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Molotov Solution - Molotov Solution cover art

Molotov Solution

TypeStudio Full-length
LabelsTwelve Gauge
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Molotov Solution Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2011-12-30)
1. Introduction (2:00)
We Will Not Be Silenced!
2. Corporatocracy (4:28)
1040 forms and fiat currency share much in common,
like absolute illegitimacy and paper construction.
no income-tax law exists, nor does tangible value in a dollar,
but every day someone goes to prison over one or the other.

A 1913 scheme with aim to reach neo-feudalism
by stripping Congress of the Constitutional power they were given
would guarantee unpayable debt, generations born into a prison
the death of the nation began with the birth of the federal reserve system.

Incremental erosion of sovereignty to ensure a smooth transition into totalitarian global governance.

Asses and elephants are equally malevolent when
bought and paid for by big business and bankers, (democracy is a myth)
and voting becomes seemingly irrelevant when
electronic machines have supplanted paper. (democracy is a myth)

National sovereignty surrendered to multi-national corporations,
Law enforcement to infrastructure undergoing total privatization,
Consolidation of power progressing under globalization,
International banks, corporations and government working together...

Against the rest of us,
the rest of the population,
Because when you print the money,
Power becomes your only aspiration.

I pledge eternal war
with those obsessed with control.
Bilderberg to CFR,
We will crush you all.
3. An Even More Inconvenient Truth (3:15)
"Fear the coming years, for they will bring famine and drought,
Devastating storms and floods as polar ice caps melt,
Hell on Earth unless standards of living are significantly reduced,
with a global tax on carbon emissions so that less is produced."

From forced sterilization to one-child policies,
Jail time for eco-crimes to a tax on the very air we breathe,
The rise of global government and the decline of individual liberty.
"Freedom must be sacrificed to fight the impending climate catastrophe."

The world's poorest nations under pressure not to develop,
Told to abandon affordable forms of energy and adopt the world's most expensive,
By first-world political elites that fly private jets and drive hybrids,
Somehow romanticizing peasant life seems easier if you've never lived it.

Media outlets pushing the lie that there is a general consensus,
Ostracizing any scientist who speaks out with dissenting evidence,
And it makes sense when climate science is a multi-billion dollar industry,
Without a problem a massive constituency would be without a salary.

"Fear the coming years, for they will bring famine and drought,
Devastating storms and floods as polar ice caps melt,
Hell on Earth unless standards of living are significantly reduced,
with a global tax on carbon emissions so that less is produced."

An urge to control the entire world disguised as an urge to save it.
4. End Game (4:06)
End justifies the means.

Machiavellian philosophy guides their mentality to maintain power no matter how many casualties it may cost in the end. 150 million killed by their governments last century. History teaches us lessons they hope we will forget.

Hitler's inspiration came from American eugenicists and sterilization laws passed in the U.S. The CIA protected Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip.

Who are you to choose who lives and who dies?

Black men infected with syphilis under the Tuskegee Experiment. Thousands of citizens injected with uranium in secret tests. New York subways sprayed with biological agents to monitor the effects.

Experimentation is nothing new to this nation. Means to an end. This police state control grid is just means to and end. A twisted vision to reduce the population.

Populations would accept serfdom if it were packaged as saving the planet, and now elites tirelessly attempt to convince you overpopulation is a threat. And even if this were true who has the right to choose who lives and who dies? If you are that concerned with overpopulation contribute by taking your own life.

Commit suicide.
5. Psych-War (3:11)
As cathode ray tubes induce alpha brainwave hypnotic states in populations mesmerized by five hours of television every day, suggestions flow into the subconscious without viewer participation, and fewer and fewer corporations control this weapon of mass disinformation.

With rapid technological advancement it would only be a matter of time before there would be a war on for your mind.

Billions of dollars spent in fake news, stations no longer required to air opposing views, while secret programs seek to advance existing mind control technologies, all the while maintaining the illusion of democracy.

What good is freedom of speech when they control what you think?

From MK-ULTRA to Project Sheriff, LSD to LRAD, Electroshock brainwashing to riot control energy beams. It all sounds like a fucking sci-fi movie.

Attacking the very essence of what it means to be human, without "free thought" democracy can be nothing but an illusion.
6. Interlude (1:35)
7. Prison Planet (4:30)
Iris scanning. Microchipping. Wiretapping. Cataloging information on innocent citizen lives...

