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Mortuary Drape - Buried in Time cover art

Buried in Time

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsAvantgarde Music
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Buried in Time Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-19)
1. Unfading Revenge (6:46)
Slowly I start to come in a place,hidden the the peoples eyes,
They believe but don't know
What's real in the shadow zone I'm looking
Occult part of everything they call chance

A light that appear in a dream,This is the way living shadows dwell in this place
The shadow zone shows another place,like a recipient containing the imaginary
It's the obscurity demean,the same place changes
One different way to try,you talk & observe

Sometimes you dream the death,meeting place
Maybe what you see is a giving of the invisible
It's strange but somewhere,Sometimes life is hung to a thread
You ask yourself,I've nothing sinister but a sign

Realizing,too late,of an unique remembering
Realizing,too late,of an unique discover

I try to come in the usual hidden place,
People now hold out their arms to help me,
Bit I can't reach them 'cause my arms are paralyzed

The shadow zone of my mind got rid,
The imaginary recipient makes me
Aware of what was obscure before
The day of meeting with mother death has come
And now I'm ready for the passage
My life is no longer hung to a thread
I had an answer to my question

Everything that was sinister leave no sign
My dark side is a strange larval contact now

Realizing,too late,of an unique destiny
Realizing,too late,of an unique discover
Larvas in my room,they don't want to go away
Larvas in my room,here they dwell eternally

Will I succeed in getting rid of them,I fall asleep forever,
The day of meeting with mother death has come
2. Deep Void (4:47)
The cellar passage is connected
To the instinctive fulcrum of the cross to eleven

The lacks of breath chokes the act of praying
And there's no way out from this cursed place

Now I know what's the meaning of the words
"To deserve Hell,eternal deserve"

Anguish drive me crazy,empty & depress
Unknown fear frighten me

The one in hell doesn't speak,it's a deep prostration state,
Where emptiness & anguish totally get the upper hand over everything

God left this place too,because he renounced to pretend my soul

The winged bitch of prostitution wants me to celebrate our marry

When I asked to the medium what's the undead world,
She enigmatically answered me,
Telling about my future & my destiny,fear in my head,
Ready to face the worst things

All my worries & troubles were written
In this page & recorded in this tape

This place gives no space to pray your God,
Because you're un - awared but possessed

Fear & anguish flowing along these walls
Are much bigger than the usual harmony of the soul

I don't believe to all that poets,
Preachers & Satanists who talk about hell
They describe an estetic
Romantic & decadent evil
But evil is really not as they say
3. Ectoplasm (4:33)
In this fulcrum of convergent forces
Nothing moves,nothing seems to live in darkness
The four winds are now breathing with us
Spirit's procession,begins from past

Again,body stars are falling
Again,spirit's voices & shadows,
In life,jusy illusion of peace
In death endless pleasure for being,
Alive & dead

Ectoplasm The sky is your grave
In the vertical wind
The non materia power
Double life desire

Fluidic body,In so dark the sky
Pwer of candle enlights them
There's no way to understand their will
Just another night,to explode
In torment & pain

Ectoplasm Horror life & death
Behind the judgement of scythe sait
The non materia power
Double life desire

Trying to escape in all direction invain
No one knows his obscure intention of pain
In a vertical fly in a terrible falling no door....

Finally his fluidic light can't vanish, no more
4. Mistery... Guide Us To Death (4:36)
Reciting Mea Culpa,reciting all your sins
You'll just find a perpetual failure of existence

Leaving the silence guide to death

Another sign,at the cosmic doom,
Under the eye,of the silver moon
Children's flesh candles,enlight the way
From perpetual black,in search for a ray
They say Devil will take your sould
They say Devil will leave you in pain
Hiding truth,in a black Vatican book
Changing story,of an ancient reality

Reciting Mea Culpa,no one will hear your voice,
In endless despeartion,no more you'll can rejoice

Leaving the silence,guide us to death

Toucjing the will,of Post Mortem state
Standing again,between life & death
Misguided larvaes dance around my bed
Telling me about the four elements cycle
They say these are just stupid lies
Impossible to retell the voice of one dies
We'll find salvation,into the church
F**king dead children,finding "The Mission"

But I want to know

Torment,voice of evil,leave your dead body,
Mirrir,destroy my mortal figure give me evestrum
Demons,trapped in your kingdom,blow up my body
So millions of vertical rays............

Reciting Mea Culpa,reciting all your sins
You'll just find a perpetual failure of existence

Reciting Mea Culpa,no one will hear your voice
In endless desperation no more you'll can rejoice
5. Look Behind (7:39)
The wheel of changes played it's part
Correction order
All planes are completely faded
Soon will be spreaded the cabalistic race

The whole human race buried in time,looking behind
We can see the past splendour
The golden wheel will go on in darkness,silence of beatification

I'm praying for me,I'm flinged in unknown hidden
In a time over the time,my time will disappear

Worms will consume history,As it doesn't mean anything
Our death will be in the deep hollow of cosmic underworld...
Of cosmic underworld

Everything existing will disappear
Time doesn't know centuries & history
Buried in a deep grave,lost & forgotten
Onest indifference in front of a tombstone
That doesn't make me remembering anything

Looking in thousands terrible abysses
All fragmented points of view in chaos
Even my God is lost,in the infinite orizon
I & only I in front of me,it doesn't exist an answer

We'll never know if we're
Because there are no points of comparison

Screaming & laughing in silence,vision of colors in darkness
Width of mind is ran out,backwarded in numbers
Zero numbers one channel,black hole of destruction
Obliged passage to decompisition

We'll never know if were
Because there are no points of comparison
6. Mirror Portrait (1:15)
7. Who Calls Me (4:13)
From the darkness they came to me
Tormented souls existence
It's a mysterious influence
It's the cold summer of death

