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Knights of Round - The Book of Awakening cover art

The Book of Awakening

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsBlack-listed Productions
Album rating :  86.3 / 100
Votes :  3
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The Book of Awakening Lyrics

Submitted by level effreet (2013-05-14)       Last modified by level Eagles (2016-11-24)
1. In a Dream (Overture) (1:42)
2. Time to Go (4:50)
A little boy waking up
It seems usual morning but he sees something different
A little boy thinking 'bout a day's dream
He heard prophecy told by a king

And now he decided to go to make sure the prophecy
There's no more ambivalence

This is my mission
If nobody can believe it
I don’t care anymore
No one can stop me
I believe in myself
My intuition

My mother said "If you need the answer to a question, listen to your heart"
My father said "If you feel there's no way out, don’t be afraid"
The answer lies inside you

Now it's time
I'm ready to go
Keep your own philosophy
There's no more ambivalence
3. Fairy Song (3:20)
Whatever happens we'll protect you
Whenever you're alone we'll be beside you
You're not alone
We'll be together forever
Don’t forget smiling

The birds are singing to you
The trees are watching over you
You're getting excited
Bugs welcoming you
Animals celebrating you
You're getting excited

All you have to do is to believe in the law of the universe
And you'll find the right way
Everything is gonna be alright

The sun is smiling at you
The stars are healing you
You're feeling refreshed
The winds are breezing around you
The rain is falling over you
You're feeling refreshed

Let's make the time
Taking a rest
Praying to God
Be quiet
"Doing your best
Going your way
Acceptance is the key"
4. Soldier of Sadness (4:01)
I'm walking alone through the crowds
Finding myself crying in the rain
No one cares for me
This world is filled with lies
After all the truth is inside you

I'm the lonely soldier
Soldier of sadness
"Where do we go?"
Voices echo in my head
I'm the lonely soldier
Soldier of sadness
Leaving them behind, risking my life
I'll never get away

I look at the sky
There's so many stars
Hope in my heart
Talking to myself
I never forget
5. The Stage (4:12)
He does not know yet that he is just the savior
He'll never stop
It will be long and winding road
He is the last one
Who can hear the voice of the universe
Child of god

Close your eyes
Hear inner voices
And feel the power
Can’t you see?
Life is a stage
You're the actor
Playing a role
Standing in the spotlight

Close your eyes
Hear inner voices
And feel the power
Can’t you see?
Choosing any character
Decide your own way of life

He does not know yet that the holy war is waiting for him
He'll never stop
It will be long and winding road
He is last one
Who can see the sign of this eternal world
Child of god
6. Reborn (6:14)
I'm the lonely messiah of this dead world
My mission is to save my world
It's only desire for this decadence world
My mission is to restore my world

Suddenly the wall is falling down
There was a man, standing alone…it is me
Somehow I know it somewhere in my heart
Assuredly I look at me
There is a dark feeling against me
He is just the enemy within

Kill myself
Kill my past
Kill my weakness
I kill no remorse
Kill myself
Kill my past
Kill my weakness
I kill no remorse

I am stronger than yesterday (you're leaving the past)
And I gain the wings and fly away to the sky (you never look back)
I hear you calling me
Your tears falling
Angels encourages me
All my fears disappear forever
7. Promised Land (4:32)
Butterflies floating
Flowers rustling
I look around
This is paradise
Keeping my mind clear
I hear dear voice
It softly approaches me

Wash away my sins
Wipe away my tears
Touch me and erase my pain
Your existence gives me energy

You are my goddess
Always healing me
You and I melting into one
All is one
Now I realize
The meaning of my life
Releasing my soul
She said, "No more tears, no more fears, forever"

Overthere I see
Twisting gatelike trees
Going through it with a little hope
I have a hunch
By this sweet smell
And I notice a familiar figure

She said, "God lies within you, look with your mind's eye"
At last I reached the promised land
8. Phoenix Rising (4:12)
I've been walking this long and winding road
Searching for the truth
Day after day, exhausting myself
When the rain falls
I rest under the shade of a tree
Water droplets fall
I reflect on myself…a long, long time

Many voices appear and disappear
Many faces in front of me
Looking at me
Talking to me
Discussing me

Suddenly, lightning strikes
Flash of light pierce my eyes
Wrapped in flames
I can’t stand alone
Becoming unconscious

Spreading wings feeling the winds
He'll fly from nowhere and you'll hear his scream
They beat him down but the burning heat's alive
Taking you higher and higher

Spreading wings
Feeling the winds
He'll always encourage you
And you'll gain a charmed life
He is just a savior
Phoenix never die
9. Follow Me (4:10)
In front of me
With a sickle held high
The angel of death
Lures me to my death
Now it is time to fight
Fight against eternal death
Holding my Excalibur
Face against eternal death
Shake off the feeling of terror
I swear I'll never surrender
Even if I'm all alone
In my mind there are comrades
The friend that I've met in this venture
Rise up as souls gathered together
We are brothers-in-arms
There's no fear, invincible

Taking your sword
Raising your hand
Heading for victory
Follow me
Taking your sword
Raising your hand
Follow me till the end
10. In Silence (3:20)
Now when the battle is over at last
I can hear the silence calling
Everything is so calm like a breath of wind
The curtains of darkness are opened slowly

I'm getting overtired and collapsing under the tree
I can hear how the wind blows
And I can feel how the sun glows

Coming up with an answer to my question
There were one thing
I wanted to know
Now I know that I could find the way

I have to make it true
And now I am rising…
11. The Truth (Grand Finale) (5:38)
Standing on the edge of a cliff
As far as I can see there are all my friends
And they are celebrating me
Fists pumping
Shouting for joy
Smiling faces, everywhere

Believing the prophecy
I continue running
At last, in front of me the king appears
And he says "There's no inside and outside
If you understand it, you can master your life"

Sometimes struggling
I'm searching the exit
Sometimes deep in sorrow
I'm feeling lonely
Now I know all that is necessity
And I appreciate all that’s happened to me

I used to think I could live alone
I used to think my life was only mine
But I realize life is a gift from above
I was blinded and all is just vision I conceive

Scenes of the past appear and disappear
It has taken all this time to understand the truth
Enemies do not exist because I find they're parts of me
The greatness of my mother and father
Too simple to realize for what's essential is invisible
Everyone has a holy grail in their heart
And sure this story's written for "you"
If you can not believe it before too long you'll understand
And now new journey begins...
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