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Mortuary Drape - Secret Sudaria cover art

Secret Sudaria

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsNazgul´s Eyrie
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  2
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Secret Sudaria Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-19)
1. Obsessed By Necromancy (4:58)
I believe in doom searching in occultism
I have found the way lead me among the witch
Exist another world plain upon material
Populated by spectral apparition
Objects of the power symbolism occult
Under the influence of the firmament

Hidden by the wise illuminated soul
Out living in time into manuscript
Medianic contact danger's divination
Shadows evocation I've got warning doom
Warning about existence foresee pain in life
By someone is deny this is pure black magic

Obsessed by necromancy
Obsession for Necromancy

It's a true reality living in cemetery
Implication of the birth is the death
Phenomenic wall of cadaverical sleep
Catelepsy is a strange state of necromancy

This is not worship this is not submission
This is divination this is knowledge and wise
The fictitious world is yetziratic
It's an atavic truth it's for me a mission
Mortuary is my mind my think in life is death
I'm a tormented soul I live in damnation
2. Wandering Spirits (5:06)
Those tormented souls now tormented our soul
Reincarnation will not be expiation
Will make acute the evil of themselves
Godness know if their damnation will be of yours

Scream for revenge for this anti-being
There is no resurrection there is no peace
Remain to blind at the stake unchained
themselves pain
Wandering in this place between life and death

Desire of pain destructived desire
Desire of lust desire of sucking

Beware envoke this not not appearing
Malignants spirit destructived force
Symbolism of an obscure power
Serving through it. A dark desire.
3. Abbót (4:50)
Nothing could ever satisfy you
Nothing could ever mesmerize you
Death only could ever please you
Blood only could ever fill you
Worst are your very thoughts
Deep is your inside lust
Dark are your greedy actions
Black is your wicked soul
Looking out in the night
Going to keep on the fight
Bleeding the light at your feet
Evil is all what you need

Abbot, long black power nights of screams
Abbot, on the altar sometime twins
Abbot, with their blood we'll fill your cup
Abbot, with their flesh we'll greed our lusts

Libertinage wildness perversion
Religion in sexual distortion
Satanism rebel reflection
All that in black mass unwinding
Holy host on genitals
Priest and whore united embrace
Cut throat blood stained crucifix
Offertory in blood mixing meal
He wants be your confessor
Masturbation while he's speaking
Sin means nothing to abbey
Conceived life beyond the accepted
4. Necromancer (3:18)
Invoker of the shadows, read his book of doom
Torment of necromancer, dimension astral wizard
Appear from a vision, a mystic incantation
Not still illuminated, but cover magic way

In a state of prediction, premonition stake
Clairvoyancy his eyes, to get in touch
With occult energies, the rule on them
Awared power, knowing and dare
Wandering spirits disturb his way
What is the karma? The dark has lower
At the edge of way, a thick of colours
Ancestral vision, to feel alone

Torment of Necromancer

You're not alone know, another sphere
Assume a form, as magic medium
Difficult to plain, to win your fear
To meet your will, you'll rule the sphere
5. Evil Death (3:00)
You can feel it, through the night
You can hear it, tells to flight
In the air, nothing sweat
On the earth, the evil death

Standing together in the light of the moon
Our black coven will rise up soon
Closing the job and unleashing the force
Now dig the earth and piss on the corpse

Eternal fire, grant us power
Eternal fire, now is the hour

Cursing united and born of one bomb
Dressed up in black and riding a broom
Lighting the candle beginning the rite
Appearing the demons and smiling at sight

Evil death, rise the dead
Evil death, course of hell

Awaiting the sign from the blackened sky
Pleasure for killing desire to die
Blows from the North wind of the Lord
Screaming for vengeance howling like wolf
6. Madness (3:33)
Together forever we'll kill
Tonight you'll pay the bill
To those who never believed
Too much today you have lived

Kicking and ripping your face
Making you fall in disgrace
Forcing you sit on your shit
Scaring you say, I like it

Madness, laughing and fighting we'll take you to hell
Madness, break all your bones and we'll be well
Madness, break all your bones and we'll be well
Madness, smashing and crashing forever we dwell

Choosing black magic to fight
Always we search our light
Seeking and raping your cunts
Forever and ever we'll hunt

But now our dark time has come
Black work is going to be done
Come on enjoy our bestiality
Come on follow the insanity
7. Secret Sudaria (1:15)
8. Cycle Of Horror (4:50)
I have received a revelation
Seven state of them that not appearing
Mysterious cycle of a mysterious sphere

Behind the symbol a real dimension
Rivalutation of the horror
Altered aspect by mediocrity

Dreadful images by transmigration
This is a key of underworld

Union with the corpse, searching understand
Dissolution to enter in desinty, my eyes to see
Eyes of the dark
In horror face I've seen connection
Comes from the past this secret danger
In mists of time there is remember

Cycle of horror
9. Necromaniac (5:17)
When the night is turning black, and all around is silence
Know the time is come, time begin the rite
Pulsating blood in veins, lacerating lust in brain
As you enter the cemetery, and go ahead to the grave

Dark silent figures, braiding up and down the place
Will consent you all night long, to reach and stand the gate
After having done the signs, and the candles burning bright
You begin to dig the earth, till you see the consumpt body

Necromaniac, hell's desire to live in sin
Necromaniac, on this night you will begin
Necromaniac, hells desire to live in sin
Necromaniac, black forever the way you're in

Smell of death is in the air, rotten flesh is what you care
As the quarters the unknown corpse, filling up it all with blood
Now that evil has been fulfilled, you can make all your questions
Lust of wealth sex and power, filling deep that dark desire

But the night is going to end, and you cannot forthee stand
When the sun is rising high, trying to bring the right life
Oh but never never never, could it more sustain
'Cause black power on the earth, is now ready to explode again
10. Presences (4:04)
Invisible but active spirits around me
Unknown doom is the secret, the life is handled
By unknown being, they can condition
My existence, can be malignant

If you know the art, they will come to you
Don't call them for sake, or curiosity
Or enjoyment or pass time, but for divination
It's the only way, to choose the way

Occult presences in this world
Visibles exaltation is the key

You can see them, you can hear them
Body is prison, of your soul
All birth all change, all die all regerenate
If you die it's caused by your destiny

If you won't to die, why die you?
Death beginning, of regeneration
And when I'll be dead, I'll become a presence
From the underworld, I shall be presences
11. Malediction (6:42)
One night a fatal dream. He lived his victim vengeance. And at last she's returned, for a mystic evil invitation.
I will come for the new malediction...
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