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Method - Survival Ov the Fittest cover art



Survival Ov the Fittest

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsAeon Artworx
Album rating :  86.5 / 100
Votes :  13
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Survival Ov the Fittest Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2017-01-08)
1. Breakdown The World (2:50)
Too much hard life
so far much make get tired
on the earth the world
what do you mean! myself?

one day, it have taken
in my mind that I wish
it was believing hardly
even my hope

To take my hope in unclear future
the world so much go bad
to live that world
they are so weak

How compromise can't admit
and how custom can't admit
tou have the right to changed world
we have duty to break down the world against us

The dark reality is getting mixed
even it can't recognize
they spit out in teh world
your wish is getting bigger

I need someone
this pain made crush
I need someone
the despair might crush

The pain and hate
days of despair
the pain and rage
days of despair
2. Enlighten By The Annihilation (4:15)
Breath without thinking. decontrol
full of greed and unkind desire

Deception within the mind
totally perfect,
none arguable
so viciously, (is it natural?)

Lies in eternal, will ever remain?
the time has come for our sin

Death storm will strikes us
this will be final cremate of mankind

Human efforts at predicting
the future are notoriously inaccurate.
Self-proclaimed seers and prophets have been
proven wrong time and time again.

Is this the fatal thread? first taint, last judgement
karma to burn. our subsistence bow down to hell
3. Unspeakable Pain (4:37)
Unspeakable pain
in this madneess descend time
can't find exit,
just fall down deep endlessly

Hallucination by conspiracy?
or eternal hell of reality?

Ov vanity calm, icon is in
through hollow ground
my throat is supress

By my own, Carry on, it is I, Carry on
entity open wide eat my birth through parade of lie

The awe at landing, and the hours of reflection
and self-questioning that persist long
after whole poor life
endure teh relentless periodic humiliation.
just go with the flow.

Penalty of aculeate, this aculeate..
oh my thirsty, deep dark model lie
burn arts gone arts gone,
a utter vast scheme is raised
destined for longing thrall
4. Psycho Paradise (4:02)
Don't let me shut in anymore
getting so tired from everyday
such people as same image
please preayer my escape

Could not forever
in the life of people
getting so much tired
it's wish the last

Searching for lost freedom
break down world's wall
get buried the dark is the memories
all the thing die

Rusted wings spread
in engless paradise
let me liberate from my soul

Scorn yourself foolish
ignorance isn't the best
the breains is filled with tiresome
it make me crazy more

On the surface through paradise
dried earth's only slave
today the sun go down
tomorrow is another hell
5. Lost Inner Circle (5:46)
Boldly and fearlessly
Days of struggle.
Burn my consistence will
Smeared by intense pain and despair

Watch my absence comrade
Alone with bitter smile
Continually unwanted situation
Slowly I lose my inner circle

Betrayed and suggered an affront
Times of dejection,
To persecute, eradicate, extirpate
Ruined my wrathful memories

Fade away like nothingness?
go back nonexistence?

Pepare! my enemy of reality
destroy all matters of my surrounding

Beyond fear of death, in eternal exist.
keep unchanged mind, to the last.
by awakening I feel more then strong
the beginning of endless march
with new comrade
6. Hideous Process (1:14)
7. Survival Ov The Fittest (4:22)
Feeling sharp enemy's eyes
look the world through a bloodshot eyes
dried lips and a false smile
is it really your face

Dog eat dog life
feel the shouldered pain
can't hide fallen desire
dirty foulness becoming life

Nobody knows your truth
is this just real life?
changing into a figure
do you wish to resemble?

What do you take - it feels like pain
what do you get - trick yourself
what do you think - shedin tears
what do you mean - chaos

Look at the enemy - what do you want
kill the enemy - save yourself

Losing ourselves, for destiny..
pain in the darkness brutal life comse along..!

