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My Shameful - Of All the Wrong Things cover art

Of All the Wrong Things

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal, death metal
LabelsFirebox Records
Album rating :  -
Votes :  0
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Of All the Wrong Things Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-05-25)
1. Intro (0:41)
2. Scattered Ashes (7:18)
What was will never be the same
when all is burnt away
In this, the fire of my soul
can you see, where I lost it all

Can you help me
to gather all the pieces
that once were my life

Trampled into the dusty ground
Waiting to be saved from the fire
Broken and small, they with fear
of morning that might not come

And as the sad sun goes down
All that's left I'll gather
and make a great fire
to light this dark night

I have forsaken
All that is mine
I will no longer be there
I will not see your eyes -your tears
And the horror which is graven within

Help me
To end this pain
Help me
To end this pain

Help me
to be the man I always posed
Help me
To stand on my own
Help me
to walk this path home
3. Blackend Lies (8:11)
Will you come to me
for the one last time?
Would you hold me
this deformed body
Will you wipe away my tears
so shameful....

Help me! Save me!
From myself, once again
Hold me! Save me!
From this dark night
Hold me! Save me!
Till I can walk again
Hold me! Save me!
Till I can cast you away

Can you hear as I whisper
These promises?
Words of love and hope
dripping of poison
Can you see how
my tears turn black
Hold me as I betray you!

Help me! Save me!
once again, from myself
Hold me! Save me!
From this ever night
Hold me! Save me!
Till I can walk again
Hold me! Save me!
Till I can cast you away

And all that I ever said to you
All those sweet lies you ate from my hands
they will come back to me
and I will fall down once again

Take me down from here
-show me what sorrow means
Take me down from here
-show me what pain love can bring

Show me how broken my soul is
show me all my wounds
Make me a whole man again
Let me feel what pain really MEANS!!!

Take me down from here
-show me how you can hurt me
Take me down from here
-let me feel it all once again and again
4. A Saddened Sunset (8:26)
Just another saddened day break, again
Where ever I lay my weary look
I see memories, memories of pain
In remembrance of this hell, I wake again

Do you see all of this, all this pain
Written on the wall, all of my agony I felt for long
A saddened sunset will not hide these
memories, on the grave of my dignity

I feel not like a human no more
But a ghost I am, a shadow of past
I do not remember what it was like
to rejoice to feel the sun
for too long I have been here
Trapped inside this betrayer body
how would I like to end this
But my hand will not rise, to do the final deed

"from daybreak to sundown
I feel the same pain throbbing
inside this wretched body
the body that once I commended"

"But now, all I ask for, is the end to come quickly"
5. The Wind That Burns All (7:00)
Save your last prayers
come down to meet me here
lower yourself to my level
let your hate be free
see yourself
and what we've become
a lower form of life
as we tumble through the last times

Fall down on your knees
Pray for mercy before me
ask for forgiveness
from the one who can't speak

Created this, a setting for a soul
to die away, to die away from the cold
a gray sky upon us
snow is black ash now
do you feel how it comes closer
every day

and would you believe when I say there's nothing we could do

Fall down on your knees
Pray for mercy before me
ask for forgiveness
from the one who can't speak

Here it comes -the terrible
the beautiful -the last of sunsets

here it comes -the terrible
the beautiful -the wind that burns all

here we go -the feeble
the small -finally... we are all dead
6. Beneath (6:42)
Should the sun hurt my eyes
Then should I close them
Should I seek hide from under
Under soothing rock so heavy

Beneath the world will I hide
till the end
Beneath the soil will I find
a resting place, warm and safe
I would not seek for knowledge
I just long for the silence
Should I long for company
Worms of earth will keep me

Just lay me down
let me be all by myself
sick of listening
to your poisoned words
sick of hearing
of a better way
sick of knowing
what have I done

Bring yourself to see My demise
Bring all you've got, and blame it all on me
for I am here, dying at you feet
See for one last time how I curse you all
7. I Fear (8:45)
All the time I wasted
hasting from one to another
never seeing, what was laid before me
now time has slipped away from my hands
And here I stand, at the end of time
and see, there is nothing I would not regret in
my shameful, shameful life
for a moment I do despair for there is no going back
I cannot mend the deed I did not do
I can’t undo all the harm I’ve caused

Save these words of mine
and see the horror I face each day
like sand, time slips away from me
and there is no gate to close, nothing will stop it

Hold on to me
I don’t want it to end like this
Hold my hand for a while
Keep me warm, till night passes by

I feel it all begin to change
My body betray me, it turns to earth
Oh, how I would like to rest
But I... I fear the darkness...
8. Blamed (7:25)
A break of the day
shines upon me again
here in my hide
where I will not be found
I hide from the world
from the accusing eyes
Silent forever
I lay still hoping...

And when all has been lost
I know, I will be forgiven

Turn your eyes away
do not lay that gaze upon me
for this mere shell of mine
would surely break before thee
would you like to see
how rotten I have become
A mere shell resembles me
beneath, there is nothing

And when all has been lost
I know, I will be forgiven

slowly, in turn of time
we dance, our last waltz
a battle, so graceful
not for dominion
we fight for survival
and for dying
we wait for the end
and we fear to begin

Silent, as always
they stand before me
your servants
my feared enemy
your accusal
it crushes me
and here it ends

I lay dead at your feet
I want no pity
just close my eyes when I am gone
so I may forever sleep
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