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Krokus - Rock the Block cover art



Rock the Block

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsWarner Music
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Rock the Block Lyrics

Submitted by level Sathanas (2011-05-29)
1. Mad World (3:58)
They say that money rules the world
Please excuse me but I must agree
It has the power, makes the planet turn
It could set your life free, yeah

I hate to give you the bad news
The clock is tickin' away
And she's your own mother nature
Pays at the end of the day!

Can you accept that your time is up?
We've gotta stop it while we can!!!

We're livin' in a mad world
And that's the bloody truth
We're livin' in a bad world
Good luck to me and you

Lost in a dream of virtual reality
A battle-film and some booze
Ain't got no time for ecology (what's that?)
Like we've got nothing to lose, yeah

We all can profit from a healthy planet
But greed and power seem to rule!!!

Set it free, set it free!
Forget your nature and she'll forget you
Take it away boys

Good luck everybody...
Sleep tight, tonite!
2. Leading the Pack (3:36)
We've got a damned good reason for livin'
A damned good reason to be
We bring you back wild nights of pleasure
We'd like to set your souls free

The bus is back on the road again
And we don't spare no gas
We're gonna hit your lazy town...

A new age we're livin' in
But the party don't stop
Don't say you'll be no part of it
Join in the show!

Leadin' the pack
We're leadin' the pack
No turnin' back
We're leadin' the pack, yeah!

Women dancing, Shakira hips!
Sweating into a trance
Don't lose your cool, just read my lips
Boy we know where it's at, ha ha!
Why in the world are we waitin'?
We're comin' right to your door
Come stick your face in the crowd, my man!

The bus is back on the road again
And we don't spare no gas
We're gonna make some noise again
Come on, kick ass!!!

The bus is back on the road again
And we don't spare no gas
We're gonna hit your lazy town
Come on, kick ass!!!
3. I Want It All (4:10)
Yeah yeah yeah
Can't sit around and I won't look back
Runnin' outta time
Here comes the train tearin' up the track
And I know it's mine

You put high stakes on me
Now I've gotta go
I'm gonna take a chance on a winner's streak
The only way I know

When the lights are burnin' bright come on, say yeah
I can feel your spirit by my side touching me with every song

I want it all
Yeah, I want it all
I want it all
And I won't let you go

My life has changed in oh so many ways
I don't regret a thing
Yes we just pushed-on-together-thru'-some-tough-and-cruel-days
Whatever life would bring

You put your trust in me
Now I've gotta go
I'm gonna take a chance on a winner's streak
The best way I know

Oh honey stand by me, yeah!

Babe, you're magic
And you know honey... my life is in your hands
4. Open Fire (5:11)
I walked the miles
Down the road that took me here to you
I travelled down those everlasting highways
You lit the candle to start this love anew

Just couldn't wait, life was a desert
Without the cure, without your love, so blue
Can't wait to see your face again
Only you can stop the pain
Girl my love has never been so true

An open fire, a great desire
It's an open fire in my heart
Open fire, burning desire
Open fire in my heart

Can't wait to see ya
Let's find a place where we can be alone
Somewhere to share the passion, free our feelings
I want to touch and hold you for my own

I've waited long for this love
to unfold the secrets from within
Under the moon, the stars, the sky
so alone that I could die
Without the cure, without your love, so pure

Let's find a place
Come on, I wanna touch ya
Wanna hold you, oh, come on
5. One for All (3:38)
One is a child in the ghetto
One is a beggar in rags
One is a victim of circumstance
One is a queen dressed in black

All working hard for the dollar
Money to keep 'em alive
It's one big fight for survival
And I just cannot walk on by

One for all, all for one
Now won't you give 'em a dime?
One for all, all for one
A little drop of your wine?!!

One is a veteran soldier
One is a man of the cloth
Here come the sisters of mercy
Collecting all that you've got

With respect to your religion, man
Your culture and your skin
Just don't believe in your selfish gods
Share your wealth and stop the terror from within!

That's no way to go you know, yeah

You get greedy, you get fat
And when you die you just can't take it with you
Anyway, so, that's it brother

The poorman gets poorer!!!
6. Looking to America (4:12)
It's a global village in a high-tech age
Communication barriers slowly fading away
Can't compain cause we've reached the stars
But do you really ever want to live on Mars?
Can't imagine that all you groovy people
would want to leave this world behind!

Too many puzzles here to solve
Human beings fight to evolve
A simple answer within reach
It's in your heart, don't make me preach 'cos...

Everyone is looking to America
Where the birds of freedom spread their wings up high
Everyone is looking to America
Reachin' out to heaven for a sign

You know the whole wide world is going through a big change
For better or for worse?
The question still remains
Unemployment shooting high
Immigration on the rise
Cities overflowing with people
Lookin' at a dead end!

Politicians' hands are full
It never was too easy to rule
Long-term solutions need more time
Thank god I know what to do with mine 'cos...

Gimme a sign!
7. Go My Way (4:16)
Here today and gone tomorrow
Yeah, that's the way that it goes
Can't hang around in a lifeless bar
I like to stay on my toes

Now there's a place where the music is loud
Hey, let me buy you a beer!
Where people laugh and the girls fall in love
Havin' a ball in here!!!

I go my way, follow my heart
This world of steel won't slow me down
I'm going my way
Livin' it up with the best friends

Havin' a thrill
Gotta whole lotta livin' and the adrenaline's high
Spin another refill
Out for the money
'scuse me while I kiss the sky

This is the place where the music is loud
And they sell the best beer, come on, yeah!
The girls are dancing'n'making the boys proud
Havin' a wild time here!!!
8. Hot Shot (3:36)
Mmm yeah
Yeah listen!

