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Kingfisher Sky - Hallway of Dreams cover art

Hallway of Dreams

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresProgressive Metal, Symphonic Metal
LabelsSuburban Records
Album rating :  -
Votes :  0
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Hallway of Dreams Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2017-01-19)
1. The Craving (3:42)
Have you ever craved so much for somebody like I do?
Empty and invisible is what you turned me into
No longer know where to go

We are one can't you see
Please don't fear me
You just make me feel weak
Don't you leave me

Cry for help in the dark; you will come to rescue me
I turned into somebody I think you wanted me to be
No longer know where to go
2. Hallway of Dreams (4:17)
Watch how she sleeps in a hallway of dreams
See how the leaves will take rest at her feet
Last night she dreamt of a way out of there
Now she must search for some old rag to wear
Sell your soul, sell your dreams
Empty your head, sell your dreams
Nobody cares if she lives, if she dies
See bitter memories that burn in her eyes
All that she hoped for is vanished and gone
Under the bridge where her life just goes on
3. Balance of Power (4:22)
ight falls, nothing here
but the light of the moon
We stand alone in the sand
we feel it crawl
The sky is changing by the hour
slowly shifting the balance of power
Arms wrapped around us in bolts of light
my heart it thunders in the dead of night
The wall between us crumbled down
blew away with the sand
Beneath the night time sky
naked we stand

In the distance a roar
the beast is near
We wait patiently
without fear
We cry to the storm "please take us,
release our instincts"
We fall into each other
4. November (4:20)
On a dark November day it fell upon me
Like a veil of grey there's a longing inside of me
to loose all feeling and break free
Still it keeps coming to me

It's a lot to take in a short amount of time
and there are things I don't want to leave behind
When the leaves are falling, they turn to gold and brown
the arms of November keep me down.

Set me free dark November, let me be dark November
In the heart of darkness it's not easy to feel
so many wounds that won't easily heal
Please read my letter before I go
'cause there are things you really should know
5. Big Fish (3:29)
Sitting under an orange tree, the father, his big fish and me
Now he could tell a tale or two with his scales so silver blue
The violins are playing some old forgotten song

The clouds of silver purple grey
they go pick up my dreams and wash them all away
They're telling stories everyday
and then from town to town, they go there separate ways

The shoes where hanging in that tree, close to a big old mountain.
And in the end he really met his father's friend there in the fountain.
The violins are playing a tune I know

And in the end he really met his father's friend there in the fountain
6. Through My Eyes (5:08)
I want to run I want to hide
I lie awake, can't sleep at night
To terrified to do it wrong
I just don't know where I belong
Fear holds me down, can hardly breathe

Through my eyes you see what's blinding me
Through my ears you hear what I believe

Inside this prison for so long
Can't tell what's right, can't tell what's wrong
There is no reason left to hide
The door was always open wide
Fear holds me down, can hardly breathe
7. Seven Feet (4:13)
Out of place, no one knows my name
frightened of this cold reality
I've seen your face in every corner of my world
you will become my destiny

Your presence felt but never seen
between the many and the few.
You may not know but I'm right here
seven feet behind you

All eyes on you people scream your name
I watch you silently from far
Mindless sheep, not worthy of your time
I'm the one who knows who you really are

Out of place, at least you're with me now
and I will never ever let you go
8. Persephone (3:23)
Disconnected from life and the real world
disconnected from all that is pain
The place that I call my kingdom
has driven many mortals insane.
To this place I mean to take you
I have so much to show
Lay down your flowers my love
to this place we must go

Seasons change when I go to Hades

Why do you kick, why do you scream?
Do you not know what lies ahead?
You will sit beside me as my queen
here in the realm of the dead
You were promised to me by my brother
this may give you much grief
You can cry all you want for your mother
once you feast from oblivion you will never leave
9. Her White Dress (4:09)
She stares into the distance watches the sea
the waves come crashing in surrounding me
She waits for a new day and suddenly
the wind starts to rage

The world around her passes by
like her old wedding dress that flew into the sky
It's time to take off and don't look back
so turn another page

One minute everything would be different
one second everything would be right
Eyes wide open my immaculate one
and look at the first ray of light
10. Brody (4:37)
Like his eyes and his smile
Like the sound and his style
Change the look, change the face
Follow our lead , stay in the race

Brody, you're the one
Let's give you a song that will make the girls cry

Now you're ready, ready to shine
Follow our lead and you'll do fine
give 'm all you got
You'll hear people screaming your name
your life will never be the same
Sign the dotted line now your ass belongs to us so sing
Show you can dance
This is the moment you don't get a second chance

Brody, you're the one
Sing that song that will make the girls cry
Brody come to me
You are the sun in the darkness of puberty

Let me breathe, let me live
let me be my own person
Let me grow, let me show
Show you I can be much more oh please
11. Sempre fedele (4:09)
Sempre fedele ti voglio
Fire in your eyes as you see me through
There in the canyon between love and war
there is just you and me
The virtues of trust seemed so different before
Where do you want me to be
e mi dà morte pena crudel
Kingdoms have risen only to fall
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