caves and took to the
skies challenging the gods for the power of the universe.
Only when the great halls of Valhalla stood aflame lighting up the
worlds all around did the gods wake up from their drunken sleep, to
speed through the heavens and clash with the giants in the greatest
battle ever seen.
Heads arms and legs of both giant and god fell down upon the earth
and... The weapons... The swords of shining metal... And those who
found them and took these shining blades in hand were only men, now
man was the master of this world.

The story tells of stormy skies [sings: raging winds]
Black clouds gathered up high
And of lightning striking from a
Burning bloodred sky

The mountains crumbled to the seas
Earth shook the worlds collide
Ending the age of gods
Giving birth to our time

And man lived and learned
The secret of steel

Ore of earth - fire of sky
Forged is blade of gods

Blood and iron Blood and iron
Blood and iron Blood and iron
Blood and iron Blood and iron
Blood and iron Blood and iron

So the age to learn and to teach
for man begins, the power to know
the blood and iron discipline, and
tell the story of how man was granted
these shining blades of steel

Knowing of the past she will know
of the tomorrow and man shall reign, yes,
even conquer other worlds and she will set
sails on her starships sailing across the
black space and become the new gods of the skies.
[The skies... the skies... the skies... the skies... the skies...
the skies... the skies...]

Blood and iron.
8. Hail the Old Gods (2:42)
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