Endless desire becomes your power
the truth is waste
all the story can't be heard
it exist alone in this world

Fuard your enemy all around
the fear disappears
a process is no need for mercy
that's only win
8. Coldest Fear (4:44)
To the end of filthy life
death is in your hand
wrong or right is no need
anymore anyhow

I have nothing to loose
nothing to say
keep lacerate me more
yes, this way

Killing me, killing me
let me die. a flawless
grinning, grinning
disgusting smile

The act of distorting
so preposterous
but can't ignore
in deep distress

Nothing but coldest fear
this is so insane
the wages of sin is death
then what's my sin

Extreme mental Distress
Unbearable physical pain

Nausea about your rotten pleasure
'Hence, leave me from this pit of hell... or kill me'

To the fucking end of filthy life!

Rights fucked up in the inside
this hideous process
raw vision, raw vision, I can't accept

Lies behind dark place
no humanity or sympathy
this torture, endless torture, I can't stand
9. Stained With Blood (5:02)
Reckless anger
engraving their heart
Emerges stronger in flame
until it paints the color of thirst

Filthy desires feeding thee
No need for mercy
For pain crawls deeper
and sorrow no more breaths world

What you want is so tragedy
all shattered cruel world
what you want is just tragedy
remain chill brother's dead body
Stained with blood...

Beyond the burning massacre
which sees no end
the world still cries
Wounded from this everlasting war

We're dream...
search for the vanishing hope
When no soul is left
the world would know
deep pain, sorrow
When every spirit feels
our hate will blunt

Don't search for pain
nor detest humanity
just hate, the world
ruled by power
in contradictions

Darkness awaits
their children
Which dream shall follow?

stained with blood...
10. Catastrophenical Inhumanity (3:25)
Why I'm here and what is the meaning of my existence?
what are we looking for...
chaos stricks my dull head..
gloomy reality, even though I'm smiling
my mind still bleeds in tears.

Love? What fucking love? only ego,
greed and hypocrisy..
people in masks, people of lie...
I can't stand this, and can't hide from
my innerself...

Live was so expendable,
I'm not a replica..
breaking the circle of fool...

In the world painted by abnormality,
we are dying slowly
without any resistance.

Our subconscious is slaughtered and
controled by meaningless habit.
we are all brainwashed by the system...
never to know...
11. Half Nation Of Sorrow (6:05)
Without power stopped the train
not any more go to teh land
a racial blood vein cut off
the idea dispute;s end
can't return to teh past
deep sad racial tragedy
despotism government's consist
no promise waiting

Where is lost brother?
do you lose tears by pain
wrinkled in old mother's face
she is fill with misery
half nation of sorrow

Only communism in the world
dreaming a red unity
the poor life became beggars
diseased persons go to the death
old true line is over
stretching one's arm can reach
leaving for country's misery
could not just sleep souls

When could it come back?
being homesick my country
when could we meet?
separate my brother
all the memory remains teh apin
forever, never gorgotten racial hurt
beyond a ture line shouting old man's scream
in cold-hearted reality, disappear all alone...

Keeping for five thou!sand years
disappearing one spirit
getting hurt because of division
a differnt idea's wall
for the lat emperor
to keep false nation
taking gun to each other
on bloody silence..
12. D.N.R. (Testament cover) (3:33)
Lies... broken dreams, dismal past
Is there more in life I should've knew?
Ending wars... ending pain
Ending of mankind is insane

And there's all the possibilities
Some will fail and some will achieve
Even though in my youth
I didn't know but what can I do

And I may not ever see
In my pain, my suffering
Can not live for the rest of my life
D.N.R. - Do not resuscitate me...

Life... lost unseen behind the mask
And with the open arms will I grasp
Open doors... open minds
Ending all the madness I hate

And I may not ever see
In my pain, my misery
Can not live for the rest of my life
D.N.R. - Do not resuscitate me.!.
-- D.N.R.

Wing of sadness will hold my prayers
All this madness will end my fears
Contempt in life, conceptualize
Wrong or right - the ending of life
-- God save me now.!.

Time... end it now, no going back
Can you see the light as you pass?
Ending wars, ending pain...
Waited all my life to be saved

And I will not ever see
All the hate and suffering
Can not live for the rest of my life
D.N.R. - Do not resuscitate me.!.
-- D.N.R.
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