In this panopticon society of slavery. A culture of sheep with no concept of privacy. Those who question the system are demonized because why would you mind if you have nothing to hide?

If you have nothing to hide then why the fuck would you mind? Why the fuck would you mind that they torch the Bill of Rights, listen in on your conversations and trace everything that you buy, and microchip your cars to track and tax you by the mile?

Wake me up from this Orwellian nightmare! I'm screaming but no one around me seems to care as IBM invests in RFID technology, the same corporation that cataloged the Jews for the Nazis to be exterminated.

Now they're targeting you and me.

Iris scanning. Microchipping. Wiretapping. Cataloging information on innocent citizen lives.

Prison planet. Can't you see where this is all headed? To a high-tech police state control grid.

In this panopticon society of slavery, a culture of sheep with no concept of privacy.

Prison planet.
8. The Myth of Human Progress (2:39)
The first step to revolution is consciousness,
So I wont stop screaming at you until this all make sense.

"Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists", says the president.
In that case I'm with the "terrorists".

We're still labeling indigenous individuals "terrorists"?!
Like the "hostile" native Americans of the 1840s, no difference.

But your history books omitted that part about this place,
Dashing infants' heads on rocks, millions of natives slaughtered and raped.

Instead we're fed romanticized versions of our history at an early age,
conditioning us into accepting the mass genocides of today.

Like the current one in Iraq and other U.S. attacks.

Meanwhile millions of "Support our Troops" magnets are sold,
But I don't see anyone crying out "Bring them home!"

Cant you see that giving up liberty does not bring security, but instead only fucking tyranny?!
Pick up a book and read about our fucking history and you'll see that giving up liberty does not bring security, but instead only fucking tyranny.

The very first step to revolution is consciousness,
And i'll never stop screaming until this makes sense.
9. Order Out of Chaos (3:47)
In need of an excuse to seize total control of Germany, the Nazis coordinated the false flag burning of their own building. Followed by a staged attack against a radio station, Hitler won the people’s support for a German invasion into Poland.

Fast forward to a CIA coup in Iran when they overthrew Mohammed Mosadeq. From machine gunning crowds to bombing houses with no regard for innocent civilians as they staged terror attacks. A well-documented fact that governments use false flags to further hidden agendas.

Does the Gulf of Tonkin ring a bell? The reason we fought a war in Viet Nam. Well it turns out they never fired at us. Little damage resulted from this staged provocation except the deaths of 58,000 Americans and more than a million Viet Namese. A war only good for political elites, just like every other war it seems. While they sleep soundly at home our families...

Die in wars designed to fail.

Because after all, why rush to solve a conflict when prolonging it maximizes profit and expands the amount of liberties people are willing to relinquish in exchange for security. A tactic as old as empire, governments have used fear to control their populations.

Order out of chaos.

Governments have always used fear to control their populations.

A seemingly endless history of U.S. sponsored terror and yet I’m called a “conspiracy theorist” for asking questions and having no trust in our government.

I have no trust in any government.
10. Dark Alliance (10:25)
One of half a million locked up in a corporate-owned prison for a non-violent drug offense,
With plenty of time for reflection while making shirts at 20 cents an hour for the rest of his sentence.

How did his supplier know when the police raids would come, Ricky Ross began to question.
Questions that were answered when a journalist uncovered Blandon’s CIA connections.

Harassment and death threats grew common as this journalist’s career came to an end,
Until that day in December when he was found dead in his home, two bullet holes in his head.

But the hoax was exposed, they hoped we’d all just forget.
CIA imported the coke that sparked the crack epidemic.

A U. S. government scheme that needed funding to overthrow a Soviet-backed regime,
Contra weapons were paid for by importing cocaine into the United States.

Yet they continue to fill our prisons with citizens caught with their narcotics,
The answer to the question of why this war continues can be found in who benefits,
Alcohol, tobacco, big pharma and the prison-industrial complex.

So you and I will continue to be illegally searched,
All of our freedoms stripped away, with nothing else left to say but...

No, I do not consent to being searched. I don’t use your boss’ products. So go fuck yourself.

We the people will not be pushed around and bullied any longer.

How did we allow the land of the free to become the home of the slaves?
How can the biggest prison population be found here in the United States?
Our own willful ignorance contributed to the mess we are in today,
But now...

We the people will not be pushed around and bullied any longer.
As more truth emerges our numbers are only growing stronger.
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