Place to remember,old images

Tears on tombstones
The three 6 6 6
Spectres from the past call my name
Unnamed is what I'm seeing

In the charnel house they live
And dwell eternally
And dwell eternally

Meditation that thinks at pre - existence
My damnation is to live in sadness & pain

Expiation we must,understand our way
The cemetary leaves your corpse
In fear & safeness

Time has come to reveal this darkest way
This darkest way

Who calls me,from the charnel house
Spectres,call my name
Who calls me,spectres call my name

It's a mysterious influence
It's the cold summer of death
Place to remember old images
Who calls me
Spectres call my name...No
8. Spiritism... Around Us (5:23)
Apparition....standing in a frozen reality
Who are you...they must fulfill...must not know
Place that fall...the violet cloud...the shine opaque...
Translucent sight,remembering in confusion,
What has been...what's left undone
And then gone...And then died...down...

Lowering in fading light & seeing the gloomy fog
Is it violation of natural law
Vision of a propitiatory rite
With strange worlds & signs done with moving gestures

Hour & the voices fall in sincronicity
Fall in catalepsy giving vent the entities
Murmuring an answer with stentorian breath
With the smell & colours just the aura of death

Beside.An inverted creation
Around.Psychic infected putreeation
Fall down.In the web of the hanged
Await.In the limb of the damned

Spiritism double larvae of defuncts
Spiritism a cadaverical rest
Spiritism feel the rattle & the sigh
Spiritism lead the path the other way

Disintegrating all spiritual unity
An obsession from a deep & distant recess
The sensation does no more belong to yourself
The possession & fear someone dwells inside you

Door the opens in dangerous psychic area
The obcurrent absorbing force & breath of life
Mortuary ambient while the meeting waits for the deads
Dark procession soon you'll take a part with all them
9. Animism (4:55)
When he cannot see the shadow unrelating & slowly
Anymore he's destined to die
Beware of crossing & treading by the light of sun
The burial of the tomb
And then I've seen my double painted in a portrait
Who looks at me from a mirror

Animism The latent part of demons
Animism Manifestation of hidden
Animism Beside double of shadows
Inspired or kill me!!!

I must realize my double before seeing my body image
The dream shows me my "own other" while I am the other
Look at me
A strict relation between Gemini's obsession &
Anguish of death

Schizophrenic presence stands beyond the door
Alone in deep silence to reflect my trouble
I am walking hanged 'til the dark room
Mother & daughter double of nightmare
She's calling her name

Between the conflict schizophrenic Christ
And his other antichrist
His other in the reign of dream reflects
On water surface
The shadows of the soul of aldrego in the night
Moves around my living body
10. Your Last Cradle (7:33)
I saw you in your bed in precarious conditions
There were no use but going on with
What you would have never wanted

Persons around you to judge your life
Moments of anxiety & terror,in your eyes
The visage of death have,already taken you,
Some gestures to let you be knowing but nothing can save you
Farewell,you salute is climbing the 7 floors,opening the 7 gates
It's death,It is death,you're the death

No,no,you told me different things,that I was out of danger
And now I see myself there,in the bed,among you
My body doesn't belong to me,look at me,I'm over your heads

I wander,searching for an abode,I'm not sure I'll rest in peace
Bit surelly I'll live beside you

I reached a place I don't know, it seems dwellt by...
What happens,I turn & see that I'm inside a dark place crowded by people,
There are those who committed evil & they're paying for that
Torn & suffering bodies stretch out the hand & ask for my help
Souls,they're souls,souls in great distress

No,nooo,this is not my place,I have never sinned in my life,
And now you stretch out your hand to receive me in the affliction's realm
No,I don't deserve this,Maybe you're doing a terrible mistake

I run away to another place & I'll wander until someone will show me where I can stop,
I'm not sure I'll rest in poeace,But surelly I'll live beside you

At last I arrive at the wisdom's door,I'm received by an big glare
I'm not scared because I feel it's the right place,
I don't beieve I deserve this but for once I'll be finally in peace

You cheated me,everything was false
I can't think that there will be other lies here
Fire will burn my body & my ashes will be scattered everywhere
Power of the magic of the dead,power of the non - living's world

I'm everywhere & even if I won't rest in peace
I'll be forever beside you...forever beside you...forever beside you

Laying down in the coffin with a suave expression,
I awit for your last salutation until my body leaves you forever
My image will remain forever in your memory
Blessed me...
11. Crosses In Graveyard (8:02)
Welcome to my funeral,the first step has been done
In the hearse I lie down & shelter among four candelabra
In front of me the rainbow is still the last farewell to this life
An hail to death I'm bewildered about my condition
Look at my body,look at my coffin
What happened to my body,what has been of my soul
Double shade of soul drama
There's silence among those present an
I'm gaining round in burial procession
So I'm not wrong...they're crosses in graveyard
Who cares if they know or not
Looks like the death built this place
As to say "We are with you"
I'll come back telling you the story of the cross
All those crosses,talk about themselves
Sometimes they sing,sometimes they cry
Understand the symbol of the cross
What's the secret concealed
There are many things in the place called death
I don't know if anything but this...
I rest in solitude with a sense of fear,in an inner silent void
Dead carry my cross & my flame,stare confused united
To the procession of shadows going toward the veil,mortal decay
Is this my new state,or it's the coming one
The real things of the funeral are graveyard crosses
The ones concerning life,or the ones concerning death
Again the veil in front of me
Like when I'm wrapped in you mortuary drape
You have revealed & shown an unknown doom
It's a return to death's dawn,death's revenge
Necrobell toll,ancestral force
Resting with a doubt
Silently deep darkness
Misantropic feeling
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