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Intrinsic - Intrinsic cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Speed Metal
LabelsNo Wimp
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Intrinsic Lyrics

Submitted by level Wait (2011-08-04)
1. Ahead of the Game (5:27)
Some say good things come
To those who wait
But, if you wait around
It will be too late
So jump into the game
And hold on tight
Everything will turn out all right

Take all your chances,
Play all your cards
Never let them tell ya
That you've gone too far
Dive right in and don't look back
Always be on the attack.

When you're over the hill
And your time has come
You'll be glad for all the things you've done.
NO regrets for what could have been
By taking chances, you will win

You're no loser, you're no pawn
You're at the top and you never look down
You roll with the punches
And you stand your ground
You won the game
And you took the crown

If you feel your life
Is just a total mess
And it's filled with agony and distress
The problem of life you can defeat
Give it a chance and you will see

Forget your pressures
Ignore the pain
Break the shackles and snap the chain
Let no one step into your way
And you will conquer
Life someday
2. Hit the Streets (3:40)
We`re feeling really mean
and we`re looking for a fight tonight ,
All right !
Out of the light and into the Night
So prepare , and beware ,
We`ll hit the streets tonight !

Screaming down the freeway
Everywhere poseurs in sight .
" I can`t believe the way
some of these guys dress ,"
We`re going to meet the crew
And teach those poseurs how to die .
We`ll hit the streets tonight !

Make up glarin` and their hair is flarin`,
up high !
Are these chicks or are these guys ?
Hell if I know .
Double - Bass a thumpin`
And a Marshall `s pumping .
We rage ! They pray !
We`ll hit the streets tonight !
3. Compo (2:57)
4. RIP! (2:48)
A piercing scream in the night
Builds the terror and the fright
Did you hear that evil sound
Drive your fate into the ground?
Feel the beast stir within
Yes, the one that makes you sin
Look out! Here he comes
To take you

You're a victim of his prey
As the moon is doomed by the light of day
Now your time is drawing near
Gone is the life you once held dear
Helpless screams, crazy dreams
Life is not what it seems
In the shadows the helpless cower
Now the beast, he will devour

Death is what you really dread
All because of the life you led
Mesmerized by the feelings inside
That burns you
And all this time you thought
You might find
Someone that would help your kind
But of course that's not the case
So rest in peace!!
5. Possessor (3:42)
Lady born, the evil one
Possessor of the homeless sons
She's out to get us and take our souls
Domination's all she knows
She plays hard and she plays to win
With her evil instincts from within
She steals your breath with
One devilish smile
You drink the potion
From her vertical vial

Stop, your eyes of power
Looking down on me
Ah you, you're the soul of vengeance
Just set me free.
Everywhere, every place I turn
I feel your fire and I feel it burn
It's time to end this nightmare
Possessor you will be no more

Creature, Possessor of evil
You think you got me now
Think again 'cause I'll do you in
I'll track you down
Hunt you down, stalk your trail
Send you back to eternal Hell
I can't take this nightmare
Please stop your evil scorn
6. No Return (5:23)
Tracing back the footsteps of time
Sifting out the reasons from rhyme
Forget about this life of mine
I`m going back in time
Yes , I`m going back in time

Sifting out the mysteries of life ,
Passing times of peace and strife .
Can I tamper with what I see
Or is this the End for me ?

Have we progressed or have we declined ?
This is the Question of mine .
The Answers will come with time ,
Yes , the Answers will come with time .

The flashing heat , flows through my mind .
I can feel the surging power ,
It`s like no other kind .
It will blow your Mind !

Can`t turn back
There`s no return .

Tracing back the footsteps of time
Sifting out the reasons from rhyme
Forget about this life of mine
I`m going back in time .
Yes , I`m going back in time .
7. Leaving Insane (4:04)
I`m leaving here ,
with no place for me to hide .
All those memories ,
Are still stirring inside .
The Feelings I felt ,
Drove me insane .
But now I know ,
I`ll never see you again .

Chorus :
I`ve turned my head ,
I`ve run away .
Don`t want to live another day .
Going insane and that`s no lie .
I live in the Dark with my
Hatred so high .

I lie awake dreaming of you
But my wishes never come true .
Your cold heart has made me feel
That your love for me was never real .

I`m leaving , I`m leaving
I`m leaving insane .

I see your face , everywhere .
I close my eyes ,
But it won`t disapear . No , no , no .
Why did ya leave ,
And where did ya go ?
I`ve gone insane ,
And there`s no turning back .

I`ve turned my head ,
I`ve run away ,
Don`t want to live another day .
Going insane and that`s no lie .
I live in the dark with my
hatred so high .
8. Wasted Life (4:34)
Locked in a dark cell, going nowhere
Thinking of the days gone by
Scanning, searching, always looking
Is it just a waste of time?
Promises of life were shattered quickly
Was it such a vicious crime
To deserve the punishment of a lifetime?

Late at night, I lie awake
Thinking of all my mistakes
If I had a chance to change
I would play a different game

Growing up in misery,
Each day I lived a lie
No one there to guide my thoughts
No one even cared
Sucked into a life of crime
By poverty and despair
That's no excuse for what I did
But what would you have done

Full of hate, I lie awake
Thinking of all my mistakes
Can I stop this horrid pain
And have a chance to live again?

You don't know what I'd give
To be amongst the free ones again
To sin, and do what I please oh yeah
Wasted life
Once you've gotten the taste
You'll never change
Despite the punishment you shall receive

Sitting alone the days pass by me
Just like they were standing still
The thought of a lifetime in this hell hole
Is too much for me to bear
I'll end it all and escape forever
There'll be no bars to hold me in
Now it's time for me
To commit my final sin

Now the blood drains from my soul
Wasted life, how could you know?
Now I'm finally free at last
Forget about my evil past
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