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Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments cover art

Gluey Porch Treatments

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSludge Metal, Hardcore Punk
LabelsAlchemy Records
Album rating :  86 / 100
Votes :  1
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Gluey Porch Treatments Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2015-02-05)
1. Eye Flys (6:15)
I lay like you
I feel the same
Eye flys like you
In touch between
In fact it's moon
Don't blame the rain
That brings you here
And ask yourself
To prove that you're able
To be brave
2. Echo Head (1:26)
3. Don't Piece Me (1:27)
Smokin' like a dreamer
Don't piece me in
Tear apart your headache
Take it in your rib tee
Check the placcid league fight
It's your symbol
Choose what's in my skull
Never run, never
Oh God it looks so beautiful!
Never is an ugly word.
4. Heater Moves and Eyes (3:54)
Problem mines burnin holes through my walls
You were the best thing in my life and now
Heater moves much more than my heart
And stops without a word

Mouths full of your face and truth
And I've been waiting for a pin like you
I waited and seated a year of truce
Your scowl was allowed
You were in love
But you are in love
5. Steve Instant Newman (1:31)
Open the pain
To my short glass ear
Infected in
Too much intensive

Dis, Dis-in-vite

When eatin alone
They think you're talkin alone

Dis, you Dis-in-vite

Steve Neuman
6. Influence of Atmosphere (1:51)
That point
You're the adult to reign
And seein you
Take it away

I look into your glass eye, take it
By surprise
7. Exact Paperbacks (0:51)
For laughin' hunger
It's what the people resign to.
You picked and now you're stuck with her
Digesting something you don't want.

The powers I cancelling to me
In the dream O.K.
Seal the moves, say a two and then a three
The same, the same.
8. Happy Grey or Black (2:01)
We're black
You took your fears away
Never inside
You're black
Join, join, join, join a reins
Never inside

Touch grey or black
And feel
Your eyes buldge, your lips swell
Gaze into my open soul
Lick it clean, lick
And feel
9. Leeech (2:32)
Firmly attached, always at my side
I'll let you go while I can still walk alright
I'd rip you out but you'd tear my flesh
How'd I get into such a surgical mess?
Oh, Leech.
Coughing up blood, I'm coughing up love.
Coughing up blood, I think I've had enough.
I've had enough of you.
10. Glow God (0:51)
11. Big as a Mountain (0:57)
Watch out, she's big as a mountain
Slobby slow it's Barry Lyndon
Like you got something to believe in
Leave you with a golden ribbon.
12. Heaviness of the Load (3:06)
You're little heavy
Of your droppin down load
You're thinkin of your influence
With a right to unload.
Cuz you're ready for your tenure
And the droppin down disease
There's somethin in your influence
Take the right to unleash.

Your whistle rolly
Sneakin up behind me.
I'm goin lots o' lonely
But never gonna know it.
You're the one that takes it to the.
13. Flex with You (0:54)
The air will promise me
It's rifle down my back
It lives around my bones.
Cast awaits the will
Infiltate the soul
It keeps me feeling small.
14. Bitten into Sympathy (1:44)
I have the understanding and the tribal sense of true.
Bitten into sympathy and made to flex with you.
You control my weather and control behind my eyes.
Magnitude be simply simply simply simp.
The lies!
The lies!
15. Gluey Porch Treatments (0:48)
You learned how to cry
And I don't think you're sorry.
You need a little smack of reality
And I'm gonna be sick.

Now you takes a test
I ask her do you like it.
You takes a pile of boards on a gluey porch
And I laugh.

You like too a-rapachu a-you like chu a-rapachu a-really low.
16. Clipping Roses (0:49)
I know check the feelin in me
Watch a bloody ending and it's fatal to see

Violence is speed, to whither and die
Cooks your goose and chicken, find flowers to buy ya.
17. As Was It (2:51)
Twist, you're holy opposition twist
The twisted parts and pieces, this
I guess you'd better think it God
You knew that, easy as it was.

Come on, give me somethin' special
Somethin' I need
Drain vagina circle
Lay low, never prove your power
Say so, so I can hear your words

Peel the skin away from my eyes
And look in.
See all the things that you put away
But you are inside.

Listen to me,
Cuz I can hardly exist
Without your little pussy
Give me holy water
I know that you will let me know.
Aah, Ah-oh-aah, Ah-oh-Aah, Ah-oh...Aah.
18. Over from Under the Excrement (4:39)
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