He was born with a silver spoon in a house at the edge of the town
Before his mama would let you play you had to lay your money down

"I'm alive
You'd better read my lips before you see me go
'Cos here's what you should know!!!"

Hot shot on the hill
You can do what you like
'Cos your mama pays the bills
Hot shot on the hill
Sitting alone
Like a fool without a thrill

Nobody trusts him
He's the biggest joke in town
You can hear some crazy stories of how he liked to cheat around

Goin' just too far now
Breakin' all the social rules
Steppin' on his 'would be' best friends
When there's someone new to use!

How do you sleep in the night?
Does your conscience tear you up and make you cry?
I don't think you even have one, oh no!

Hot shot on the hill, like a fool without a thrill
Hot shot on the hill
Hey, who pays the fuckin' bill??
Ha ha ha!!
9. Raise Your Hands (3:55)
One love, no war
I know I'm not alone
I like to live my life in freedom
So don't you close the door

Around the world too many people wastin' their lives away
They can't tell what's right from wrong at the end of the day

Life is hell, no peace for the wicked where evil rules the game
Spreads like a wildfire and burns you down
We've gotta fight it, gotta stamp out the flame

Raise your hands for a better world
Make a stand and let your voices be heard
Raise your hands if you want a better world
Make a stand, I say that truth is the word

I know I'm not alone
I look in your face
Can see yer sparkling shine of innocence
I'm in the best right place!

Life has its burdens, too much pain
She can be a good bitch
Let's put this sufferin' all down to experience
And let her make us all rich, ha ha!

Life is hell, no peace for the wicked where evil rules the game
Spreads like a wildfire, destroys all dignity
We've gotta fight it, gotta stamp out the shame

Raise 'em high in the air
Make that message clear!
10. Night of the Snakes (3:34)
I'm a hot blooded man
Girl I know you like how I am
And I'm gonna sit back close to you again
Rushes thru' my body, quivers up my spine
This feeling when I see your curves of desire

Your gentle looks can kill
So full of lust within
Let me caress your flesh
Unveil your passion, turn you on!

It's the night of the snakes

X-rated scenes ahead
Time to put the kids to bed
Explore the mysteries of our bodies
Release some tension from this moral flesh
Lick one hundred beads of sweat!

You are the one for me
Your passion sets me free
I'm glad you feel the same
I love to hear you, call my name!
11. Throwing Her China (4:13)

I saw her walkin' down the street
My heart jumped up and missed a beat
Boy she looked sharper than an arrow
Her skirt too short and really narrow

No risk, no gain
But I must have made a pass too plain
Her hand came flyin' and it really was a shame!

Well I guess she was throwin' her china
With a steamy temper no one could stop
Yes I guess she was throwin' her china
Too sexy when she blows her top!

Next day I saw her in the park
If I was a dog I would have barked!!
In a pink bikini by the lake
Her perfect body lay to bake

No risk, no gain
But I must have blocked her sun away
Cold ice came flyin' and it landed on my face!!

Lyin' in the sunshine by the lake
The girl is givin' me a heartache
No risk, no gain
I'm runnin' out of cards to play
Another time, another place
I just gotta win the race!!

Too sexy when she blows her top
Watch out, there she blows
12. We'll Rise (4:58)
Dark was the night, tears on my face
We gathered in the candlelight as the whole world stood still

How can I forget that prayer for the dead
Underneath that blackened sky
As close as we could get

It's the age we're livin' in
A dark sign of the times
Can't let the madness kick us down to the ground

We'll rise, we'll rise
We'll shine in the night
We'll rise, we'll shine from the ashes of eternity

We'll rise, we'll rise
We'll shine in the night
We'll rise, we'll shine to eternity

Another starry sky, another silver moon
And soon the sun will shine warming our roofs

Gather your children
We must move with the wind
to make a fire bright from the flames within

We'll rise, we'll rise
Like an eagle flies in the sky

'Cos together we're strong
And we'll rise, we'll rise
13. Freedom (3:54)
Zips up her warm leather jacket
Sits on the back of his bike
And with the sun rising from behind
The road of freedom they ride
High on love and adventure
Another weekend escape
To touch the wind and make fire burn
Sleep in a wood and feel the earth turn

A time to forget trouble
A time to heal the soul
No counting days by the hour
Good feelin's go with the flow

Freedom - that's what they call it
Freedom - it's all worth the fight
Freedom - don't waste your life away
Freedom - take the time to unwind

Bob and Jill are two friends of mine
Their days are counted you know
Both HIV positive
I'll really hate to see them go

Can't go waste your life away
Find the time, enjoy the day
Live it, love it, fight it, feel it
Spread your wings and fly away, yeah!

Need to have a good time!
14. Rock the Block (2:23)
Well the sky is grey, streets are cold
And it's rainin' in my head
Stayin' at home is drivin' me nuts
Gotta boogie thru' the life out there!

Can't let bad weather mess up great plans for a wild weekend
Gotta meet my friends at the Rock Cafe on the corner of the city gate

There's a place open all night
Music is loud and the girls make eyes

We'll rock the block
We'll rock the block-block-block-block, one, two, three
We'll rock the block
'Cause we can't let the rain screw up all this fun
We'll rock the block
Yeah yeah! Take it away!!

We'll rock the block
The neighbourhood
Oh yeah!

We're gonna shake it!
We're gonna make it!
Gonna shake it!
And gonna rock it!

Shake the neighbourhood
Ah ha ha
We're gonna rock, rock, rock!!!
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