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Mechanical Poet - Woodland Prattlers cover art

Woodland Prattlers

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Heavy metal
LabelsAural Music
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  2
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Woodland Prattlers Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-06-02)
1. Main Titles (1:39)
2. Stormchild (4:20)
The flaring claws
Tight strings
Of typhoon's bows

Whiz, rave, howl
The insatiable storm!
Shrill, laugh, growl
Like demoniac swarm!

A tower steeple
Vibrates in the rain
Some dancing people
Reflect in a pane

The wine drips
In highwaymen's lair
The chief keeps
The birth of his heir

The daughter of thunder and hail
Her crying with laughter of gale
Come to us and fly!
Break the glass and try!

Squall of a tearing gush
Winds in a violent rush
A moment of hush...
Ha-ha, what a deafening crash!

Bluster and fright
Tumble and bite
Piercing the shower
The bolt set a tower

The sign of doom
(Acclaims her)
The deadly gloom
(Awaits her)

The brat of reckless man
Has answered mother's croon
New leader of the clan
Appears before the moon

3. Bogie in a Coal-Hole (5:48)
Dawdling in the cellar
Whining on the dungeon step
Underground dweller
Hammers at the coal-flap

Catching the gnats
Tearing off their opal wings
Frightening the rats
Wistful ghost sadly sings:

"Why no one ever peeps into this place?
No one sweeps out the dusty staircase
Many tricks I prepared
Even walls will be scared
Of my face!
Why rusty lock doesn't click anymore?
No one opens the folding door
Almost seventy years
No man hears
Bogie's terrible roar!"

The banister has to retain
Clammy scullion's hand
The eyes full of fear and his hair
Funny standing on end
And also these lovers that flew off without the pants
It should be so scary to hear my scream in the height of erotic romance

"Nickering mad"
"Shrieking demon in flame"
So many baleful names I have had
In the days of my fame


Sweet shades of the past
Making people aghast
I was the maestro of fright
New blazonry every night
Incredible shows with infernal guffaws
Horrifying... emotional sight!

4. Sirens from the Underland (4:00)
Lay your head on a feathery moss
Freeze your mind and drown in doss
See the places you have never been
Let the magic begin

Bountiful gilt
Stained the green
Never-ending wilt
Covered the scene
Fanciful shades
Gathered on the glades
Wheezy summertime slowly fades

Mummified grass
Cloaked the lanes
Faint ruddy brass
Coloured the plains
Deep in the haze
A pristine race
Is beginning to sing witching lays


Wonderful ballads are lugging away
You won't be back if you leave the way
Sometimes a well-known voice can be heard in the choir
From a nebulous mire
Are they contented or just magnetized?
Enfettered and still mesmerized

5. Will O' the Wisp (2:01)
6. Strayed Moppet (3:43)
Unending brakes
All things around creep and fly
The sun awakes
Eroding the black of morning sky

I feel its pounce on my back
So gruesome!
I need to find the very track
That leads to home!

I'm lost again
Inside the backwoods of the sylvan maze
I failed!
It's all in vain
I guess I'll never find my own trace
My chest is melting in a squeeze
My noodle is to bloat
The foul stench of strawberries
Incinerates my throat

My lovely vaults
With mossy walls of soggy stones
Droll somersaults
Of tasty worms in mellow bones

The shady barrows where I grew
Among the angels set in cry
I want to get me there anew!
Before I mummify!


The life is everywhere
No any rotten dainty
To fare

Are melting thick and fast
I need to get me out of here at last!

7. Old Year's Merry Funeral (6:40)
Grating gabble of clock
Broke the stately silence
Points got to nibble the ultimate day
Clank of sounding stroke
Melted down the calmness
My mission is done and it's time for relay

So many radiant eyes
A show that I can't realize
It has to be some spree
For everyone but me

Thirty minutes of wait
Sunk in shining impressions
Why have I always neglected it all?
At the end of my fate
I'm still crowded with various questions
How do I solve them before I will fall?

Too many smiles around
Clue to this riddle I found
Nobody cares of my personal grief
Waiting for New Year's Eve

Needless, outdated
Feckless, antiquated
I was welcomed like a king
And left as a broken thing

Dying, desolated
Doomed, alienated
Sunny notes of Christmas waltz
Were absolutely false

Gleeful crystalline voice of a holiday bell
Was a prelude to forthcoming knell
8. Natural Quaternion (Sylphs - Gnomes - Undines - Salamanders) (11:10)

I see the border of the wild wood
An endless raving tide
Electric view from altitude
The forest spreading far and wide

I'm staring on these discomposed seas
Imbibing gummy smells
The blankets rise above the trees
Decolourising scenic dells

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
The pathless rocky chains
And sombre holts in shadows
Magnetic visions from a predawn dream


Amid the stalks enamelled by a silver web
Bestead by oaks drowsing in the nature's lap
I sop the motley chips of dreams they saw the night before
I hear the pulsing flumps of the enormous wooden core

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
Unsettled gloomy fens
Are guggling in the shadows
Uncanny visions from a creepy dream

Wicked and impious brats
Always ambush here under the snags
Dire and ill silhouettes
Prowling shadows of ogres or hags

Babbling the curses
Invoking the fear
Tapping the hearses
So grim and severe
They are blustering near!


Somnolent fall is performing its chime
Boat-flies crawl in a slight pantomime
Grasshopper's viol is joining the glee
Tracing a sweet melody
Music sweeps over the quiescent pool
Sated with odorous cool

Lanterns of glow-worms are wheeling so freely
Choirs of crickets parade on a lily
Night's brimming over with wonderful theme
Dying away in a hot lava stream


Fiery limbo
Perpetual crag slowly melts
Giant rocks
Are dissolving as jell
Sulphury steam blows
Cyclopean foundry smelts
Ancient blocks
In this kingdom of hell

Funnels and furrows
Bottomless burrows
Tireless belt draws ore out of mines
Strings of the lorries
Smoking quarries
Tissue of channels portentously shines

The coalers
Feed the mouth of blowing forge
The boilers
Disappear in smog they disgorge

Grasp kingly blaze
Of azoic landscapes
Feel your amaze
See the fineness of shapes

The labyrinth of lanes
Among the galleries of meadows
A charming outdoor museum
The ruby lava stains
Eradiate in shadows
Surreal visions from an eerie dream
9. Shades on a Casement (3:38)
So now I'm left alone
Inside my dusky room
The shades are slightly grown
They grabble in the gloom

Glissading by the window-sill
Suspiring in the nightly still
They slowly ride the wooden floor
Entrapping scents from outdoor

Fantastic shapes
Are dancing on the velvet drapes
Grimacing in the reel
In endless fuss
They silently discuss
The secrets that I can't reveal


But maybe they actually want to believe in
The frail and illusory system they live in
Maybe they think they are sovereign wights
Being the echoes of lights


10. Swamp-Stamp-Polka (2:56)
Damn me!
Real coin of sterling silver I found!
Nip me!
It was merely lying there on the ground!

Felt boots with a coat I'm going to buy
Furry mittens, a suit and a tie
Sackful of grits and a bottle of wine
Lots of things will be mine!

Get the hell out of me!
Hang you and let me be!
Give me this shiner back!
Or i will break your neck!

Bad egg!
Good-for-nothing! A stupid thundering ass!
Bloody murder is now coming to pass!

Don't frighten me fellow! I'm sated enough
With your terrible nonsense and stuff!
I've found it first and this coin is mine
I won't muck in with swine

11. End Credits (3:59)
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