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Miasma - Changes cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  82.5 / 100
Votes :  4
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Changes Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-02-10)
1. Baphomet (6:32)
Dualist that he was, believed in both:
A God above created all, but doesn't care,
A God below, the materia. Believe in both.

Therefore denial of Jesus Christ,
No son of God, mortal invention.

I show you the crucifix and tell you
Not to believe. Spit, deny Jesus Christ for
It's not true.
Baphomet, the one we hail.

Jaques de Molay, last master of Templars,
On little flame his body reeks.
Flame agonized as underdone flesh died
And he prayed to Baphomet:

"I shall overcome this mindless society!
My executioners, they won't see another year!"

Some months passed, mysterious
Circumstances, king and pope,
Both were found in their blood.
Coincidence or Baphomet?
2. Ancient Rhymes (4:31)
Hear me chant these ancient rhymes,
Remember unholy times:
Cathars hunted by royality and church.
Uncover the heretics secret knowledge!

In the year 1244 on the hill of Montsegur
To deny they refused. 205 were burned,
Tortured to death. We never forget
Churches intolerance, ecstasy of ignorance.

Depriving people of their free will,
Throughout centuries inquisition killed.
Withstand and spit on church.
Return to the ancient knowledge!

Call it blasphemy,
Call it heresy.
To be free,
That's it for me.

Ecclesiastical reign strikes minds,
Own mentality gets no acceptance.
Crush the priests and spit on church.
Return to the ancient knowledge!
3. Melding of Imagining Existence (5:06)
Purulent wounds, evoked by vicious life,
Eternal stain that's for what they strive.

Pain, grief and war, components of their God,
To honor this unholy trinity in endless tombs they fought,
Cleared the world of every thinking thing. Now they got out.

Melt imagining existence!

Unutterable abominating entities gush from below.
Stenching wave of eternal darkness, now ready to show
That everything in their way with it will flow.

Flow now with the wave and become a part,
Unreflecting, just accepting the unholy art
To embody in the wave every being's heart.
4. Schizophrenia? (9:15)
Feel the pain creeps through my veins,
Close my eyes and see this face.
What's this feeling, which cannot be named?
Try to escape this deadly race.

Realize I know it, face abhorrent feelings,
Endeavor to name it, call it schizophrenia.
Voices give me orders, I just obey,
Went to a psychiatrist, he called it schizophrenia.

Wardens with straightjackets, before I distinguish,
Force my hands on my back: "He's got schizophrenia.",
Put me in a cell. I don't know what that helps.
Scholars pass me by:"Another case of schizophrenia.".

Sit in my cell, but I'm not alone,
They speak to me, try to persuade
Me that I shall get out of this hole,
But there's just one way to evade:
Kill myself and meet with them.
This promise seems to me like heaven.

"Come and follow us!"
5. Drowning In Blood (4:46)
Fifth angel blows the trombone,
Glowing star stigmatizes the earth,
Turns it into an extreme pile,
A realm of chaos, devastation and pain.

Fire devours human's inner gates,
Thresholds in our subconsciousness,
Inventions just to keep away
Bad, ugly and suicidal intentions.

Amusement of the Gods,
As we drown in our blood.

There's no need for godly intervene,
To cause apocalypse for every human being.
When innersoles do out of body pool,
They just watch for the hill.

Bloodbath all over the world,
For cruelty our souls we sold.
Suffocation in blood that's what we need.
The work from Gods will be to from the seed.

Apocalypse now done
And we die alone.
6. The Prayer (4:37)
Hear deep growling down below!
Bloodred tombs are their home,
Greedy for human flesh,
Dark lord Satan they confess.

Demons, ghouls are their names,
Prepared for lord Satan's reign,
Armageddon, final battle will arrive,
Legions of darkness shall arise.

Take my soul, I will join!
Take my soul, I shall reign!

Take my soul, I won't hide!
Take my soul! "Your soul is mine!"

Willingless creatures, now side by side,
In nomine Satanas they'll take your life.
Sheep are not prepared for the outbreak
Of faceless aversions, which hack in the neck.

Millions go headless on their knees.
They don't fall, 'cause Satan holds the keys
To keep them erected, hidden from their maker,
So millions of headless bodies cry the prayer:
7. Morbid Knocking (7:46)
I'm standing at the turning lathe,
The work is nearly done.
A short look at the watch,
A small glint of hope.

But the machine is using the moment,
Picking up the thread,
Grasping at my shirt,
Threatening to devour me!

Torture and carnage and soon I'll be dead,
Morbid knocking in my head.
Torture and carnage, when will it stop?
Morbid knocking makes me a clot.

The workpiece is ending through my head,
Two thousand times in one minute.
My eyes swell and burst.
The result is enormous deformation.

Gears become the register
Of the seconds of my fading life.
The machine is splashing my warm blood
And painting macabre designs on the wall.
Fragments of bones are smelling up the air
And liquid flesh is dripping from the table constantly.

Morbid knocking! Morbid knocking!
Morbid knocking! Morbid - knocking!

The machine is raging like mad,
Playing with the last spark of my energy.
I'm still standing at the turning lathe,
But the work is done now.

The tool of horror gets slower and slower
And as it's standing still,
My hacked body is sinking to the floor
And I'm bathing in myself,
And I'm bathing in myself!
8. Stillbirth (2:44)
Nuclear mushrooms grace the land,
The earth is now in Satan's hand.
If you sow the seed of life,
The result will be a punished wife.

The chromosomes of hate will grow,
The beautiness of life will go.

The curse will catch the dead body,
Her hands will be very bloody.
The mother 'll cry through her throat,
As she catches sight of the clot.

Children with five hands and feet-
This is devil's perverse seed!

[Repeat 1st verse]
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