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Miasmal - Miasmal cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsDark Descent Records, Detest Records, Me Saco Un Ojo Records
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
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Miasmal Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2013-09-26)
1. Mesmerized (5:10)
My eyes are burning with infernal rage
Mesmerised by the blinding light, by solar fear
A consuming force from the skies above
Unfathomable disintegration, labyrinths of pain

Arrives, a twisted shape
In these ominous rays
As I paint my irises with coal
Arrives, a liquid stone
Of flaming hate
As my brain turn to embers

My senses are dissolving into piles of ash
The terror of living eaten by the horrors of death
Drown me in the lunar sea
I'm tranquilised beyond repair, beyond regrets
2. Equinox 432 (4:18)
The meaning of my life I have never questioned
Impulses and instincts set my path
I want to see your ways deteriorate
Weakening of the kind that deserves nothing more

The cycles have turned once again
The numbers will never be different
I trust these logics, it serves my aim
My truth was never hidden, it's what I represent

Draining of the will
I thrive on life's essence

The equinox has passed once again
These years fortifies me, and the seasons pass as days
Acid rain and firestorms, show me no restrain
Stand beside me, and I'll watch you wither and decay

I am born a human, but I improved
When your time has come I’ll stand beside you
The followers I've gathered, my daughters and sons
I’ve lived for 432 years and never hesitated once
3. Blissful Cannonades (3:55)
When the explosions have faded
And the smoke has cleared
The emptiness of barren fields
I did never fear

Solo commando, war machine
My freedom was lost but is returning again

The scrapheaps are rumbling
A volcano in my ears
Loosening wrought memories
I wipe my gas ingested tears

Tear apart the land
To the last I'll stand

The power, control and ramifications
Under no flag and devout to no nation
No agendas, just ultimate fulfilment
Of my soul that I thought to be ever silent

Actions and reactions it’s all the same
My fingers caress my charred arsenal
My soul will burn with bright intensity
As I blow my mind with heavy artillery
4. We Will Live Forever (4:12)
Stones laid out in crooked formations
A medicine wheel of narcotic bliss
The lunatic congregation salutes the thousand suns of evil
Slaughtering mortality, rebuilding laws of nature

And we will live forever
Infinity has no boundaries
Yes we will live forever
And fly on black wings

Torturous rituals of soul abominations
A thunderous roar from deep down below
The screams of a thousand suns widens and swallows
Dying echoes of humanity's final fate

Contorting images shattered as the dams of sanity collapse
Our final goal is reached and the truth has come
Through the aeons our wrath will be felt
There is no escape and no prayers heard
5. Mists (4:41)
Evoke the fate that's undeniable
A mantra for the end to come
Release the contained remorse
For the lost, derelict ones
The elements of nothingness
The colours that are void
Will rise and grow, beneath our beliefs
Of a golden, sacred throne

This is the world
Of squalor's creation
Our lives will follow through
Into a mourning damnation

At the altars of sorrow
Where we worship our loss
Our knees will take root in the soil
Our bodies feeding the moss
Writing inconsequent formulas
With upside down numbers
These stillborn ideas will fade
Dissent into the obscure, into mists of closure
6. Toxic Breed (3:57)
Down in the sludge, down in the gutter
Gorging on the waste, rising again

And these ailments are what we need
Undead, unborn, a toxic breed
And these visions of discrepancy and hate
Derived from a false logic, showing cracks in the slate

Finding revenge through backwards euthanasia
Corroding their souls, mending their graves

And these ailments are what we need
Undead, unborn, a toxic breed
As the end is approaching, we have our faith
Acidic blood, vitriolic skin, a new world we’ll create
7. Death Mask (4:43)
Below countless tons of withering stone
Forgotten by time and the elements
Stillness abound, chilling to the bone
Impenetrable darkness and devoid of Earth's noise

There were scriptures of remedy manifested loud
Resurrected prophecies, sacred songs from cursed mouths
They closed the gate and sealed it shut
Locked up the wound that could never be healed

Death mask

The signs and writings that no one understood
A movement, twisted lines cracks the surface
A hateful smile lurking in the tombs
A growing fire beneath black eyes
8. Chronicles (5:52)
When the stories first were told
They fell upon deaf ears
The wretched chronicles that were written
By shaking hands, with blood red ink

Stand in the darkness, to prevail the aftermath
The circle's closed, a finalising path
The last believers, the prophecies they found
Fatal perseverance, to this our fate is bound

The wreckage drifted upon the shores
They carved out patterns in the remains
Over the lands the waves were eating
The precious and irreplaceable, lost in vain
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